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Oct. 8 - Syrett with Tim Swartz & Michael Bodine; Tesla Mysteries/ A Psychic's Tale
Topic Started: Oct 9 2017, 12:55 AM (9 Views)
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Tesla Mysteries

First Half: Nikola Tesla was the genius credited for creating much of modern, electrical technology. Yet, his contributions have been largely forgotten. Investigator and author, Tim Swartz, joins Richard Syrett to discuss his examination of Nikola Tesla's lost papers -- some of which were confiscated by the US. government after his death. They show that Tesla was interested in and experimented with many concepts that have been regarded until recently as "wild ideas."

conspiracy journal . com

A Psychic's Tale

Second Half: Michael Bodine was young when he discovered his psychic abilities. He'll share hair-raising and hilarious moments in his haunted life, including true stories of a dangerous ghost friend with a hidden agenda, the hodgepodge of psychics who gathered in his motherís kitchen, ghost hunting misadventures, possession and his successful battle against chemical dependency as he learned to accept his unusual gift.

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