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Welcome to the official Charlie Tango DX Group CB And Amateur Radio Forum. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Charlie Tango DX is a group dedicated to Hobby Radio Users in all forms, whether CB, Amateur, PMR446, Scanning and Short Wave Listening.
We are a very active and friendly group that welcomes anyone from anywhere in the world who has an interest in Radio, regardless of their level of experience, their equipment, their location, or their radio preference. We have members varying from fully qualified operators on the Amateur Bands, to newcomers who have just bought a PMR446 set, and many CBers both old and new. All are equal on the Site.

The CT Site contains many reviews, tips and modifications within the forums, and we take pride that no sensible question is ever left unanswered, and nobody is ever belittled or mocked for asking an honest question, no matter how simple it may seem. We were all new to the hobby once.

You're currently viewing our forum as a guest. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. If you join Charlie Tango you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, voting in polls, viewing modifications and more.

If you are not yet a member: Registration is simple, fast, and completely free. Simply CLICK HERE to start the Registration process. Your application will need to include your personal name and approximate location, it will require you to confirm your email, and then be signed-off by one of our Admin Staff, but this is usually completed within 24 hours (48 max)

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Contact, News, Information & Guides

Regular Forum News and Events
Publish News Items and other items of general (Radio) interest here.
Forum Visible to Non-Members
FREE DXCC Hunter Awards 20 Jul 2014 - 19:44, By Roy
12 viewers Topics: 401 Replies: 4,680
Regular Forum CT ACTIVE. Out and About.
A place to let everyone know about your planned radio activities.
Heading up to the hills, going on holiday and taking a radio, or just driving from A to B, let us know here! . . . . Don’t forget to include Dates and Times
Forum Visible to Non-Members
channels Yesterday, 1:30 PM, By welsh rarebit
0 viewers Topics: 156 Replies: 1,090
Regular Forum Introductions & Call-Sign Allocation
Introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little about yourself and your Radio History
If you want a CT 11m Call-sign you should request one in this Forum.
Click HERE to view the Lists of Issued CT Callsign
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
Thanks for having me :) Today, 9:47 PM, By gravedigger
0 viewers Topics: 1,908 Replies: 18,309
Subforums: CT Call-sign Lists

Charlie Tango Club House

Regular Forum The Market Place
Please restrict reply posts to: Offers to buy or sell the listed item; Links to a known source (for Wanted Items); or requests for clarification ONLY
Discussion regarding equipment listed here should be posted in the appropriate site Forum or PMed to the Member directly.
Forum Visible to Non-Members
4Sale - Yaesu FT707 Today, 8:50 AM, By LancsLad
0 viewers Topics: 93 Replies: 218
Subforums: CT Products and Services, Market: FOR SALE, Market: FOR SWAP, Market: VALUE?
Regular Forum Freetime, the Playground
Purely for amusement: Please Post in the Relevant Section
  1. JOKES - One-off Jokes, Funny Stories, Quips, Tales, Gags and Riddles.
  2. GAMES - Ongoing Games and Quizzes
New cellmate. Today, 6:36 AM, By Kaos
1 viewer Topics: 442 Replies: 9,188
Subforums: Jokes & Laughs, Games and Quizzes

Help and Discussion Forums

Regular Forum Standard CB Radio
A place to seek help or discuss Standard 40Ch./80Ch. type LEGAL AM/FM CB Sets (even if expanded to more channels)
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
transitor replacement Today, 7:25 PM, By roderick
9 viewers Topics: 580 Replies: 4,958
Regular Forum 10, 11, 12m Multimode Radios (e.g. 148s, 3900s, Optima etc)
A place to seek help with, or discuss, Multimode AM/FM/SSB radios:
typically called “Export CBs” or “10m Amateur Radios"
Please Post DX5000, AT5555, etc. issues in the sub-forum
As Posts in this Forum MAY infer that authors or responders are actively Operating on a non-Legal Frequency or Mode, the Contents of this Forum are NOT Visible to Non-Members
Anytone or Superstar Today, 12:01 AM, By Firetrap
0 viewers Topics: 1,020 Replies: 9,198
Subforums: DX5000, AT5555, DH9000, HR5500 etc.
Regular Forum HF Radios
A place to seek help concerning, or to discuss, HF Equipment. (1 - 30 Mhz + 50Mhz)
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
The Beast LIVES Today, 1:24 AM, By Gary26
6 viewers Topics: 269 Replies: 2,296
Regular Forum VHF and UHF (inc PMR)
Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency Discussion and Help
Includes Amateur 2m, 70cm, PMR446 - ALSO other Amateur Bands (e.g. 4m, 23cm, etc.) AND Business Radio
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
Baofeng UV-5RC Yesterday, 12:29 AM, By wb14
2 viewers Topics: 240 Replies: 1,590
Regular Forum Aerials, RF & QRM Section
Anything relating to Aerials/Antennae, including RF, QRM, QRN, TVI, Planning Permission etc.
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
G5RV use Today, 8:31 PM, By EKaye1971
24 viewers Topics: 1,345 Replies: 11,948
Subforums: Homebrew Aerials/Antennae
Regular Forum Any Other Radio Equipment
A place to discuss anything that doesn’t fit into the specific categories above.
Including Mics; Scanner/SWL; Linear Amps; Tuners; Speakers; Switches, PSUs etc.
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
RM KL-505v Yesterday, 6:14 AM, By Snow Man
9 viewers Topics: 754 Replies: 4,915
Regular Forum Guides, Manuals
In the forum you can find Articles, Manuals and Documentation relating to Any Radio kit
Posts in this Forum are for the benefit of Members only, so Contents of this Forum are NOT Visible to Non-Members
Zetagi BV 131 10 Jul 2014 - 15:13, By richf
0 viewers Topics: 164 Replies: 820
Subforums: User Manuals / Service Manuals etc

Show And Tell

Regular Forum Gallery & Videos
If you want to show your CB station off then this is the place to do that.
The Content of this Forum is Visible to Non-Members
My erection. Today, 12:49 AM, By EKaye1971
2 viewers Topics: 693 Replies: 5,938
Regular Forum The Radio Museum
Take a look back in time at many CB and SSB radios and their specifications.
The Content of this Forum is Visible to Non-Members
Two AM one FM CB Walky Talkies 16 Jul 2014 - 16:11, By Alligator
2 viewers Topics: 176 Replies: 1,033
Regular Forum Restorations
PICTURE Forum relating to Restoring Radios etc. A place to post "Before and After" Pictures.
The Content of this Forum is Visible to Non-Members
extreme modification uniden grant 9 Jun 2014 - 19:38, By Kaos
2 viewers Topics: 59 Replies: 419

CB Radio Community (inc. PMR & SWL)

Regular Forum Ch.34 Cafe (CB/PMR Radio Forum)
Open (Public) Forum for CB and PMR Radio Issues, plus SWL and other hobby radio topics.
This Forum and Content are Visible to Non-Members
CADS 23 Jul 2014 - 19:33, By Ste03
8 viewers Topics: 254 Replies: 3,356
Regular Forum Contact Reports (Legal) CB/PMR Bands
Have you had any good contacts you'd like to share? Let us know about it in here, please give as much detail as possible.
This Forum is for Contacts using Legal CB or PMR Sets ONLY. In the UK, CB is 4w FM and AM on UK or 12w SSB on CEPT Bands.
This Forum and Content are Visible to Non-Members
That special contact.... 22 Jul 2014 - 19:52, By Silver Eagle
1 viewer Topics: 164 Replies: 1,171

Amateur Radio Community

Regular Forum Amateur Radio (Public) Forums
Open (Public) Forum for Amateur Radio Issues - - - Includes (Public access) Amateur Training and Licencing Forums, and (Public) Contact Reports
Access to other Forums within the CT Amateur Community is restricted to 'Full' CT members ( "Member" or "MemberF" ) who hold an Amateur Radio Operator Licence.
Access is on an application and approval basis.
If you would like to have access to the Private forums then please contact a Staff Member.
This Forum and Content are Visible to Non-Members
Mobile Aerial Today, 3:53 PM, By DDC
0 viewers Topics: 799 Replies: 6,035
Subforums: Amateur Training and Licensing, Contact Reports: - Amateur

CTX Community

Regular Forum CT eXtreme Team Basecamp
Home of the Charlie Tango Extreme DX Team. Activating mountains, hills, islands, highlands and more. To apply to join please see information within this forum.
This Forum is Visible to Non-Members
Midland portapack Today, 5:23 AM, By Mark in Essex
3 viewers Topics: 239 Replies: 1,805
Subforums: eXtreme Team - General Discussion, Expedition Safety and Preparation, Specific DX Locations, CT eXtreme Events, Activations and Activities, eXtreme Team Gallery

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