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Based off of the Archie comic book series of "Sonic the Hedgehog," Mirrored Mobius is a Role Playing group that was started in February 19th, 2009. The RP took off around issue 197 and has since blossomed into an active network of Sonic fans and talented writers.

Please be sure to read the Rules before trying to notify someone in order to join. In order to make sure you can participate adequately with the rest of the members, you will be tested in a quick, 'mini-role play' session via AIM or e-mail. If you are up to what we are looking for, then congratulations!

If you would like to join, please message "RanranSonikku" on AIM or e-mail at ranransonikku@aol.com. Alternatively, you can message the Storyline's Leader "A Real Scourge " on AIM.

Mirrored Mobius Rules

1. Do not bash or flame. In this storyline people may not have the same personal views or opinions that you have. If you feel uncomfortable about anything happening in character and cannot resolve it with the other person please bring it to the attention of the administrators. We can't help solve the problem if you don't talk to us.

2. About original characters ... We will consider them for the storyline only after you've roleplayed with us with a cannon character for a while. Any and all original characters are going to be up for the administrator's approval.

3. About Mature Themes ... There will be mature themes like excessive violence, language, and sexual situations. Sex or anything close to sex will NOT happen in the main chatrooms or on the forum in respect to users who are too young or do not wish to see that kind of roleplay. Logs with that Mature Content will be put in <b>The Radiant Rose</b>; our Password Protected Forum. If you do not want to have your character involved with certain scenarios you will have the option to opt out of them out of character and have your preferences known. We're doing our best to make all of our members feel comfortable while allowing for a diverse group of people to join the storyline.

4. Maximum number of characters ... Two original characters is the maximum for the storyline. In some cases we will allow trusted members to take on a third cannon character temporarily or bring in an original character as well. All members have access to commonly shared NPCs that they can roleplay along and can temporarily take control of another member's character to progress the story along with permission. (See below)

5. " Freezing " a scene or continuing on ... We understand that there may come times where you must leave immediately or will be gone for a prolonged period or time. In that event we ask that you try to make an arrangement or otherwise come to an agreement with the other characters in your scene on what to do with your character before leaving. If you don't mind your character being moved around a little give the other members permission to move them along so they can continue roleplaying. In return they'll try to put them in a safe place and catch you up when you return.

6. Character Death. You can imply a cannon's death. For all the other members know, they could be dead. But if something happens to the roleplayer, and someone else comes along interested in that character, there has to be a chance for them to be able to be pulled back from the "After Life."

7. Impulsive surprises ... don't do them. Here at Mirrored Mobius we have what is called a <b>Storyline Lead</b> that knows what everyone is planning at any given time and helps ensure that the roleplay continues smoothly. If you have an idea for a future twist in the roleplay please tell our Storyline Lead before acting on it to make sure it's all right. Nine Times out of Ten we'll find a way to work in your addition if you just give us ample warning.

8. PM me before making a new Topic in the RP Forums. In response to the increased number of side story topics popping up we're going to do something akin to " Quality Control ". From now on you'll need to PM / IM the Storyline Lead (Scourge) before you start a Topic in any of the RP Forums and tell me what it's for. After I give the O.K. you can start your topic like normal. From now on I'll be <b>locking</b> Topics that crop up without getting approval first from now on starting August 4th (" Deadly Deeds " is exempt). If your Topic gets locked PM me and provide the necessary information.