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The Treaty of Barcelona; The Treaty that ended the French Empre
Topic Started: December 6 2016, 10:11 PM (100 Views)
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This is the territorial demands made by the Allies of France at the end of the War of French Aggression. The name of the territory is listed first, then the nation demanding it.
Corsica = Ivanicus -- recognition of independence
French Africa -- Spain AU
- Algeria
- Mauritania
- Mali
- Guinea
- Ivory Coast
- Volta (RL Burkina Faso)
- Niger
- Cameroon
- Chad
- part of inland Ethiopia
- Uganda
- Gabon
- Congo
- Katanga
- Madagascar
Libya and Egypt -- Added to Soviet Tripoli
- part of Libya
- part of Egypt
southern Vietnam -- (includes Saigon) -- The Rising Solaris
South New Guinea -- (territory) -- United Kingdom AU
Melanesia -- (territory) -- (multiple small islands) -- Spain AU
Micronesia -- (territory) -- (multiple small islands) -- Spain AU
- The Marianes
- Palau
- The Carolines
- Nauru
- The Marshalls
- The Gilberts
- Marcus
- Wake Island
Midway -- Cascadia and Columbia
French Guiana = Masanareth -- Recognition of independence
French Caribbea -- Grand Enclave
Panama Canal -- Grand Enclave
Louisiana = Grand Enclave -- Recognition of independence
French Canada = French Canada AU (minus the Yukon) -- British Canada AU
Yukon (formerly part of French Canada) -- Cascadia and Columbia
Halavat -- The Greys
Nevada = The Greys -- Recognition of independence

Other Demands
- Limiting of self-defense force to 50,000 soldiers for a period of 50 years.
- Complete dismantling of French defense industry
---- Transfer of MAC to The Greys
- War reparations to Spain; grace period of twenty years, then 100-year time span of repayment.
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