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@TheGrange: Thanks! Its exactly what I was going for something that was quick and lithe but packs quite a punch!

The Cyber Housecarl Mu-01:

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Nyssian cyber housecarls are useful body guards for the Forgeworlds insular and paranoid Magi and Priesthood, where assassination and industrial "accidents" are common means of advancement. The housecarl is a fully cybernetic body that houses an organic brain and spinal cord, which is typically sourced from dissenting or heretical tech-priests. Its utter Loyalty to its master is ensued by psychosurgery and implantation of synthetic glands which release a steady stream of reward chemicals and tailored loyalty hormones, in the presence of it's masters gene spoor. In combat or upon receipt of threat code, these synthetic glands switch to releasing reflex and aggression enhancers boosting combat capabilities.

Mu-01 was gifted to Magos Verr before his descent into tech-heresy, and fled with him upon the discovery of his severe deviation from acceptable Mechanicus doctrine. He serves the Magos still whilst bearing the livery of the inquisition.

Nothing is known about Mu-01's origins but he displays several unusual quirks:
He shows odd reverence to pieces of art, sometimes even stopping in the middle of combat to admire it. Much to his masters chagrin who is forced to use command overrides and neural scourges.
The crew swears that occasionally on long voyages that they can hear faint mournful singing in the static between vox channels, which only stops when Mu-01 enters dormancy.

Despite this he remains a useful and deadly member of the warband!
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