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Topic Started: Jan 6 2018, 11:27 PM (22 Views)
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Listened to Ingo Swann's first DVD. There are two of them in the package I bought. He is giving a lecture on RVing and his experience with RVing.

It is his premise that RVing is not an individual talent but a species-wide talent. He cites how the Aboriginals in Australia, Native Indians, Shamans of the Russian Steppes, African Medicine Men, and others across the world all have been known to use some type of seeing into the future to see what lies ahead.

He believed that our ESP, Rving type abilities aren't accepted in general and therefore aren't allowed to develop when we are young.

He also said that like languages in order to understand what we call paranormal abilities we have to have the groundwork laid in order to understand them.

This is what he is doing on these DVDs.

The DVDs are about 2 1/2 hours of his lecture on these abilities.

Very interesting.

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Cool! That makes such good sense. I remember hearing an old Art Bell show that discussed lucid dreaming. This must have been back around 1998-ish? My boyfriend and I decided to buy the tapes and we listened to them every night. Within a short time I had my first lucid dream and it kind of freaked me out. I guess I just wasn't expecting it so soon. To be honest I wish I would have had more of the groundwork explained first (like Ingo recommends). I had one or two out of body experiences but pulled way back from the whole thing because I was too scared to continue. So good on Ingo! He obviously knows how to teach.

Looking forward to more of your thoughts on how the DVD's progress!
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It's going to rain the next few days (hopefully). I plan on exploring the subject more then.

I had an unexpected lucid dream about 9/11. I didn't know what it was at the time, but now know it was about that event.

I was seeing this large city, with smoke over it, the tone of the dream was very dark, as if seeing the dream through a dark filter, but not night, no lights were on.

The dream was so disturbing and seemed to go on and on and finally somewhere outside of the dream I said enough, no more and I woke myself up. I am sure of this train of events, the dream going on and on and on and somewhere outside the dream I became lucid enough to wake up and stop the dream.

I deliberately stayed awake for at least 15 - 20 minutes then fell back asleep only to find myself resuming the dream which kept going until it finally ended and I remember nothing more about that night until I woke in the morning.

I didn't have to work to remember that dream. Most dreams fade or to remember them you deliberately have to go over them in your mind until you enter them into your waking memory.

I have had this waking up and falling asleep to a continuing dream once or twice in my life besides this one.

I didn't know what the dark dream was about until the events happened in real life.

I have had other instances in my life where I have had premonition dreams that have come true within six months or so. Mundane things like knowing the vet clinic where my sister has worked for 27 years was sold, dreaming we were going to buy a vehicle when we had never even discussed buying another car, stuff like that. Other more important things have come through like a couple of funerals, deaths. I never know who the funerals are for or who it is that is going to die, I just know something like that is coming.

This is why I thought I would give RVing a try. I already seem to have some undisciplined talent in that area.

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