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Why We're Drawn To Time Loop Stories Like 'Groundhog Day'
Topic Started: Feb 2 2018, 01:52 PM (19 Views)
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TIME & TIME AGAIN: Getting Our Phil

The wealth of time loop stories out there testifies to the resonance of the idea. It's a great high concept hook: time loops raise big questions of choice and fate from the get-go and they pull philosophical complexity out of the most banal scenes.

A time loop can turn repeating events into puzzles with infinite solutions, or into set-ups with numerous punchlines. The idea of a time loop is so irresistible that we'll probably keep seeing it crop up again and again in pop culture with new twists for as long as we live.

So which stories involving time loops do interesting things, and which just give us the same old ideas again? Let Fan Service help you sort them out. FULL STORY
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I enjoy time loop stories. It's fascinating to see how slightly different choices play out. Run Lola Run was my first movie of this genre. And we all love Groundhog day in this household. I think this is one reason I would love to Time Travel. How could I change my life with one little difference? Or would that even be possible? Right interesting questions.
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