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The Fabric of Their Lives; PG
Topic Started: Nov 11 2009, 11:10 PM (35,744 Views)
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This is a story I wrote several months ago for a writing contest in a homeshcool magazine. Tracy was kind enough to proofread for me and help me put the finishing touches on it. So, thanks to her for her help. I ended up getting third place. Hope you guys like it. It was the first time I had ever tried something like this, so there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.

The song at the beginning is a song I learned when I was in high school, and I have never forgotten the words. Every time I consider it, it makes me long for that moment when I will step onto shore. It was actually the inspiration from which this story came. I was going in a different direction, but as I wrote it, this is what came.

Here ya go.

The faces around her were sad, and she wished she could reach out to each of them; let them know what was happening in her soul. Even as they said goodbye, through tears and sadness, her heart was awakening to life. Desiring to show them all what she was only now beginning to understand, she tried to voice the song that had meant so much to her when she had lost those she had loved. Her voice was weak, and she was not sure that she could sing it loud enough to be heard, but she tried.

“Just think of stepping on shore---and finding it heaven!
Of touching a hand--and finding it God’s!
Of breathing new air--and finding it celestial!
Of waking up in glory--and finding it home.”

(Don Wyrtzen and L.E. Singer)

The strain of trying to sing left her more worn in body than she had ever felt, and yet, the feeling of life surrounded her, pulling her towards the place where the pain and weariness would be forgotten. Looking around once more, her eyes lost focus on those in the room, focusing instead on the One who was coming for her. He reached for her, and she saw the print of a nail in His outstretched hand. His voice called her name, and without hesitation, she moved out of her weary body and into the arms of the Giver of life.

As her family stood around the hospital bed, mourning the loss of their wife, mother, and friend, Ruby Andrews took a stroll around her new home, escorted by the Master of the Universe. Taking in sights she would have never believed while she lived below, she breathed in the celestial air, feeling as if she had never been truly home until this moment.

“Come sit with me, Daughter.” The sound was booming, a voice that could speak the worlds into existence, and yet, it was kind…gentle even. Obediently, she came and sat at His feet, waiting with breathless anticipation of what He would say to her. He did not talk immediately, but she was happy just to sit and wait on Him. Finally, He spoke words that she had waited her entire life to hear, “You ran the race well, Daughter. You have great reward.”

The words swept over her, filling her with a joy she had never before experienced. “Thank You.” As she said the two little words, she felt they were most certainly not enough to express what her heart really felt, and yet, they were the only words that seemed appropriate.

“I want to show you now, what you can’t see down there.” Suddenly, her eyes saw three large tapestries. They were not the kind that she remembered from her days on earth. Instead they were intricate pieces of workmanship, each clearly obvious to the mother’s eyes as the lives of her children. Beautiful colors adorned the works of art, and she tried to grasp what each thread meant. Looking upon them, she was amazed as she saw the moments in their lives as if they were currently happening, and yet, she could see the completed patterns, as they were when they were finished.

Quickly, she noticed one particular thread which ran through each of the three lives in front of her. Each one had a scarlet thread which started at conception. It wove through each of their lives, spilling into every part of the decoration. Then, at a different point in each life, she saw the thread suddenly change. In each child, she witnessed a moment when she and her husband had knelt with them, as their heart opened to the gift of the gospel of Christ. Watching in awe, she saw as the blood of Christ was poured on the red thread, and immediately it changed from the scarlet it had been, to the most beautiful, brilliant white. Never in her earthly life had she seen the white that glimmered in the hearts of her children. “Come let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” (Isaiah 1:17-19) The verse came to her mind, even as tears flooded her eyes. She was looking on the righteousness of Christ being poured upon the souls of her own children.

Returning her gaze, she watched as days and weeks in their lives played into the workmanship. In a moment, doubts began to flood her. In those days and weeks she saw her own failings; times when she was less than the best home school mother. Even as the thoughts ran through her mind, she felt His hand holding onto her own.

“Remember this day?” Again His voice was kind, as He showed her a moment in her life. It was not a beautiful moment. There had been anger and tears, as she fought with her oldest child to sit and do his work. From her son’s heart, she saw the shade of thread that started as a dark, ugly color, and she was embarrassed that she had hurt him, but as she watched, the thread began to change. It became lighter, easier to look at, even as she saw herself go to her son and apologize for the anger that she had shown. Then, to her amazement, she watched as the thread became a beautiful piece in his life, as he walked into her room to find her on her knees, asking God’s forgiveness. As she looked at the boy’s life, she found that thread became an intricate part of his daily life, and a beautiful part of the fabric of the man he would become. The lesson of a time of weakness in her own life, yet God had made it into something beautiful in the life of her child.

Another day showed before her now. Noting the clock on the wall, she realized that it was nearing the lunch hour on that day in time, and all her kids were still in their pajamas. It was a day she remembered now. She had been suffering from a headache, and had gotten so little done, it had seemed that her kids were surely suffering from a lack of education, and should definitely be sent to school. As lunch had come to an end, she had gathered her three kids on the bed, and had her daughter read a story. Each snuggling against her, she remembered the feeling of love she had for each of them. Even as she walked through these memories, she saw a vibrant pink thread spread through each of their souls. While she watched, she saw her daughter’s thread move into her adulthood, giving her the ability to love and nurture her children in such a great way. Keeping her eye on the thread, she noticed that it moved from her daughter’s tapestry, to those of her grandchildren.

The next scene that appeared before her made tears spring into her eyes. It was her youngest son’s tapestry she was gazing at now, and the colors she saw there were more beautiful than she could ever imagine. Many of the colors she had never seen while on earth, but each woven by the Master Creator, and each a unique part of his make up. As the school day played out in front of her, she saw that her house was a mess, but she was not cleaning. Instead she was sitting by the young boy as he struggled with his reading assignment, helping him sound out words that most kids his age read with ease. Tears fell down his face, and her hands wiped them away, assuring him as she did, that he would get it and promising to be there to help. Together they had prayed for God’s help and strength. In amazement, she watched as a royal blue thread sprang to life on her son’s work of art. Through his life, she watched as he spread the thread to many others. Anyone who needed a helping hand, those who were hurting, and all who were less fortunate, were freely given help, sympathy and love from this young boy to whom learning had been so difficult. Her heart rejoiced even as she remembered the labels that the doctors had given him when he was young, but God had used those difficulties to make him a man after His own heart.

More scenes played out before her, and each one started with what she would consider a failure in her life, and ended with how God had used her failures to bring about character in the life of her children. With tears streaming from her eyes, she turned and knelt before the Weaver of these lives. Bowing before Him, she thanked Him for allowing her to see what they were; what He had made them to be.

Even as she gave thanks, a distant sound began to assail her senses. As she tried to decipher what the noise was, she noticed her eyes becoming blurry. The sights around her began to grow dim, even as she desperately tried to cling to them.

Sitting with a start, she found herself in her bedroom. Lying beside her was the man she had married, and in the rooms across the hall her children slept. Turning towards the alarm clock, she quickly switched it off, then moved herself off the bed and onto her knees. Tears burned in her eyes as she remembered her dream, even now amazed at how real it had been. Words were useless, as she opened her heart to her Father.

After some time, how long she was not sure, her tears began to subside. Looking towards her nightstand, she saw the papers she had been filling out the night before. Taking each one individually, she prayed over the names on the paper, then ripped the school enrollment forms into pieces. With each tear, she was reminded of what God was doing in their lives, and promised Him she would be faithful to do whatever it was He asked of her. A verse gently played into her mind as she spoke to her Father, and she knew He had placed it there. “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

Before rising from her spot, she was unaware of the little eyes that had come into her room. The young child had found his mother on her knees and had left her alone. After heading back to his bed, he prayed that God would be as real in his life as He was in the life of his mother.

As Ruby moved into the kitchen, she turned on a CD with a song that meant more to her today than it had the day before. Listening to the words, she looked forward to the time that she would enter into heaven and find she was forever home.

Unknown to Ruby, a little girl peered into the kitchen, and before making herself useful, watched silently as her mother sang with the music. In the child’s heart, she prayed that God would give her the same joyful heart her mother always seemed to have.

Through the morning, she washed dishes, packed her husband’s lunch, and made sure each child was beginning their schoolwork. As she went, she prayed that God would allow her to show love and kindness to her children, and that she would bless her husband.

Without his mother being aware, the oldest of the three children watched her. Her servant’s heart, and gentle spirit making him smile. Between assignments, he prayed that God would even now direct his paths, and that one day he would have a wife that loved the Lord as much as his mother did.

In heaven, God added threads to the hearts of the children in the home, smiling as He wove them into the fabric of their lives. His own heart smiled as he moved to a different tapestry; this one belonged to the young mother herself. Filling the spaces with the most beautiful colors of thread, He watched proudly as she spread her colors to those around her.
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momofboys,Nov 11 2009
11:10 PM
This is a story I wrote several months ago for a writing contest in a homeshcool magazine.  Tracy was kind enough to proofread for me and help me put the finishing touches on it.  So, thanks to her for her help.
You are very welcome! I consider it a great honor to have proofread it.

momofboys,Nov 11 2009
11:10 PM
I ended up getting third place.
Congratulations again on getting third place, but I still don't understand how anything could have beaten this!

Martha, this is truly one of the most beautiful, amazing, awesome stories I have ever read! And I am not just saying that because you are my friend or to be nice. You truly have a gift and I am so very grateful that you share it here and that you honor and glorify God in such an amazing way with it!

I could go on and on for quite a while, and I may come back later and reply some more, but I have to head to bed...I have class tomorrow after work and if I fall asleep, you have told me you will be breaking my fingers... :runhide:

Thank you so much for sharing this!

Tracy :offtobed:
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Admin, Tracy's Lil Sis

See what you've done? You've rendered me speechless!
:applause: That was beautiful, Martha. :greatjob: Truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing!

Congratulations on getting third place! :congratulations:
:chocobar: :chocobar: :chocobar:

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