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Welcome Newcomers

Welcome to the Wicked Wabbit forum.

I'm posting this for a number of reasons.

#1 ~ It has been sometime since there has been any great interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons from any of the members here.
#2 ~ The last time there was a serious game taking place here was before my divorce, since then a lot has happened and the amount of time available for DMing had declined.
#3 ~ is partially because of #1 and #2 and because I have been putting more effort and resources into learning, teaching and growing Medical Marijuana.

For the newer members please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m a very serious DM and Player! Sometimes I think a bit too serious for my own good but I am still interested in playing/DMing. There was a new game that was in the works but sadly it fell through due to friendship issues, if anyone is interested in a game or would like to host a game of their own here please contact me on Facebook ( It’s the quickest way ) search - Vannabus Cannabus. If you do not have a facebook account you can leave me a message VIA my email account but please send to [email protected], I check this account most often. You can leave me a message here as well but I have not been in the habit of checking the forums for some time.

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Barrier Between Worlds

Posted by Invoker (Admin) at Jun 22 2015, 03:35 AM. 671 comments

* You've heard stories about the 'Great Barrier' growing up but there are few real facts known about it. It was believed to have been erected by an ancient wizard wielding powerful magic in a time long forgotten. There was a time where 'true' magic existed; a wizard wielded his/her powers at will without the need of components, books or even words. Even dragon magic does not compare, in fact it has been said that these wizards of old gave dragons their powers. A great battle was fought for 100 years with neither side maintaining the upper hand for very long, it started as a war of armies and hundreds of thousands lost their lives. It quickly escalated to a war of magic. It's believed it is for this reason the barrier was created, to separate the warring factions permanently. Most of these things are speculation and conjecture, very little in the way of physical evidence exists or if it does it has not been shared with the masses. The one thing everybody seems to be sure about the barrier is no one ever crosses it and returns and no one has ever come from the other side. *


* You’ve been traveling and adventuring for many months now heading west across the old world, it’s apparent that supplies are getting low and a hot bath wouldn’t feel bad either. The lands have been rather tame as of late, at least of anything the likes to worry you. Between the two of you there is enough coin to spend a few days enjoying some wine, woman and song and hopefully hear of an adventure worthy of your skill and cunning. After running into a merchant traveling south from Taras and hearing his stories about a group that had just returned from the barrier you decide the big city might be a good change of pace.
You travel north along the roads for the few days it takes to reach the capital city of Taras, home to the benevolent ruler of the northwestern lands of the Old World, King Krull the First. *

Posted Image

You arrive in the city and after looking around for time you find a place called the ‘Card & Ale Inn’. During the course of your stay in the city you learn a bit more of the details surrounding the “incident” of the returning men, apparently before their scheduled return.

Posted Image

What you've learn:

* The Ardenness Expedition has been going on for six years and that regular reports have been coming back every two months since its beginning. Fresh men and supplies are regularly switched out every six months except for the wizards, priests and scholars which work on rotation but stay with the base camp even when they’re not working in case of discovery. *

* Two weeks ago five men returned from the Ardenness Expedition, they were barely alive and still not speaking of what happened. They are being cared for at the mage’s keep within the walls of the castle. *

* Out of the five men that returned one of them was a priest of the order of Ackar. Rumors are spreading that he is said to have ‘lost his faith’. *

* There was an expedition sent out a week ago, they are tasked with bringing back as many of the original expedition as possible with the emphasis on the King’s nephew who had (against direct order) traveled along with the last resupply. *

You’ve also learned by overhearing various conversations in the Inn:

* The forest of Ardenness is a dangerous place in of itself; it is fraught with many dangers. Countless adventurers have gone into the forests never to return and it wasn’t because they searched for the barrier. *

* A reward of five thousand Denars (gp's) has been posted for information on the whereabouts of the King's nephew, ten thousand Denars for the safe return of said nephew. *

* Another group of adventures seems interested that the King’s nephew is missing and that returning with him could gain them good standing and a substantial reward. There are six of them and there plans are to leave in the morning*

* There are many dwellings that have been deserted by both the wealthy and the poor throughout the western side of the forest. Some of which have been standing for hundreds of years. *

( OOC: if anyone has any questions please post them as Out of Character posts. It doesn't have to be marked red like mine but it does help to use parenthesis and precede with OOC: - Thank you. )

New Hero's of Valkorn

Posted by Invoker (Admin) at Feb 2 2015, 04:49 AM. 470 comments


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

The four of you have grown up in the town of Valkorn, between the eastern edge of the Attu Hills and the western border of the Forest of Ardeness. For generations you’re town has provided cut lumber for various places along the Arcos River, because of this many of the residents are well off compared to many folks in the smaller towns throughout the land, or so it has been said by the locals over the years. Many specialized trades dealing with wood have sprung up here. People from far and wide come to learn from the finest wood carvers in the land. Artisan’s sell their goods to the far corners of the land.

Posted Image

It is estimated the population is over three thousand five hundred residents and although you most likely past by one another dozens of times throughout the years you never knew the others before recently. Since the harvest festival four months ago when that brawl broke out, you found yourselves leaving out in a hurry when the town guards called in the wagons. A large group of “instigators” ran; many of them inebriated but by then chaos ensued. Most didn’t get far before they were rounded up but about a dozen citizens including the four of you managed to slip into the darkened alleyways and side streets. It was then you realized you worked well together or at the very least realized there was an increased chance of survival when working together.

After the festival ended and things calmed down it didn’t take long before the Denars(gp) began to run out and talk of adventure was on everybody’s tongue. All of you have had thoughts of going out searching for treasure, making a name for yourselves and hopefully getting wealthy in the process. Over the next several weeks the four of you continue to meet up at one of the local tavern/Inns to discuss your future endeavors.

Posted Image

The Swirling Pool Inn is located on the outskirts of Valkorn on the southern west side; it’s perched on a ledge overlooking the river. It got its name from the way the water behaves, from time to time when the water levels are just right whirlpools appear and disappear outside the windows of the Inn, oddly enough it only seems to happen along this one area of the river.

One day near midafternoon at the Inn, while you’re sitting around discussing things a man burst through the doors. He lets out a long exasperated sigh then trudges to the counter and orders a drink. He sits there impatiently flipping a silver piece around between his thumb and finger until his drink arrives. He slides the silver piece towards the woman but stops her from picking it up and says. “I would like to start a tab darling.” He lets the coin go and lets a small leather sack fall to the counter. The familiar sound of coins accompanies the gesture but the man quickly swipes it back up, grabs his drink then spins around and begins scanning the room. A small smile comes to his face as your eyes meet.

Posted Image

The man looks to be slightly over five foot tall and a few years older than any of you, he has shoulder length brown hair; medium stubble covers his chiseled features both above and below his thin smiling lips. A deep lilac colored cloak covers his shoulders, its hood pushed back slightly on his head. A dark green leather tunic covers an off white ruffled shirt. A dull black pair of leather boots and a matching set of gloves offset the greyer breeches although they would still be considered black. He has a fine masterwork dagger hanging on his right hip from a belt with various pouches. It looked like it had been some time since he or his belonging had seen a good cleaning.

He walks over to your table, pulls up a chair from the table next to yours and sits down. He introduces himself. “Good afternoon fellow travelers, the names Delvin Nevillcord. “ He motions to your drinks and says. “Let me get you another round. “ He looks back towards the counter and gets the woman’s attention by hollering her name. “RITA! Bring another round of whatever my new friends here are having.” She rolls her eyes at him but she gets right to honoring his request. Smiling with satisfaction he turns back to you and continues. “You could be just what are needed for my current dilemma. See I just recently bought the old gold mine; it’s up in the hills to the west of us. I would like to start mining there as soon as possible but I run into a little snag… well a lot of little snags! Goblins! Those filthy little bastards are running around all over up there.” As Rita approaches Delvin gets quiet but the smile returns to his face as she sets the round of drinks on the table. He slides another silver coin her way. “I’m going to need a room for the night too, just keep a running tally hon and let me know where I stand. That one is for you.”

“Thank you.” She says. A surprised smile spreads across her face, after a short curtsy she walks away.

“So, do you think you can deal with some goblins?”

He produces a leather scroll case from beneath his cloak; he removes a ragged piece of parchment from it and lays it out on the table before you.

Posted Image

T.O.W. History/Background

Posted by Invoker (Admin) at May 1 2012, 04:39 AM. 3 comments

Late in the evening of the ~ _______________ .

* Somewhere in " The Old World ", deep within the Forest of Ardeness a few leagues west of the great river Arco
preparations are being made for a special event. The grey moon is full and will remain so for two more nights and
the others, blue and red are but a night away from being the same.

( OOC: Note ~ The Blue and Red moon are not commonly known, they cannot be seen without visual aids. It is
however routinely used by those that understand and use magic. )

A half a dozen druids in flowing white robes stand in a tight circle among the massive ancient trees, they start to
chant softly and join hands. Soon small stones on the ground begin to glow, dimly at first but then brighter and
brighter until they are uncomfortable to look at. The stones form a circle with a five pointed star in the center,
each of the druids take a position at each point of the star. The remaining druid steps into the center and kneels
down facing north. The chanting continues from the druids standing around the circle while the one in the center
produces something from his robes. He places what looks to be a small branch in both hands then thrusts it into
the air. Small bands of silver can be made out in uneven intervals along the crooked branch, the druid begins to
speak in a strong forceful tone in a tongue unknown to the world of most men, as he makes bowing motions with
the item still held out in front the sounds of the words seem to float up amongst the thick bows of the trees. *

" Ae-ha-lueayah-ha-de ae-ha-luah-ku-deoon-ku oo-fu de-raah fuoonah-ku-de ae-feae-geah-ha, feah ae-ku-ge
ohooee deoo teoo ooeen peeay-te-teeay-ha-kuk. FEah kuahah-ge ohooee deoo fuoon-see ae kuae-lunah-te
lueayn-lumah kuoo de-feoo seeae-geah deae-geah ahae-lu-ra oo-de-raahn eay-ha ae ee-haeayoo-ha eay-ha ae
fuoon-de-haeay-kuk-ra-de. "

( OOC: Which roughly translates to ~ " Ancient ancestors of the forest awaken, we ask you to do our bidding.
We wish you to form a sacred circle so two may take each other in the sacred union in a fortnight. " )

* Soon the leaves and small branches on the ancient trees nearest to the glowing circle begin to move as if there
was a breeze. Although the air is still a wave of movement rustles through the trees outward from the stones, the
chanting ends as the trees themselves begin to move. The ground beneath the great oaks, birch, willow and others
begin to tremble as the roots free themselves from the earth. I huge pine shakes itself as it turns to head away
sending a shower of old needles to the ground where it once stood. Faces begin to appear on the trunks of the
great trees as they uproot themselves and leave. Many look irritated, some look unconcerned and a few even look
like they might be happy about their having to move, none the less all seem to cooperate. *

* The druids on the outside of the circle begin to slowly walk the circumference, as they do they nudge smaller
saplings and shrubs; this seems to get them to do the same as their larger kin but at a much quicker pace. The
druid in the center remains in the kneeling position with the magical twig held high, its tip still glowing brightly. *

* Before long a great circular clearing has been made, the druid stands up slowly and bows to each point of the
star keeping the twig out in front, he repeats the phrase "DE-raae-ha-ge ohooee OOm-te oo-haah-ku" each time.

( OOC: : Which roughly translates to ~ Thank you Old Ones or Ancient Ones. )

When he finishes the twig stops glowing. The trees begin to settle in, thrusting there large roots back into the
soil and reorienting themselves back to into their desired positions. Surprisingly enough the ground where the
trees once were does not appear to be greatly disturbed, one would never know that this opening had not naturally
occurred on its own. The druids at the edge of the circle begin to what at first looks like the trees, but soon it is
apparent that is wasn’t so but rather small forest animals. A few at first but then what seems to be dozens of
rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and beavers start to appear, some stop seemingly listening to the druids words others
just continue into the clearing knowing just what they want from them. As the druids head to the center where
the stone circle is the one already there begins to gather the stones starting with the ones forming the star. Once
he finishes the others begin gathering the ones that make up the circle, by the time the robe figures begin to leave,
a path has appeared that must have been created at the same time as the clearing, it heads east towards the river
and is large enough for carriages to pass side by side if need be. A group of clouds obscure the moonlight allowing the
clearing to fall into darkness; however the small woodland animals can still be heard for a little while longer. *

Reference Materials

Posted by Invoker (Admin) at Sep 23 2011, 07:04 PM. 0 comments

Example of critical hits rule.

Posted by Invoker (Admin) at Jun 13 2011, 01:14 AM. 0 comments

Example of how critical hits rule works ( Not the “Natural 20” rule ) :

Current ghouls have AC 14.

Character attacks with say a Short Sword (crit threat 19-20)

He has a total bonus of +5.

He rolls the die getting an un-modified roll of 14 (a hit), although with the bonus he has rolled a 19 the
crit check is based on the un-modified roll. Now if he rolled an un-modified 19 (still a hit) this still does
not make it a crit, it’s a Possible Crit.

At this point it can go one of two ways depending on the next roll.

The character must now roll a ‘Normal Attack with Bonuses

Example: Second Roll # 1.

Said character rolls a 12 (un-modified) plus his bonus of +5 making the total of 17 (a hit) so the Crit was a success!

Example: Second Roll # 2

Said character rolls a 8 (un-modified) plus his bonus of +5 making the total of 13 (a miss) so the Crit was a failure!

Summary: Roll your attack roll, if your un-modified d20 is high enough to hit AND falls within the crit range
of the weapon then roll another d20 with normal modifiers in place. If this is a successful ‘to hit’ then you apply
your crit bonus to your damage (with normal bonuses). If this roll fails then you have hit normally and still get
your regular bonuses added to your damage.

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