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Good info. Thanks.
We finally did get Trader Joe's or two in Austin. Neither very convenient for me to use. There is now an ALDI in Hutto. That is about 70 miles from me. My friend in Hutto loves it. Haven't heard of one opening in Austin yet.

Thankfully H.E. B. (H.E. Butts) is still competitive, more and more they are coming out with their own products. They now provide a lot of organics and items without HFCS or other excitotoxin additives. Pricing is competitive with WalMart and warehouse stores, and their Central Market stores are competitive with Whole Foods, with a lot of the Central Market brand foods being carried in the HEB stores.

I am happy with my grocery choices so far, but my Hutto friend has WalMart, HEB and ALDI available to her. She is raving about ALDI, so they must be underpricing the other two. Or maybe it was opening specials?
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