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Living Nightmare
Topic Started: Oct 4 2010, 02:56 AM (422 Views)
Sonic the Hedgehog
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A/N: In this Social, it was a special, FCs-only.

2178AD. The world has long since been in a state of universal peace, free of war, famine, and poverty. Finally able to live in total piece, mankind's technological achievements progressed by leaps and bounds, traveling to space, colonizing Mars, and evening lengthening the lifespan of the average human being. With the rising sun, many breath in the still fresh air that peaces brings every morning. But others end up in the hospital while still in their sleep. For what the people of the world don't know is that while they are asleep, a new menace pervades their very thoughts, and seeks total conquest from the inside out.

Slash: A dark red and black hedgehog with a brown jacket and silver pendent hooked to a matching chain, sporting black and white pants; and shoes to match moved his hair away from one of his eyes, gazing at the chaos before him. The Figure Laughs darkly at the sight of a burning building as he says “Well as fun as that was I think it’s time I moved on to the next city this place has gotten boring sense the riots made law enforcement give up.” He then silently walked off the flames blocking him from view totally unaware he was in a dream.

Pat: It was soft. It seems maddening to make such a normally obvious observation about grass of all things, but when you only see terra firma once every quarter annum it became much more understandable why, of all things, I would notice that. Laying back, watching the clouds, my long bunny ears laid straight behind me. The sunlight, too. Normally we only viewed it from behind glass, or some other translucent material that shielded it enough so it wouldn't burn. Seeing the sun as such like that was fine, but it paled to actually feeling its rays as they fall across your fur. If only we were allowed down planetside more often, instead of being cooped up in that ship all the time.

Dad was part of a military defense vessel, and the whole family was up there with him. Now I was being trained to military standards, to take his place. Unfortunately, it meant being on ground became much rarer. As such, I came to cherish times like these, when I could just lie back... Take in the sun. Feel the dew of the grass blades. If only they were more often.

Slash: The figure stop after seeing a figure in the flames before throwing a knife at it showing it to be a machine of some kind as he said “Worthless scrap metal they honestly have no clue what they are dealing with if they send drones like that.” The hedgehog sighs then looks at the sky glowing red from flames “oh well doesn’t mater…enough thinking about what can’t be changed…just wish all this peace would stop for good…” The hedgehog sits down as the glow of the flames near him let the scar across his right eye be seen.

Numerus: A light green fox no more than 14 years of age walked through a massive ruins of an ancient civilization. Wearing a coat to keep him warm from the strong gusts and the coldness of the high altitude of the mountain that the ruins settled on. The young vulpine couldn't help but wonder why did his superiors choose such a difficult location for a rendezvous with a newly formed team that needed information on the underground pathway of the Leron compound.

He couldn't trust the network anymore, all servers were tapped and risking a brief conversation even in a coded sense would be the end of him and the team. Still, minor setbacks like the distance traveled and the cold that wore him down was a good investment for secure conversation. At least he got to see the sights more often, being a Sleeper Agent was more preferrable than being in the frontlines were radio bursts were common. At his arrival of the pantheon, the fox climbed to the top of a ruined Pillar to scout the area. This was the meeting place. And yet, there was this strange feeling that he can't shrug off like he always do. Was the message that he receive a fake?

Hatori: She set a lot of things on fire that evening, but she was... somewhat aware it was a dream, because she couldn't smell it. Or was it because it was allergy season? Or was that just what they told you when they didn't want you to know you were really awake? Or dreaming? She didn't even know anymore, but she was somewhat certain it was fake... or at least, a little bit, because she wasn't going to test it by throwing herself off anything. That was nonsense. She could fly, after all. Or was that the dream? Bah, thinking was too hard. Why not light a preschool on fire for kicks?

Within each of their respective dreams, the people would hear a low growl eminating from only inches behind them. Should they turn around, they each would see a grotesque figure with clawed, elongated limbs, and an equally long head with a jawline to match, rows of sharp, jagged teeth filling its mouth. On its back were four tentacle-like appendages which could reach far distances. Menacing blood red eyes peering down at the creature's victim, the monster's flesh looking as though all traces of skin were ripped straight off. But no matter what the people would try, they wouldn't be able to harm the creature. Not the ex-soldier's weapons, not the girl's fires, nor anything the other two could do. The snarling beast coupled with a lack of fending it off posed only one plausible solution to survive: run.

Slash: Slash turn and looked at the figure behind him right in the eyes then said. “You are one ugly bastard you know that?” He then calmly turns around and walks away without any visible signs of being scared as he wonders off but puts his hand on a hilt of what seems to be a sword.

Numerus: "Tsk!" Scoffed the fox, this was really not going to be his day. Swatbots were one thing but a grotesque lovecraftian monster was something that he wasn't trained to fight with. Getting his nerves steady, Circa Numerus made a daring leap towards the top of the ruined pillar in front of the one that he was standing on in a brave attempt to get away from this alien thing. "I am soooooo going to ask for a cash bonus" he said to himself, gulping as he almost lost is balance on the pillar before jumping on the next, traversing until he reached the last one and climbed down, now running downwards the hill of the pantheon. His instincts told him that he didn't have a chance against that monster and those same instincts had saved him one too many times now. No matter how Numerus saw it, he needed to escape and that was his main goal at that very moment

Lucidron: Slash's Dream: Seeing the hedgehog walking away, the creature reared its head back, letting out an earshattering roar. Seeing absolutely no threat in its target, the creature swiped one of its claws at the animal's back. Even if the hedgehog reacted in time to avoid, block, or counter the strike, the sword would do nothing other than slightly impede the moment of connection. Compared to the creature, all the soldier's weapon would seem nought but sticks, inevitably destined to be broken.

Pat: I scrambled at the sound, rising to my feet and turning to see the creature. What was it, a native? This was an unknown planet we were on, after all. Safe by atmosphere standards, but unknown. Either way, it wanted some rabbit lunch. It had gone for the wrong person. Within seconds, my sidearm, a simple phase pistol, was out. This thing was old, but reliable. One shot generally fried the cortex of what it hit, provided the user make a shot to the head. Even if not, the shock would hurt, and deal some serious damage. With this in mind, I fired upon the creature, trying to send it to death before it did the same to me.

Slash: Slash used his sword to do a blocking roll knowing full well what may happen due to being used to these type of fights getting up quickly running thinking to himself “What the hell is that thing it’s almost as if I was fighting that jerk again.” Slash keep pressing onward without looking back.

Hatori: There was a thing at the day care. It was ugly. She tried to set it on fire, and it didn't work. Probably made it angry too. So she shut the door on it and torched the place. Maybe, between the thing and the fire, she could still hear the screams of infants and toddlers. Yippee!

Lucidron: Circa's Dream: Running only spurred on the thrill of the hunt in the creature. Bellowing out a mighty roar, the creature gave chase, using powerful leaps to cover a lot of ground in mere seconds. The monster seemed to just be playing, as it purposefully lagged just behind the fox that would be its lunch, keeping only enough distance to let the fresh meat know that it would not escape so easily, if at all.

Pat's Dream: As the ammo from the weapon made contact with the creature's head, the shot merely dissipated. There was no sign that the shot had ever made contact on the monster's flesh. The creature was completely unharmed. Once the attack had dissipated, the creature let out a roar. It would then thrust one of its tentacles at the rabbit, attempting to pierce it through the heart before devouring it whole.

Numerus: Numerus cursed lowly as he turned to look at his pursuer "Toying with me eh?" he asked while running, not expecting a proper answer from the monster that chased him "I've got your toy right here" he said as he fumbled through his coat and bandolier, looking through his arsenal. The monster seemed to be dependent on its eyesight but Numerus thought that it could also be good with its sense of smell, he'll have to take care of that later but he had to gain some ground before he could do something else. Numerus took off the pin of a flash grenade and 'cooked' it, throwing it at the monster when it only had about 5 seconds left before detonating and causing a large blinding flash, all the while Numerus protected his eyes by covering it using his arm. That thing had to be blinded by that somehow

Lucidron: Slash's dream: The creature's attack was avoided by its prey. Spurred on, the creature gave out one mre roar before going after the soldier on its hind legs. The creature was slower on its hind legs than it would've been on all fours, but going on its hind legs freed up its claws to attack. Raising up its two claws, it would bring both down toward the hedgehog in a cross shape. In its eyes could be seen an insurmountable bloodlust, as though it knew no mercy.

Pat: Useless... Something low caliber like the Phase Pistol had no chance at taking this creature down. As it thrust an appendage, I lept to the side, tumbling away, the tentacle hurtling through thin air. I used the time to reach for the rifle I had left of the grass, previously beside me, and flick the safety off. An Assault Blitzer, the rifle that I had recently been given with training, fired uranium depleted shards of metal designed to pierce as deep as possible into the target, and if the shards themselves didn't kill it, the radiation would. I stayed low, in a firing crouch as I aimed the weapon and fired, hoping to sever the tentacle like weapon from the rest of it before it could attack again. Even if I couldn't kill it, I could surely get it to flee, to go home and lick wounds.

Slash: Slash Turned to face the beast then held out his hand as it sparked as he made a box of odd energy before running like a bat out of hell seeking safety thinking “the hell does that thing have for skin steel!? This is insane….ok not as insane as me but that’s beside the point.” Slash made sure to put as many things in the way of the unknown creature as he could as he kept running.

Lucidron: Hatori's Dream: The creature was not harmed in the least by the heat of the flames. In fact, the monster seemed to enjoy the fire for a moment before crashing through the door the girl had shut in front of the monster's snout. Picking up a piece of burning refuse with one of its powerful tentacles, it threw the chunk of wood at the female who tried to set it on fire.

Numerus: Numerous' Dream: Seeing the fox chuck something toward it, the creature's first thought was food. It's next leap was straight toward the grenade thrown, catching it with its long tongue and bringing the object into its mouth, swallowing it whole with an audible gulp. Just seconds after ingesting the object, it went off in the beast's stomach, a bright flash being seen through its body where its stomach was located. The harmless blast seemed to cause only a slight stomachache, but the ravenous monster was soon ready for its main course again, stepping toward the fox with its long, long limbs.

Hatori: Throwing things only made her angrier, and set her on fire. There wasn't much else that she could do, other than fire, and fire related... And angri-ness only made her intellect drop, with every pound she could heft... So she was pretty much doomed.

Numerus: "Well that gave me a few seconds" Groaned Numerus, still relieved that he had covered some ground and continued his running, now resorting to his alternative. Numerus went to the 'residential area' of the ruins and set off numerous smoke grenades that he placed a few days before, engulfing the area with a cloud of thick smoke. Numerus prayed that he had memorized the area already since the last thing he wanted to do was get lost in his own escape plan.

Pat: Pat's Dream: Several of the new weapon's rounds shot straight for the appendage on the monster's back. The rounds shot into the appendage and got stuck. The bullets seemed to do some damage as the beast looked back to where it was hit. It then looked back at its prey and gave the rabbit a mocking smirk, as though to say 'you cannot hurt me, just stay there and accept your fate'. With a quick flick of the same appendage which was hit, the same bullets shot straight back at the one who originally shot them, hitting only the ground around him.

Lucidron: Slash's Dream: Whatever the hedgehog would send at the beast, it would only crash right through each and every thing, showing no signs of slowing down. It let out rhythmic grunts as it got closer to its next meal. If the ex-soldier would listen closely, the grunts seemed to sound as though the monster was laughing. It was enjoying this. It was playing with its prey.

Hatori's Dream: As the creature's prey ignited itself, the evergrowing flames only seemed to serve the beast, as the heat seemed to make it more powerful. The muscles that made up its flesh expanded to almost three times their original size. The creature seemed to like what was happening to it. As it looked at the female before it, the monster seemed to have changed its mind. Rather than eating her, the creature moved one of its tentacles to pick up the girl. The creature seemed far smarter than it looked. Along with its massive strength, the creature seemed to hold a good level of intellect, enough to not eat anything that could be of use to it.

Numerus: It worked. For a second, it had worked. But then, it just grinned, and... It just smashed them right back. How in the world could it- The tought was broken as a click came from the rifle. Empty. I had chucked a whole clip into it, and nothing constructive had occured. Great. Hurling the empty gun toward it, as if it would slow the beast down, I rummaged in holsters. It had to be somewhere...

Mass Driver based rounds weren't good enough, low scale energy bursts couldn't get through. But, I had one trick left. Ah, here! Out of one pocket came a small red hand cannon. Dad's pride and joy back in his front line days. He wouldn't take another gun. I turned and ran, using the distance to slot my hand in, gripping the control bar inside as the cannon came to life, and held a thumb on one of the buttons as energy began to charge inside the chamber. Dad had blown apart alot of high scale, armored foes with this trick, and I could only hope that it would work. Soon enough, it was ready, and as I ran, I turned for just long enough to aim and fire, the recoil knocking me from my already unstable position onto the ground as a large burst of volatile energy, condensed into a small sphere, was fired at the beast.

Hatori: Her bright idea of the day was to get angrier. Put her down right now! How did it get bigger?? Her anger was equated with her fire, and she went white hot, which was probably only beneficial to the big beastie. Her second bright idea was to flail her legs, but that got her nowhere.

Lucidron: Numerous' Dream: What the fox suspected of the monster would prove to be true. Even with the smoke enveloping the two of them, the monster would not lose track of its prey. Opening its mouth, the same long tongue same out and moved around in the air. As there were no nostrils on the monster, it's tongue served as a snake's, 'sniffing' the air around it, while at the same time detecting different heat signatures. This monster, whatever it was, proved to be a natural born hunter as it once again spotted the fox making his way through the area. Its hunting ability would prove to be all the more greater as it quietly got on only its hind legs and crept up behind the fox, not making a single sound as it kept a good distance away to avoid detection. Until the smoke cleared, the prey would be unaware of the predator. That's when the monster would strike, once the smoke clears, when it could see the fear in the eyes of its prey.

Slash's Dream: Whatever the hedgehog would send at the beast, it would only crash right through each and every thing, showing no signs of slowing down. It let out rhythmic grunts as it got closer to its next meal. If the ex-soldier would listen closely, the grunts seemed to sound as though the monster was laughing. It was enjoying this. It was playing with its prey.

Slash: Slash smirked, laughing a bit him kicking a propane tank at the beast then throws something at the valve of the tank to make a spark and release the gas thus making it explode him yelling “ WOO now that’s how you cook a monster!” Slash keeps throwing stuff in the way of the thing to try and slow it down before he himself trips on some junk sliding a few feet after doing a front flip him saying with a slight whine “ouch.”

Lucidron: Pat's Dream: The beast caught the thrown gun in midair with its long tongue, and pulled it into its mouth, swallowing it whole as the rabbit was given the opportunity for its next attack. When it was done ingesting the weapon, it saw its meal aiming his next weapon straight at it. Challenging the next attack head on, the creature ran straight for the rabbit even as the immensely powerful shot was released. Not deviating from its path, the monster ran head first into the blast. The colliding forces exploded at the moment of impact. When the smoke would clear, the rabbit would see the beast standing, alive and well. While it would seem like the blast did nothing at first, on closer inspection, the monster was in fact stunned by the attack. This would give the rabbit a chance to escape, but only for a few seconds.

Numerus: Numerus froze, though he could not see it, he could feel that the monster was right behind him, ready to take him down. His heart pounded heavily in his chest as he breathed hard. Was there really no escape? Numerus denied himself of losing hope. He managed to escape many and why shouldn't he escape this one too? He survived the war as a child, he survived the harsh training of the instituion. There was nothing impossible and there was nothing perfect like the monster that was chasing him, for all Numerus cared, this felt like it was just a horrid dream he can't wake from. But no, even so, he won't let the monster receive the satisfaction of killing him. Numerus smirked and ran again after throwing a grenade to where the monster was, making sure that the moment the grenade landed, it would explode.

Hatori: Hatori's Dream: The kicking and flailing of the beasts captive would prove of no use, her anger driven flames only nurturing it and making it far stronger than it was before. By now, the flesh of its muscles were five times the original size they were before. As its muscles grew ever more, the monster seemed to be walking toward a single point, the flames around the two steadily fading away into nothingness.

Pat: The explosion on impact had to have taken it out. Had to have. Getting to me feet, I was almost ready to give a cry of victory when I saw it. Again. Alive and well. This thing... This thing wasn't real, it couldn't be! Nothing, nothing worked at all! It was almost like this beast was the very personification of the horrors of war... I had to get out of here. Had to run. But, as I turned, bolted, I did take one small solace. I couldn't hear it. For a few seconds, I could not hear it chasing. Maybe, maybe I had done something after all. Thanks, Dad. You might have just saved my life.

Lucidron: Slash's Dream: The beast was truly enjoying this hunt. It couldn't remember the last time it chased after such lively prey. It survived the explosion as though it was nothing, and just plowed through the debris as though it was just a swarm of bugs. It did, however, stop in its tracks when its prey tripped and fell. Extending one of its long appendages toward the hedgehog, the monster picked him up and set him back down on his feet. Afterward, the beast let out a loud roar to try and scare the ex-soldier into running again. It wanted him to run. It wanted to enjoy this chase for as long as possible.

Slash: Slash looks at the monster nodding his head catching on to what the monster wanted then smirked before running off as he started to enjoy this as well due to him not having to use such means in ages he finally gets to use all his training. Slash got to a dead end then started jumping from wall to wall till he was at the top of a building as he said “come on you got to be faster than that to catch me!” he quickly bolts off trying to give the monster a challenge while pushing himself to his fullest so he can have his fun.

Lucidron: Numerous' Dream: The moment the fox started to run again, the beast went back on all fours and let out another roar. It didn't seem to notice the grenade. Or rather, with how good it was at tracking, it didn't care about it. It sped up its pace a little, catching up with its prey again, until a small 'clink' was heard underneath its torso. A split second after the sound, an explosion came forth, engulfing the creature in the blast. The force of the grenade didn't even phase it, but the power was enough to throw the monster into the air a couple of feet. On landing, it was just a little off balance, but it soon recovered and continued the chase. All the while, the environment seemed to disappear into nothingness.

Hatori's Dream: The kicking and flailing of the beasts captive would prove of no use, her anger driven flames only nurturing it and making it far stronger than it was before. By now, the flesh of its muscles were five times the original size they were before. As its muscles grew ever more, the monster seemed to be walking toward a single point, the flames around the two steadily fading away into nothingness.

Numerus: Numerus gave himself a smirk, liking how the monster was thrown into the air like one of those Halo models in multiplayer. The green fox ran through the dissipating smoke of the ruins, though he had noticed that as the smoke cleared away, the environment itself seemed to disappear slowly along with it. Just what was going on?!

Lucidron: Pat's Dream: Only five seconds after the rabbit realized the creature was stunned, the beast came back to its senses, shaking its head once it did. It momentarily looked around at its surroundings before it opened its mouth, its tongue sticking out. Sensing the heat source of the rabbit, it let out a roar to alert his prey that he was about again. It then continued the chase, going after the rabbit again. Though it was catching up again, it was moving slower than normal, still disoriented from the previous blast. It would be right behind its prey again in about two minutes. As for the rabbit himself, should he look around him, he'd see the planet he was on fade into nothingness as he ran on.

Shade: Was... Everything disappearing? Slowly, the grass, the plains, it was fading away... Even the sun's heat was suddenly gone. And all that was left... A floor of glass? Over a void. Where was I? I had no time to stop and think, however, as the creature let loose another roar. The chase was on again!

Lucidron: Slash's Dream: Letting out another set of rhythmic, laugh-like grunts, the creature was once again excited with his prey. The beast leapt toward the building the hedgehog climbed, landing at the based of the structure. Sticking its claws into the wall of the building, one after the other like walking, the creature climbed up the structure with great ease. It thrust two of its appendages at the ex-soldier, aiming to pierce through his shoulders.

Slash: Slash tried to push them aside from their target before making a quick slide down a fire escape and then smashes a key point of the structure to make to ready to collapse slash snickering as he runs off through a back alley. Slash calmly thinking to himself “now then if the thing comes from that side I’ll go this way” his thoughts ran on with tactical planning and what not as he waiting for the creature to show.

Hatori: She couldn't do much else than punch it, but that didn't seem to work, so she just let it take her wherever it was going... not that she had anything better to do.

Lucidron: Slash's Dream: The hedgehog managed to slip by the beast's attack. At the same time, the creature's prey caused the building to start collapsing. The creature jumped off the side of the building, but it was a little too late. When monster landed on the ground, the structure fell right on top of it, the building breaking apart from the impact. It seemed the creature was finally killed, until its four appendages shot out from the rubble, and pushed it up and out of the debris. Setting itself back on the ground, it shook off the dust and stones that covered its body. Looking left, then right, the creature spotted its prey and continued the chase. The direction the beast would chase him lead toward a blackened void where nothing existed.

Slash: Slash looks around confused and disorientated saying “what the hell is going on here…” he presses on ignoring the change in landscape but keeps his guard up making sure to not lose track of the creature following him but start to think to himself “I wonder if I could talk with this thing make some kind of truce..that benefits us both…” he slowed down a bit preparing himself to try and speak with the creature.

Lucidron: Convergence: Within the blackened void where each were taken to, the three men would meet only momentarily, before the same creatures which pursued them in their dreams would follow them out and surround them, a fourth, far bigger one holding a pyrokinetic girl in one of its tendrils joining the three that chased the males, completely encircling them. The male hedgehog tried to reason with the beast, but the only thing on its mind now was the prickly morsel before it, with hopes of a good showdown before it would swallow him whole. The four of them spread out their tentacles to block off all possible escape routes. The woman alone would be spared. The men, however, would be naught but food to nourish them. Surely, it would seem the end for them.

However, when it seemed all hope was lost for the group, the people AND the creatures would all hear a gentle, calming whistling sound. Hearing it, the creatures seemed to finally back off. The overly bulky one even gently set down the pyrokinetic female. The beasts sat down as a colorful portal opened next to the group. Through the portal filled with color walked a being who was pure white with golden pupils. Like the beasts, this new being had four appendages on its back, but they were black and silver lined angelic wings rather than tendrils. "Well, hello. I see my friends have been giving you a bit of trouble," the being said in a soothing, airy voice.

Slash: Slash looked again wary of any odd happenings his ear twitches as he covered his right eye as if in pain even if this was still something like a dream he found himself in real pain by something as he took his hand off his eye brushing his hair over it as if hiding something. Slash thought to himself “damn it not again I got to find a way to fix this to end this pain that happen every time those parts act up.” The ex-soldier sat down and listened to them carefully but was still very on guard.

Pat: Things were getting stranger and stranger... There were others in this realm, wherever we were, but that wasn't the major thing to think about, that thing was back! And... It had backup. Oh hell... As they slowly closed in, I readied the cannon, beginning to charge another shot. Even if all it did was stun, maybe that would be long enough to get out of there. Even if I didn't know where I would go. But then, it only got stranger, as they seemed to back off. At the same time, a whistle pierced the air. Did it mean something to these creatures? Was that it, were they afraid of it? Or was it a command, from some leader? The next thing that happened was even more confusing, A fifth, possibly their commander, appeared. And... It was talking to us. In our language. What was doing on here...? "Who are you? Or them? Where are we, and what is happening?" I decided I may as well speak or us all, unless someone else had a better idea.

Numerus: Numerus panted and leaned against his knees for support as he tried to catch his breath "You got that right..." He said weakly, head pounding painfully as the adrenaline continued to pump through his system. Nothing would be as soothing to him as a large glass of coke filled with icecubes. Alien pursuers? Check, Indestructible bodies? Check? Weird angel guy? Check. All of that didn't say that they were safe now but Numerus still had a few grenades on him and he could make a last stand if it comes to worst

Lucidron: She appreciated being let down so gently, but kicked it for picking her up in the first place. Now she was in an unknown area with three total strangers - oh, and the beasties were pets? Now a trippy hole in the air and another strange beast-being. That's it. She was never mixing whiskey and sake again.

Slash: Slash shrugs in disbelief then calmly says “So what’s this invasion got to do with us and why this place?” he stands and goes to reach for his sword remembering it shattered letting out a sigh of annoyance before sitting down again.

Pat: I know they're supposed to be answers, but sometimes they may as well be questions. Or, I don't know, complex code. "So... There's a race of beings, and they are invading us. Why? And for that matter, why are we here? Were we 'chosen' or something? If so, why?" I could go on like this for a while. It had even sometimes resulted in bullies back when I was a kid, just giving up, digging a hole and shoving me in it where the forest green of my furring would result in plenty of plant jokes. Not that they could do that anymore. But that was a different story. Suffice to say I asked any questions I happened to have. Took right after Dad in that respect.
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