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Was it a Yeti?

An encounter in Northern India

by Anthony B. Wooldridge

The latest on the Yeti tracks discovered in Nepal October, 2008 is HERE
In early March, 1986, the author observed and photographed a large hominid-like animal which was believed to be the Yeti. This remarkable incident occurred by chance during a solo run in the Garhwal Himalaya of northern India, near western Nepal.

My purpose in undertaking the run was to raise money for an organization, Traidcraft, which supports self help projects in developing countries. The run allowed me to combine my interests in long-distance running and mountaineering, and to obtain first-hand knowledge of the way of life in Himalayan mountain villages.

I have no special training in zoology, and, when I undertook the run, I knew very little about the Yeti. My conviction that the creature in question was a Yeti is based on a subsequent detailed study of other reports, and on discussions with experts on this topic.

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Stories of Yeti have caught my attention & fascinated me for a long time. I guess those stories from far-away places are just one of the reasons I hold hope that someday tales of "Those Big Creatures" will be proven true; in spite of the widespread skepticism. :cool: :biggrin:
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