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Arco-flagellant: Interesting take on the model! I'm curious what you'll do with his arms. The 'plug' in his chest reminds me of the heart plugs from David Lynch' Dune, which is pretty fitting for such a character. The Inquisitor could simply 'unplug' the arco-flagellant whenever needed.

Hunchback: I notice he's quite beefy, which in itself isn't wrong or anything. Maybe put something big on his back?

PDF: I really like what you did here, it gives the figure, which tends to be one of the most 'standarized' models in 40k, a lot of character. But it's done in such a subtle way that you'd hardly notice it once the model is painted up.

Dark Mechanicus: An eight pointed star somewhere would be interesting indeed! I also noticed he's kinda lacking skulls, not sure if that's actually a problem though. :P
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