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Month: December
Term: 5
Season: Winter

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New wizards, please go through Platfrom 9 and 3 quarters and introduce yourself. From there, answer the questions in The Sorting Hat to see which house you belong to. Also board the The Hogwarts Express to take the train here to the castle. Don't forget to check out our official website.

The LC Oscars will be wrapping up today. Make sure you read this and get in your last couple of posts.

Thank you for registering at the LC. Term 5 is just about to get started, so please enjoy your stay. - Professor Rogue

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Train Car Common Rooms

Posted by Scarlett (Gryffindor) at Oct 16 2012, 10:18 PM. One comment

Ok so it's been a while since anyone was sorted. The new people are missing out on a crucial part of the Harry Potter experience because they can't see the common rooms. So we decided to bring the common rooms out to the newbies, so that they can make themselves at home here. Remy had the excellent idea to put them on the train. Of couse this is not ideal because it is not private. We are going to have to give each other the illusion of privacy, by not refering to anything in the cars unless you were there. Also never, ever post in the Train Car Common Room of a House that is not yours. If we can play by those rules then we can take one more step toward reclaiming the old days. Remy is going to let the newbies know which Common Car they will report to. I know you all will make the new folks feel at home and make threads where they can see them too. You will soon see the Gryffy Car. I hope you will all make yourselves at home and bring new things in. And as always, have fun!

New Year, New Community

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Jan 2 2011, 02:23 AM. 0 comments

The LC has been around for almost 6 years, can you beleive it!

We've had a lot of changes, all of the better of course. This year I'd like to create new forums. It doesn't have to be Harry Potter related, but can be about anything. Movies, DVD's, celebrities. Religion, general topics, doesn't matter to me. Maybe a spot for comic books, I dunno but the skye is the limit so post your ideas here!

Hasta Luego

Posted by REMY SALINAS (Slytherin) at Aug 7 2010, 11:27 PM. 12 comments

Hey guys and girls, just had a tiny announcement I wanted to make so that this didn't catch any one off guard. I am going to be leaving the Lc in a few weeks and I wanted to let everyone know so that if I'm in a thread with you, you can send me a pm telling me where that thread is and I can be written out in a way that doesn't affect anyone else in the thread. If we have a solo thread then let me know as well so we can find a decent way to end those threads as well. I also wanted to take this time and let everyone know so that there wouldn't be any rumors as to why I left. I am not angry or mad at anyone. I am not being forced to leave by anyone. I love this place, I love all of the people here and this is making leaving possible. I know it may sound crazy but being able to leave on good terms with everyone is a big deal and I am not saying I won't ever be back it just won't be any time soon after I do leave. Thank You Professor Rogue for creating this place that I have called home for these last few years and for your freindship. I also want to give out a huge thank you to everyone past and present who has ever posted, sent me a pm, or just said hi to me on sbox and cbox you guys made Remy an amazingly fun and interesting character to play. Good bye everyone B)

Returning Back

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Jul 10 2010, 04:22 PM. 15 comments

Hi everyone, guess whose back...me!

I know it's been a couple of months and I do apologize for just upping out and leaving. Unfortunately, things weren't going very well for me with certain folks, ex-members and things like that. That coupled with a close personal death in the family, I had to take some time for myself. I pray you understand.

But all of that is in the past...this is a new day and I look forward to the future.

Special thanks to ALL the members who have stayed dedicated, I see a few old familia faces that I'm excited to talk to and get to know all over again. But I had to come back...the LC is my baby that I've had for 5 years!

Here's to making this place better than ever and I hop you all are with me in doing this.

Your friend and forever crazy Headmaster,

- Professor Rogue

HP anniversary

Posted by REMY SALINAS (Slytherin) at Jun 30 2010, 07:01 PM. 7 comments

30th June 1997: A then small and unknown publishing company called Bloomsbury, whose office sat atop a Chinese Restaurant, released the first 10,000 trial copies of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Here we are now, exactly 13 years later. Happy anniversary, Harry Potter!

Survey #1

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Jan 30 2010, 12:00 AM. 6 comments

Here is a survey I'd like you all to give, just to get some feedback and hopefully suggestions on things going on here at the LC. Now, feedback and constructive critisism is welcomed, be honest and just be respectful and there's no problem. I just want

1.) How did you like the Oscars? What was something good and something that could have been improved?

2.) What are your top 5 forums that you always visit?

3.) What are least top 5 forums you never visit?

4.) What past event in LC History did you enjoy the most? From dances, to qudditch matches. It can be anything.

5.) Name something you'd like to see here at the LC.

6.) What is something about the LC that you dislike? Again, it can be anything.

7.) How involved are you in your house?

That's it for now. Thanks!

Holiday Avatars

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Dec 31 2009, 08:38 PM. One comment

I'm a little late on this, but Tinks has made us 7 gorgeous holiday avatars. The season's almost over so make sure you take advantage of these holiday speicals.

Tinks will recieve 70 points to her house for the donation.

You can find these lovely avatars under the "Holiday" folder of the avatar gallery, or by clicking here. :wizard:

LC Newslette 12

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Dec 11 2009, 03:47 AM. 14 comments

The LC Newsletter #12

Haven't seen one of these in awhile, have you? Sorry for that. But here is the latest newsletter highlighting all the happenings here at the LC.

1. Oscars
2. Calendar Update
3. Classes: Lesson 3, & Exams
4. Winter Theme & Events
5. Search
6. Hogsmeade Weekend Opened

1. LC Oscars
The Red Carpet was spread out a couple of days ago, now get ready for the main event! Presenters will be PM'ed later today the winner of their award. As stressed, ths must remain SECRET. You will be PM'ed as close to when the main evet thread is posted (later today).

2. Calendar Updated
I've updated the calendar with all the December events and activities. We're going to try and go by this schedule the best that we can. Make sure you take a look at it to see what events are scheduled when.

3. Classes & Exams
Lessons for or magical classes will be wrapping up shorting. You know what thi means: exams. As the first semester wraps up, exams for all subjects will begin December 16th. Professors will have an exam ready for you all then. Professors are asked to update the House points thread with points they have given or deducted from students.

4. Winter is here!
The winter months are here at the LC. The winter theme has been enable, so you'll be able to use that. If you haven't seen the holiday theme, just go to the bottom of your screen where the theme changer is, and select the WinterFest theme.The Christmas season is here!

Along with the winter mood, I'm looking for holiday avatars. So if anyone is interested, just reply here and we can work something out. Of course, house points will be a compensation.

5. Search
As long as I could remember, the SEARCH feature has never worked. That's all changed. Our software has once again been updated, and the SEARCH is fully functional. It's very convient, you can search for topics or posts, use any words at all. Try it out sometime.

6. Hogsmeade Weekend is opned
As you know, Hogsmeade is opened once again. All permissions should have been signed last week, so student are welcome to explore the grounds. What student isn't up for a little gamblig? What do you have to loose?
Jyssica, the shop owner of the Hogs Head is having a Lottery DrawingLottery drawing. She's keeping the winnings a secret, but place your bets....I hear some serious cash is up for grappings.

7. Prefects
Congrats to Scarlett and Remy who will be the Gryffindor and Slytherin Prefects. They'll be helping me out here along with the Apprentices.

Hot Topcs
Again, if you have a topic that you would like special recognition for, maybe to promote activity in, just send me an owl with the thread and genearl synopsis and I'll add you to the list.

  • James is searching for something in the Room of Requirements. Been searching so long, I don't think he knows what he's lookin for. Could probably use a little help.
  • Dentention isn't fun. Then why is Jake smiling about it? Is this detention or a house party? You decide.
  • Calling all..ur. students? Homegirl Zoey is making her first trip on Hogwarts Express. Wouldn't want her to get around the wrong crowd!
  • Who has an Ugly Contest? There's one going on in the girls bathroom. With some many great canadites up for this awards, whose to win? Draw your own conclusions on that.

Now's the best time to be at the LC. Until next newsletter.

~Professor Rogue

LC 5th Anniversary!

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Nov 18 2009, 04:03 AM. 11 comments

Today marks the Leaky Cauldron's 5th year birthday! *claps hands* Over the next week or so, you'll see tons of anniversary activites and such, incuding the 2nd annual LC Oscars, which is underway as we speak. (I am still taking nominations for each category).

Tons of new things will be showing up here in the next week or so, so join in the Special Events forum for the celebration.

LC Oscar Nominations

Posted by Professor Rogue (Admin) at Nov 16 2009, 12:35 AM. 6 comments

So, if you all check the calendar, we have the LC's 5th year anniversary this Wednesday! Woo-hoo! Can you believe the LC's been around for 5 years? Yay! So we have TONS of fun stuff planned for you all. One of them are the second annualLC Oscars, whch is a huge red-carpet event for us here in the castle. So, what I need from you all is the put your thinking caps on and spare a little time and go through these 35 categories and nominated the person here on the board that you think best fit the category.

Will there be duplicates? Can you nominate the same person for a different category? Absolutely, but we'd like for everyone to get an award. But please only one nomination per category.

Nominations will be open for about two days so you don't have much time. Please PM me your nominations. Any questions, just ask.

Most Exciting Poster
Most Dedicated Member
Best House Spirit
Most Likely To Be Online
Best Breakthrough Performance (Most Improved Member)

Most Interesting Thread So Far
The Gryffindor Award For The Bravest Character
The Ravenclaw Award For The Smartest Character
The Hufflepuff Award For The Most Loyal Character
The Slytherin Award For The Darkest Character

Best OOC Comment
Best Duo (not necessarily a couple)
Member Most Likely To Reply To A Thread
Lunar award - Most out-of-it person:
Best New Member:

Best Class Participant:
Most Welcoming Member
Best Use of an Animagus
Best Shoulder to cry on:
Best Siggie/Banner Maker:

Best in inventing excuses:
Most Likely to be in the Order:
Most talkative:
Best RPer:
best are you kidding me? moment

Best Suitable Celebrity Choice
Most 'Dirty Minded'
Best Smiley User
Best Avatar-Maker:
Easiest member to talk to:

Funniest Comedian (always make you laugh):
Most Loveable
Role model award (person we most want to be like)
Most House Oriented:
Best Prank of the Year:

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