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Welcome! Check TDMW out! To see the patches and the hacking guides(Posted with permission), you must be registered and be in the member group. Guests cannot see the forum. Only if you register and promote into the member group, you can access all of the forum. To promote to the Super Member group, you must have 20 posts. Also, our site is being fast updated! You should check those updates out! So please register and be active to this forum! But to post, you must read The Rules first. Also, we have changed the music player, since that kind doesn't accept some of our music. Have a nice day~!

Bulletin Last Updated 13/09/2010

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New users, you can no longer get the DarkMega Patch from The DarkMega World. If you want to get it, ask Kinlyki from YouTube. Click here to go to his YouTube.
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This forum is offline. Everything the users wanted was the DarkMega Patch. I, the creator of The DarkMega World, also known as TDMW, am no more a "Creator of the DarkMega Patch". The sole creator is now my old partner Kinlyki, so if you want to get the DarkMega Patch, you will have to get it from him. Click here to visit his YouTube channel. So, since we no longer have the DarkMega Patch here, which was the only thing the users wanted, this forum is now dead, so I turned it into a "chat" for me and Nivalestia, which means only I and he can access it.

For Kinlyki:
If you want to access the forum for any reason, please contact me via YouTube. Click here to visit my YouTube channel.

For Nivalestia:
If you're viewing this message, it means that you're either logged out or an error occurred. If you want to access the forum, just make sure you are logged in. If you are logged in but still can't access the forum, please contact me via YouTube. Click here to visit my YouTube channel.
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