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So after some modifications, have assembled and fully painted my Inquisitor:

May I present Inquisitor Achilles Leth associated with the Ordos Xenos and a member of the Cyclops Cabal.

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Initially an Ordos Xenos member, Achilles operated in the Segmentum Pacificus pursuing the threat of the Alien and the heretic within the Imperial desmene. Preferring the subtle touch to the direct approach, he was mockingly referred to as the "Meek" by many of the hard line puritans and radicals that made up his local Ordos.

Whilst chasing a Slaaneshi-Xenophile cult operating on the fringes of the Halo stars, known as the Dreamers, he encountered Magos Verr and thus took the first steps on a new path. Initially sceptical of this known heretic, Achilles became intrigued and finally impressed by Verr's vision of a new Imperium: rational and powerful, truly standing on the shoulders of the technological Giants of the past, rather than scrabbling round their ankles in ignorance. The Inquisitor decided to press Verr into his service, offering to use his authority to shield him from the vengeful Mechanicus.

When Dreamer activity was detected on the feudal moon of Mnar, orbiting the dead world of Rem. Achilles and Verr rushed to the system: The Inquisitor eager finally to corner the insidious cult and the Magos keen to explore the pillared cities of Rem for archaeotech. Upon arrival they split up with Verr taking a small party to Rem and the Achilles to Mnar. It was here that tragedy struck, for the cult had been forewarned by its xenos allies, executing a terrible ambush on the Inquisitors retinue. Though they fought hard, the swarms of mutants, xenos and terrible hybrids took its toll, slaughtering his retinue and capturing the Inquisitor. Suffering unimaginable tortures, his body and broken but kept alive by the foul attentions of the cult, Achilles suffered for an agonising seven days. Finally being rescued by the Magos and his archeo-automata. Radical measures were needed to sustain what little remained of the inquisitor, and so using forbidden techniques and techno-arcana, Magos Verr encased him in an ancient suit of paleo-power armour found upon Rem.

Inquisitor Achilles harrowing experiences on Mnar reforged him and he returned to the conclave an aggressive and uncompromising individual preferring to go toe to toe with the enemies of mankind, than fight from the shadows. He still hunts the Dreamer's, making frequent excursions into the Halo Stars with Magos Verr in attempt to locate the seat of their power. (Though some in the ordos whisper that this is a mask for another obsession: to locate an unimaginably powerful piece of Dark Age Technology. Whilst others claim that his permanent integration into the suit of paleo-armour has caused its unusually bellicose machine spirit to afflict his faculties).

Thanks for reading guys, comments on the model or backstory are more than welcome!
Another henchman cobbled together with some bitz: This time its the remains of a feudal world warrior, converted into an automata/servitor by Magos Verr. ( Further Background will come later).

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