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Eastleigh Wargames

Posted Image

Pict of the Week (who am I kidding... Month...)

Back to a usual suspect with lavadude360 and a Heresy Solar Auxilla army.

Posted Image


Troublemaker Games 8mm scale scifi crowdfunder

Posted by Malika (Comrade) at 31 May 2018, 02:48 PM. 2 comments

Modelling and painting inspirations

Posted by phantom (Comrade) at 15 Feb 2018, 12:38 AM. 0 comments

Do you guys use Pinterest or something simillar? Where do you look for inspiration beside forums?
Here's some stuff I've found interesting/useful, would love to see yours!


Great to see everyone again.

Posted by REDTROOP (Comrade) at 29 Jan 2018, 09:01 PM. 0 comments

Hi All.
It's been a long while since I've been on the forum. 7th ed wiped me out and I thought I had finished with 40k. Fortunately podcasts like Independent Characters kept me in touch with the hobby.
8th ed has been an awakening. Unfortunately I sold my Tau and Ultra Marines, but luckily I kept my Orks. I've started playing regularly with a friend and it's rekindled my 40k enthusiasm.
The Orks are going from strength to strength and I've even been scratch building vehicles, Kans etc.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Here's to the future of 40k.

Manufactures deals and offer.

Posted by scrubber (Comrade) at 27 Jan 2018, 05:04 PM. 0 comments

I'm sure someone must have started a topic like this, but cannot find it.

Wayland Games UK.
5% extra discount until midnight 31st January 2018.

Warlord Game's 3 for 2 on limits range of sprue's. Limited time or while stock lasts.

Hypothetical Tanith first.

Posted by DaHedd (Comrade) at 13 Dec 2017, 02:19 PM. One comment

Im bored at work so im fishing for ideas here.

Recently reread Salvations Reach (in expectation of The Warmaster coming out) on my commute home and its got me thinking (again) about a Tanith IG force.

Given the 3 way split in the regiment now with a fresh founding from Verghast (multiple companies ?) and another Belladon company (regimental band)reinforcing the old elements of the 81, the original Tanith are probably now outnumbered.

Were I do start with this id be using Victorian Lambs Border World Rangers & possibly some of the Grants Spectres from Blight Wheel to represent the Tanith but what about the rest. Camo cloaks for all, some helmets sprinkled through the Tanith ranks as well as forage caps. Vics Arcdian Guard fit my idea of the Verghast but what about the Belladon intake. Same as above but dress caps ? Obviously female troopers in Belladon and Verghast colours.

As I said im bored at work and doubt my wallet can stretch as far as this anyways but inspire me Ammobunker !!!

Still alive!

Posted by ☺Jasevx (Honour Guard) at 15 Nov 2017, 12:02 PM. 4 comments

Well weirdly I'm still skirting the hobby. My spinal injury is getting worse, however with my nerves in my left side getting further crushed, the spasms have stopped for the time, so I can hold a brush for a short while. Basically my left side is dead and in a sling half the time!

I'm mainly trying to build up a school league club at work, I work in the 2nd most deprived area within the country, so a big majority of the kids I teach are very vulnerable, and as a lot of you know, table top gaming is an easy escape at times. GW have sent a starter package, but it will take time.


How bad was your day

Posted by scrubber (Comrade) at 1 Nov 2017, 12:31 AM. 4 comments

Had meeting at mum's care home tonight.
Just what you need 35 days until your 100th birthday, and you find your care home is closing on 15th December. {happy Christmas.}.
Hoping the contracts to sell mums house to pay for care would be exchanged this week. Not ready until next week. Guess what I'm at the other end of the country from Thursday for two and half week, house and puppy sitting.
Posted Image
This is Roxy 9 months old last month.
And for the third only had new car for 10 days and already put large scratch on wheel arch.

Styrene cutter

Posted by ☺Ash (Honour Guard) at 17 Oct 2017, 12:28 PM. One comment

Anyone after a styrene cutter, but put off by the cost of 'The Chopper', this one is worth a look. Same seller also has packs of spare blades.


not able to see photos on this site.

Posted by supreme overlord (Comrade) at 22 Sep 2017, 03:05 PM. 8 comments

SO anytime I look at a thread with pictures I either get *posted picture* or *enable your account to host 3rd party images* I've attempted to view the site from several different PC's and am still getting the same image. Is there a way around this? I'd love to see what people have put together.
nobody can give me any insight as to why this is happening?

Real Life Tanks about Town

Posted by ☺Easy E (Honour Guard) at 2 Sep 2017, 02:46 PM. 9 comments

Lately, I have been travelling around the local area for fun and research. These are mostly small towns in rural parts of the state, but there are all sorts of fun things you run across while on the road. Of interest to this board are probably the following....

Posted Image

Posted Image

An M3 Sherman located at a small local park as a veterans memorial. It looks like an upgunned variant since this was a memorial to local soldiers in the Korean war.

Next we have this tank in front of a local VFW Post....

Posted Image

Posted Image

This looks like a Vietnam era M-60 Patton tank, but there was no plague verifying any of the details. Instead it was just parked in the parking lot.

I am sure some of the experts on here can give me more details about these tanks. If you have run across some local tanks, please add on to this thread.

Ammobunker Winter 2011 Newsletter

Posted Image

Hi guys

Newsletter time again, and sorry its a bit late. This one's been a bit of a pig to do. But here it is for your enjoyment


I'd like to take the oportunity to ask for your help. I am very aware that this edition has been very Mod centric and that just is'nt right. We are a community and so the Newsletter should reflect that, so. I am looking for articles from you, be it a tutorial, a story perhaps or a batrep, it would be great to see you published. No deadlines to worry about , just get in touch with either me or KayvannShrike with what you have in mind and lets see what gives.

later guys

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