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Compilation of Ragnarok Online Basic Controls; An RO Starter Guide
Topic Started: May 2 2005, 08:02 PM (67,430 Views)
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Red Mushroom
Ragnarok Online Commands:

/notalkmsg or /nm - general chats will not be shown in your chatbox only whispers, party chat, gm announcement and guild chats are allowed.

/notalkmsg2 or /nm2 – same function as /notalkmsg (/nm) but this time even guild chat is blocked. [Currently only in pRO Sakray]

/hi – sends (Hi) *^ _ ^* message to all your friends in your friends list. [Currently only in pRO Sakray]

/noctrl or /nc - automatically attacks the monster without pressing the ctrl key.

/noshift or /ns - able to attack / cast spell on players without pressing the shift key. Can also be used for Resurrection Bombing (Ygdrassil Leaf) and Heal Bombing.

/bingbing - rotates your character counter-clockwise.

/bangbang - rotates your character clockwise.

/doridori -

  • turns character's head left/right.
  • When used while a your MALE Wizard is casting a long spell it poses your Wiz into unleash spell stance (like when using First Aid skill)
  • when used as a Super Novice character with SP Recovery skill, SP regained is doubled.
/aura - toggles on/off aura effect of level 99 characters.

/set1 - switches /noctrl, /showname, and /skillfail "on" if they're "off" or vice versa.

/lightmap – toggles on/off the use lightmap from the RO set up

/fog - toggles on/off the enable fog from the RO set up

/mineffect - simplifies effects.

/font - makes your character name appear above you instead of below you.

/quickspell or /q1 - use the skill assigned on the F9 hotkey by right-clicking.

/quickspell2 or /q2 - rolling mousewheel upward to use the skill assigned in F8, rolling mousewheel downward to use the skill assigned in F7.

/miss – toggles the “Miss” sign when you miss hitting a target.

/notrade or /nt – automatically cancels trade request from other players.

/battlemode or /bm - typing it will cause the following:

  • Q - O keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #2.
  • A - L keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #3
  • Z - > keys will correspond as F1~F9 for skill shortcut bar #1
also you cannot chat while this command is activated, if you do want to chat press "space bar" once and type what you want to say then enter. Chatbox changes into a purplish color whenever /bm command is enabled.

Chatbox when /bm command is active:
Posted Image

Chatbox when /bm command is disabled:
Posted Image

/skillfail or /sf- removes the "Skill Failed" message.

/showname - changes your character's name display and font

/emotion – shows the current emoticon listing

/emblem - removes guild emblem

/h or /help - displays the list of commands/keys available.

/memo - memorizes warp point. (For Acolyte/Priest/Monk/Super Novice class only)

/savechat - saves your chat log.

/where - displays your current location including the x,y coordinates.

/w or /who - displays current number of players online.

/sit - makes your character sit, otherwise it make your character stand.

/stand - if your character is sitting it makes your character stand, otherwise it make your character sit.

/effect - toggles magic/item effect on/off.

/skip - lowers your frame rate speed

/tip - Displays the tip of the day.

/bgm - Toggles background music on and off.

/sound - Toggles sound effects on and off.

/v (0-127) - Adjusts the sound effect volume.

/bv (0-127) - Adjusts the BGM volume.

/ex - Displays a list of all the characters you have ignored.

/ex (Character name) - Ignores the specified character.

/exall - blocks all whispers from anyone.

/inall - accepts all pm from anyone.

/in (Character name) - Un-ignores the specified character.

/chat - Opens the create chatroom dialogue box.

/camera - Toggles camera zooming on and off.

/q – leaves a chat room

/snap - Snaps the battle cursor on or off.

/skillsnap - Snaps the skill cursor on or off.

/itemsnap - Snaps your cursor to pick up items on or off.

$ <message> (i.e. $Hello) – sends a message to your guild

%<message> (i.e. %Hello) – sends a message to your party

Note: When a command is activated there will now be a notice if it is ON or OFF.

Future Commands:

/report - same as /savechat but with more data in it. (not yet implemented)

/blacksmith - displays your Blacksmith's/Whitesmith's ranking on the fame system (not yet implemented)

/alchemist - displays your Alchemist's/Creator's ranking on the fame system (not yet implemented)

/am or /automsg- an Auto Message that you can edit so that when AFK the client will automatically message the person who PMs you (not yet implemented)

Future Keyboard Shortcuts:

ALT + Y – Opens the command window(not yet implemented)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

ESC - Open/Close menu to end the game or return to the main menu.

Insert - Character Sit/Stand (Basic Skill Level 3 Required)

Page Up or Page Down - Scroll up or down while in the text windows (Mouse wheel can be used as well)

Shift + click on Character - Follow a character that was clicked on (left or right click on character using mouse)

Ctrl + tab - Adjust the mini map's mode (transparency off / on / no mini map)

Ctrl + v - Activate / Minimize Basic Info window

Alt + a or Ctrl + a - Open / Close Status window, Activate / Minimize Status window

Alt + q or Ctrl + q - Open / Close Equipment window, Activate / Minimize Equipment window

Alt + o or Ctrl + o - Open / Close Option window, Activate / Minimize Option window

Alt + e or Ctrl + e - Open / Close Inventory window, Activate / Minimize Inventory window

Alt + h - Open / Close Friend window

Alt + I - Open / Close Friends Setup window

Alt + z – Open / Close Party window

Alt + p - Open / Close Party Setup window

Alt + c – Open / Close Chat room window

Alt + s – Open / Close Skill Tree window

Alt + F10 - Open / Close Chat window

ALT + M - Shortcut Keys window

Shift + Click Direction - Change where your character is facing to the direction you click without moving

ALT + D - Open / Close Arrange Detail window, Adjust sprite and texture resolution

Alt + Home - Ground cursor on / off

Alt + End - Character Status Bar on / off (HP & SP Bar)

F1 to F9 - Use items or skills in the Hot Key window

F10 - Adjust chat window size

F11 - Exit all windows except Basic Info and chat window

F12 - Open/Change Page of the Hot Key Window

ALT+ Enter - send your guild a message

CTRL + Enter - send your party a message

CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click Drag – change camera angle to the lowest possible

SHIFT + Right Click Drag – slightly change the camera angle

CTRL + Right Click Drag or Rotate Mouse Wheel – zoom in/out the camera

CTRL + c – Copy

Shift + Insert - Paste

Emoticons: (Basic Skill Level 2 Required)

CTRL + 3 – Philippine Flag Emoticon

ALT + - or CTRL + - or /g a w i or /rkdnl - Scissor Emoticon (Peace)

ALT + = or CTRL + = or /bawi or /qkdnl or /wnajr - Rock Emoticon (Fist)

ALT + \ or CTRL + \ or /bo or /qh – Paper Emoticon (High Five)

/ ! – Exclamation Point Emoticon

/ ? – Question Mark Emoticon

/delight or /h o – Music Note Emoticon

/heart or /l v – Beating Heart Emoticon

/l v 2 – Heart Emoticon

/sweat or /s w t – Sweat Drop Emoticon

/. . . – Silent Emoticon

/money or / $ - Dollar Emoticon

/anger or /a g – Smoke Cloud Emoticon

/fret or /a n – Plus Sign (throbbing vein) Emoticon

/aha or /i c – Light bulb Emoticon

/ ? ? – Shake Head Emoticon

/k i s – Loving Kiss (with Heart) Emoticon

/k i s 2 – Kiss Emoticon

/s w t 2 – Sweating Emoticon

/g o – Go! Emoticon

/h e h – Laughing Emoticon

/h p – Help Emoticon

/h m m – Thinking Emoticon

/n o 1 – Thumbs Up Emoticon

/ o – Circle Sign Emoticon

/ x – X Sign Emoticon

/ o k – Nodding Emoticon

/ o m g – Oh! My Gosh Emoticon

/p i f – Frustrated Emoticon

/s o b – Crying Emoticon

/s r y – Sorry Emoticon

/t h x – Thank You Emoticon

/w a h – Exclamation Emoticon

/g g – Evil Grin Emoticon

New Emoticons:

/stare or /e1 – Staring with Plus Sign Emoticon

/hungry or /e2 – Drooling Emoticon

/cool or /e3 – Heart Eyes Emoticon

/tongue or /e 4 – Licking Emoticon

/shy or /e5 – Shyly Shacking Head Emoticon

/goodboy or /e6 – Rubbing Head Emoticon

/sptime or /e7 – Clock with “SP” Sign Emoticon

/sexy or /e8 – Naughty Drooling Emoticon

/comeon or /e9 - Come Here Emoticon

/sleepy or /e10 – Sleepy Emoticon

/congrats or /e11 – Congratulations Emoticon

/hptime or /e12 – Clock with “HP” Sign Emoticon

New Emoticon’s Pictures click here

Future Emoticons

/flash or /e13 - Flashing Eyes Emoticon

/turnaround or /e14 - Confused Emoticon

/sigh or /e15 - Sighing Emoticon

/proud or /e16 - Emoticon with Asterisk

/loud or /e17 - Vibrating Lines Emoticon

/ohnoes or /e18 - Kneeling, Disappointed Emoticon

/dice or /e19 - Dice 1 Emoticon, Dice 2 Emoticon, Dice 3 Emoticon, Dice 4 Emoticon, Dice 5 Emoticon, Dice 6 Emoticon

Images Courtesy of this Site:
Chinese Site

Ragnarok Online Adventurer Tips:

1. Skill Level Reduction
After pressing a hotkey with a skill assigned or clicking the skill through the skill menu, and the targeting circle appears along with the skill level number, you can easily change the skill level by rolling up or down the mousewheel or using the arrow buttons. (Applies only on some skills, doesn't work on napalm beat, frost driver or firewall and the likes)

2. Following People
You can easily chase someone by shift+right clicking his character or just clicking his character if /noshift is on.

3. Getting to Alberta with only half the price
In izlude you can find an NPC named Edgar (Izlude Town 181, 186, he is west of the sailor that runs the Marina). Talk to him, when the option box appears, answer "How to go to Alberta?", then he will continue to talk about you just walk or pay the fare, then answer him: "You are tired of walking and don't have the money". He will then let you in the boat for only 250z.

4. Summoning the Super Novice's Guardian Angel

First -- Get your EXP to a multiple of 10% -- 10.0%, 20.0%, etc.

Type 7 lines of text -- doesn't matter what. Go for it.

Then type the following --

Dear angel, can you hear my voice?
I am*Super Novice~
Help me out~ Please~ T_T

* = your name (no space before or after)

Bam. Enjoy.

Line #2 appears to work with ANYTHING between 'am' and 'Super -- You can put spaces with your name as well

By Kismet Rayne on RagnaInfo.net Forums.


This compilation was made with the help of my fellow Ragnaboarders here. Thanks Guys /thx

Thanks to the owners of Ragnainfo.net Forums where I got most of the commands and for the translation of kRO News.

Thanks for Samurai_Wanderer for the /set1 command and Whacko Jacko from the GameFAQS RO boards for the description

New Emoticon’s Link courtesy of IC DeaDPiPoL

Thanks to metal from the GameFAQS RO boards for the added trick of the /doridori command

Thanks to Chartruese the /lightmap & /fog commands

Thanks to Astral Heaven for the /miss command

Thanks to Laibeus Lord for adding more for the compilation

Thanks to Hikari for the remaining paper-rock-scissors commands

Thanks to Kismet Rayne on Ragnainfo.net Forums for the Super Novice Guardian Angel Summoning

Thanks to Joachim for the Philippine Flag Emoticon

Thanks to ragnarok.webgaul.com for the remaining commands that I have overlooked.

Thanks to this Chinese Site for the images of the new emoticons

Thank You for Reading /thx

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Seid Reine

You're good with information I see. ;)

Pinned, because it's so useful. :D
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a big help! kudos!
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Red Mushroom
compilation updated since Sakray is now Episode 8: Louyang
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Ragnarok Geek
Wahh! May Louyang na sa Sakray? OMG!

By the way nice info /no1
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Red Mushroom
compilation updated with the new emoticons implemented in kRO, and a new future command

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