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The Leaky Cauldron

Month: December
Term: 5
Season: Winter

We are pleased to annouce that you have been accepted to the Leaky Cauldron! Register to unlock the hidden boards

New wizards, please go through Platfrom 9 and 3 quarters and introduce yourself. From there, answer the questions in The Sorting Hat to see which house you belong to. Also board the The Hogwarts Express to take the train here to the castle. Don't forget to check out our official website.

The LC Oscars will be wrapping up today. Make sure you read this and get in your last couple of posts.

Thank you for registering at the LC. Term 5 is just about to get started, so please enjoy your stay. - Professor Rogue

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Gryffindor: 0013 || Hufflepuff: 0210 || Ravenclaw: 0020 || Slytherin: 0000


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"The best things in life are done by accident
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