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i2eye Fan Forum is intended to be a family-friendly site. It is a site centered around Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and DOC, two Christian television shows. Out of respect for the creators, writers, producers and all those involved in the making of the shows, as well as the Staff of the board (who are Christians as well), we ask that members do not write anything (in stories or in general posts on the board) that would attack or contradict those Christian beliefs. We hope this site will be a comfortable place for members of all ages to visit in order to read, write, chat, relax, and get to know others with similar interests. As such, we ask that members adhere to the following rules:
  • Be respectful of all members and their religion, culture, beliefs, and opinions.
  • No racist, sexist, derogatory, or unpleasant comments.
  • No profanity.
  • No blasphemy.
  • Please keep all replies appropriate for members of all ages. Remember this is intended to be a family-friendly site.
  • Be careful - avoid giving out personal information on the board! And respect the privacy of other members as well.
  • Please try to keep all information you post on the board as up-to-date as possible.
  • You can give constructive criticism, but please keep comments pleasant. It should be noted that constructive criticism would be better suited being sent via PM to the author.
  • Due to the sometimes confrontational and derisive nature of the topic, please refrain from discussing politics on this site.
For more information on site rules please see the following: Site Rules. NOTE: Stories posted on this site must keep to the idea of sexual abstinence before marriage. Stories which violate this rule will be removed from the board. For more information on rules specific to posting a story on the site please see the following: Rules for Posting a Story. Any violation of the rules of this site will be reviewed and handled on an individual basis. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. The Staff of this site will not tolerate such actions and anyone found to be doing so on this site will be banned immediately. If any member has any concerns, please feel free to PM a Staff member and let us know. Thank you! We hope you will enjoy! The i2eye Fan Forum Team