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Forum Rules
Welcome to the Jon Baas Forum!

This forum exists as a place for fans of Jon Baas and his projects to have a voice, share their opinions, and interact with one another. Members are invited to participate in a variety of activities within this positive, PG-13 environment.

By participating on this forum, you are agreeing to the rules and guidelines that have been created and outlined for you. These rules and guidelines apply to all users, regardless of posting rank.

Please treat your fellow members using the same courtesy and respect as you would like others to give to you. Be sure to review your entries before posting to ensure accurate information, as well as to avoid any misunderstanding due to poorly worded posts.

In the spirit of this forum please help keep these topics a fun, educational, and welcoming place for everyone.

Here are the official rules and guidelines…

Forum Rules

  • You agree not to hold Jon Baas or any of his forum members liable for anything stated within the forums. Comments posted on this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Information posted by Jon about his own interests, personality, or career, is 100% accurate to his character and pursuits.
  • Jon currently serves as the moderator for all activity within these boards. Any and all disputes will be settled at his discretion, and based upon these Forum Guidelines.
  • It is your responsibility to be familiar these current Forum Guidelines. All users of these forums must comply with these rules. Infractions may result in removal of forum privileges.

Forum Guidelines for Posting

  • Posts, nicknames, signatures, avatars, and general content that are inflammatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, inappropriate or rude will not be tolerated and will be removed.
  • Please follow the Golden Rule. Always be respectful of each other. Be civil, clean, and decent in all posts. Open discussions of varying points of view are encouraged but only if they remain constructive and not inflammatory. Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Anyone using or posting inappropriate content, language, starting personal attacks, engaging in hate speeches, may be banned from all further discussions or the Jon Baas Forum.
  • This community forum system is not a venue for personal or private vendettas or causes, including political debates. If you become involved with a dispute or have a problem with another forum member, please let Jon know.
  • Links to adult content, pages with links to adult content, or messages describing anything inconsistent with these Forum Guidelines will be removed.
  • Do not post copyrighted material (e.g. Articles) written by others without their permission.
  • Crass language is not allowed. In other words, check your language or be removed from the board. This is friendly forum. Please keep it that way.
  • Do not post altered-text as an attempt to defeat forum word-filters or otherwise circumvent the rules.
  • Keep thread discussions on topic, and within the subject of the forum. Please do not "hijack" or "bump" the thread to gain additional exposure to a post or yourself.
  • This forum is not a venue for unrelated sites or services. Content that is posted for the sole-purpose of unrelated promotion (e.g. Spam) will be removed and may result in a permanent loss of forum privileges.
  • Anyone posting another member’s personal or website details, without permission, will be banned. Please do not post sensitive or confidential information to the forum about yourself or other members (i.e. account information, private communications, etc.). Do not post any information that you would not want public on the internet.

Signature Guidlines

  • Your signature can consist of a maximum of 2 single-spaced lines, of text and spaces only. Images and animations are not allowed in your signature. No inflammatory content.
  • All signature links must be PG quality.
  • Signatures should not include any of the following: Affiliate links, JAVA, Javascript or other dynamic content, AJAX, or iframes.
  • Links to commercial or non-homepage/personal sites may be subject to Moderator approval.
  • Please keep your signature nice and tidy. Signatures should not distort the layout or usability of the Jon Baas Forum (ie. extremely large fonts, tables, cells, and excessively listing links).
  • Your signature should be able to fit within the example shown below.

    | Signature Line 2 (Signatures taller than this are not allowed.)
    | Signature Line 1

  • Jon may make judgment calls and has final say on all aspects of signature size, forum performance, and general issues of signatures.

What Happens if I Break the Rules?

Many times members don’t realize that they have gone against these rules. That is why it is your responsibility to always remain up to date with all forum rules. In general, Jon follows a three strikes policy. Please keep in mind that all infractions are different, and will be handled on an individual basis. Depending on the severity, Jon reserves the right to follow a different course of action.

Additional rules to be added as necessary.

-Jon Baas