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Rejoining society
Topic Started: Jun 3 2011, 06:59 PM (329 Views)
St. John
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(Thats the best I got for a title :P)

Antione: The sanitized, medicine-y odor that was typical of hospitals had always bothered Antoine's sensitive nose. He'd never be a fan of hospitals. There was the Source knows how many injured stuck in here as a result of the recent calamity in Portal. While he wished he could visit them all, today the canine was here to visit one particular person: Geoffrey St. John.

He was the last Mobian that Antoine thought he would ever come to see, but the more he had thought about it, the more guilt he felt. Geoffrey wasn't the most popular guy around town last time he checked. He even wore on Antoine's nerves. But Antoine knew that if he were ever laid up in the hospital, he'd want someone to pay him a visit. Granted, he probably wouldn’t get a great many well-wishers, but maybe a few more people would be willing to show up to see him, which more than he could say for the skunk.

After being directed to Geoffrey's room by the nurse at the front desk, he carefully opened the door. Poking his head inside, he cautiously glanced around the room, trying to ascertain if Geoffrey was awake or not.

Geoffrey: "You have much to consider, Geoffrey. We've screwed it up this time. Gots to pull 'our 'eads from our backside and get back in on the right foot, now, eh?"

There was an intruder into his hospital room. It was one of "his subordinates", the coyote.... Antione I believe.

"Yes? What may i do for you, D'Coolette?"

He gave a glance to the coyote's body language. Introverted, nervous. Whatever it was he wanted was of a personal nature. Perhaps time off or a leave of absence or perhaps a rank rise.

"Not as bad ass as they say I am." The skunk didn't smile but sounded positive. Truth was he was far from okay. He was still on many various medications, blood transfusions, a skin graft on his leg had finally taken hold. Parts of his arms were shaved and the wounds sewn shut. His lastest new beauty marks. However those minor things were what were keeping him from protecting the rabbot.

"Come in, Antione, is it? Come in and sit down ol' boy. Tell me news."
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