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1. You must submit a Character Application Form. This ensures us that you are committed in your writings and character before starting with the RPG. It also helps prevent spammers and advertisers from polluting the board. Potential Members who don't submit a profile within a month after they have subscribed, will be deleted.

2. You must roleplay in character (IC), unless the forum is in the "Out of Character" subcategory. The exception to this is out of character (OOC) posts, which must be marked as such at the top. Try to avoid doing these very often.

3. Don't annoy people unconditionally; annoyances can quickly lead to rows and the breaking of RPs and communities.

4. Make you're RP posts creative. Make them in the paragraph format, as apposed to the *does something* style. It looks better, and results in better written posts. Plus, the staff will delete any posts which are made in the *does something* format in the actual RP. We would also like punctuation, reasonable spellings and grammar, and an adequate length. Sloppy writers need not apply.

5. This is a TEXT BASED RPG. This means that there are no real graphics involved. We expect that members here have good understanding of English, both in reading and writing capabilities. The RPG requires much detailed descriptions. We want members to enjoy themselves, so if you think your understanding of English is not up to the mark, then we can't guarantee you will enjoy yourself here. Other members also expect the same quality of Rping they give, coming from others also.

6. You can only be at one place at a time in real life, right? Well, the same goes for these forums. No being all over the place with your character. It's too confusing, not to mention impossible. A character can only be in one thread at once, though leaving threads to join other threads is perfectly acceptable - provided that you make it clear that your character is exiting for another location. However,

7. It's fun to meet new people. Try to bring others with you on adventures. Work as a team, and things get done easier, and it makes the experience more fun. Obviously we will not force your characters into partnerships that they may not realistically want to form until they're in a good part of their story to form them, so even if nobody replies immediately then we suggest you continue posting anyway, telling the story of your character.

8. No doing things that are impossible for most people to accomplish. Despite any magic powers or strengths that your character may have, one person cannot single handedly defeat an entire army, or something along those lines.

9. One character per account, for the first submission. Once your profile has been accepted you can then create another one if you choose and send that in for approval as well. Once you've made 300 posts, then you can have a third character on the same account as long as your RP so far has shown a good standard. You can also decide to kill off or make your primary character disappear, so that your Secondary character becomes your first and only character. With every 300 posts you make you'll be granted the choice to either get another character or replacing it. (This number will change as the rpg progresses) Also note that slaves will count not as a secondary character persť, they will stick to your own the entire time and cannot leave your character's side.

10. This RPG has a very mixed genre which was created so that everyone can benefit from it. You can use anything from any kind of mythology or fantasy, whether it's vampires, angels, demons, elves etc So don't be afraid to be creative when constructing your character.

11. There is to be no posts under the length of 6 lines unless circumstances prevent a longer length. The only exception to this rule is if lengthening the post means Godmoding, in which case, a post below 6 lines is allowed. However, that is the only exception. Moderators and Admins will be checking, so please follow this new rule.

Mind you, this only goes for IC (In Character) posts, so all OoC (Out of Character) ones can be of any length depending on the topic being posted in.

12. Make a point to read other character's profiles if you can, it will help you interact with everyone better.

13. Please do your best to use standard grammar and spelling. http://www.m-w.com/

14. Please remain as active as possible, those who do not return after more than a month will have their character placed in the Character Graveyard. The more active people are, the more the RPG will grow.

15. Add your character details to your profile. You can do this by selecting My Controls and selecting Edit Profile. Having your character details on the profile will help other members know more of your character when posting, and it will make things easier to follow.

16. No Forum pimping!!! Whether it's on the board itself or on the chatbox, we would appreciate that people did not advertise other forums here. If you are an administrator with a site, then you can pm either myself or Achilles to become an affiliate. We do not pimp our sites on other boards constantly, regardless of what people think, so we expect the same respect.

17. BE HUMBLE with the powers and abilities you give your character. To save problems developing in the future, we would like members to be fair and realistic in the terms of the RPG, so that their character does not turn out to be as powerful as a god or nearly invincible. Also do not claim yourself as best of a species or profession above others. We have to remain fair to every other member of this RPG.

18. If you wish to create your own language for a species, then you must write the translation in the same post. If you write it on it's own no one will have any idea what is going on nor want to reply. If you have your own language, then please help people learn basic words.

19. You will need a post count of at least 500 in order to apply for a kingdom of your own. This is to ensure that the member in question is committed to the forum and to their own character before starting on a kingdom.

20. You are not allowed to determine the fate of another member's characters. This includes all kinds of NPCs This is a form of god moding and will not be accepted. If you have the desire to kill a character, you have to specify why and of course seek permission, not only from the member who controls that character but from an Admin. Concerning stealing, if you intend on stealing an item from a character of the RPG, you must ask them what is available to steal. You cannot claim people have items that they would not carry. If you are given the ok, it is fine.

21. Any story lines or details involving any type of religion(s) should be used for the sake of role-play. These contents should not be used for offending or criticizing another member's belief. If you do feel insulted by another member's writing concerning religion, please contact us.