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Forum Rules
Hello and welcome to the Strawberry Fields Beatles Message Board!

The message board is provided as an outlet for us as a community to get together and chat about The Beatles and their lives after the Beatles.

In an effort to keep message board conversation on track and enjoyable for all members, we wanted to post some rules to keep in mind when you post. The overall rule is to please use common sense: your comments must be respectful in tone, and criticisms constructive in nature. There’s no ban on praising and complimenting! Go for it and compliment away! You'll be surprised how many friends you can make.

We have administrators and moderators who will review message content and may remove messages, warn members of inappropriate behavior, and may ban members if warnings are not heeded. If you have any questions about the rules, or want to check if a response would be appropriate, please first ask a moderator or administrator.

You’re free to discuss our rules but not to break them.

1. Keep it reasonably clean – Members of differing ages participate in discussions on this board and this forum can be joined by those over 13, but read by any age. Messages that are too "adult" in their content will be promptly edited or deleted, based on the administrators/moderators' discretion. There are other sites out there if you wish to discuss strictly "adult" topics - this is not one of them.

2. Abuse – We do not tolerate any abuse of other members on the message board or via PM. If there are posts from people that are rude and blatantly critical, please do not post criticisms in response to these posts. Please report to a administrator/moderator and we will address the problem ASAP through PM's with the original poster. Abusive posts will be immediately removed from the message board by a administrator/moderator with no prior notice, followed by a PM's response to the poster. The removal of posts is completely based on administrator/moderator discretion.

3. Disputes between members should be kept between those involved. This board has a PM feature that allows members to have conversations privately and securely. If you would like the assistance of a administrator/moderator, or would like to contact one or all of us directly, simply PM us. All PM's are private. We can't read your mail, and that's probably a good thing! You are not allowed to copy and paste, any member's, moderator's, or administrator's PM's unless you have their permission. You could receive automatic suspension if we find out you did.

4. While we may not like all artists and may have negative comment to make about them, please do so without causing a war. Many of us are fans of several artists in all genres of music. It's inevitable that some of our members will like some artists and not others. While discussion about other artists is more than welcome, in the appropriate area, remember this is a BEATLES (John, Paul, George & Ringo) forum.

5. Political and religious debates are welcomed ~ Nothing wrong with a good debate ~ they can be fun. But if the comments get out of hand, the moderator or administrator may delete them or close the thread for a day or two. There is no need to get in anyone's face, trying to get them to agree with you. Sometimes it's best to agree to disagree. Let's keep this place fun!

6. Respect your administrators and moderators. We are here to keep this place clean and fun, so please help us out. If you want to poke fun at the administrator/moderators, be easy on us. This is a thankless job, but someone has to volunteer in order for Strawberry Fields to exist.

7. Salespersons are not welcome. Member-generated advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are not permitted on this forum board, so they will be removed and may result in restricted access to the message board. This is a community, not a private mall or a place for solicitors. However, if you have, for example, written a Beatles related book and wish to publicise the fact, then that may be an example of an exception. If in doubt, please contact a member of the admin/mod team.

8. Warning Steps. All warnings will be at the moderators discretion. The first offense will result in an PM warning. The second offense will result in the loss of message board privileges for three (3) days. The third offense will result in the loss of message board privileges for seven (7) days. The final offense may result in a permanent loss of message board privileges. The administrator/moderators have the right to skip the first and second warning if they feel the offensive is of serious nature and immediately take away board privileges - and that's about it! We welcome discussion on virtually any topic as long as it abides by these rules. Once again, should you come upon a post that you feel is offensive or inappropriate, just PM a link to that particular thread to the moderators or Admin and we'll take a look ASAP. Discipline and control are the staff’s responsibility. Do not take matters into your own hands. Doing so may result in escalation of the situation and cause you to receive a warning in the process too.

Thanks so much for being a part of Strawberry Fields and for your part in keeping this forum a fun and friendly place to be.


The Admin & Moderation Team

"Treasure these few words"