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Re-Volt Live Roll Call: June 2017
Topic Started: Jun 26 2017, 06:33 PM (14,917 Views)
Junior RC
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HI all
i remember discovering this awesome game in a family reunion when i was a little kid, my cousin was playng gta and then changed to Re-Volt and i was fascinated because i always liked rc cars, i remember playing with my brothers sharing keyboard and unlokcing the championships and cars for the very first time, oh those great times, i discovered re-volt online community like a year ago and i was fascinated, thanks to all the people that keep re-volt alive.
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Stay a while and listen.

Re-Volt was one of the first games I ever played, and the first game I fully completed. I got my first PC in late 2002 (when I was 5 years old). I received a CD from my cousin with a couple of games, one of them was Re-Volt. I played it for years and never forgot about it, but I played it less and less every year.

I eventually got my first internet connection somewhere in 2008 and I pretty much stopped playing Re-Volt and many other games, first I switched to browser games and later to big games like Air Rivals, BFP4F, LoL and some other games. But I never threw away my old CDs/DVDs with old games, I also enjoyed playing them from time to time. Same with Re-Volt.

In 2013 a thought came to my mind, that this game is very old and the graphics don't look great, but the game is great fun and is very well made. So maybe there is an online community of this game, so I could play it online for the first time? I searched in google and I've found out about Revolt Live, Revolt Zone, ORP, ReVolt 1.2, Revolt Race and Revolt House. I was very happy to see a Re-Volt community, but also quite confused because that was a couple of sites, but also port forwarding was very difficult for me, because I had to do something like that for the first time. I eventually registered on all those sites on 2 January 2014 under the same nickname, and I slowly became a member of the community. ‘Mad Races’, competitions, forum activities, month races – all that was and still is a great fun and I am not planning to stop.

As for Revolt Live, this forum is still the best place to release WIPs and finished content, simply because the posts don’t get ‘lost’ in the ‘textwall’, like they do on Discord. Discord on the other hand is much faster and more accessible (phones) – we can chat, give feedback, advices, ask questions, talk with others, organize races.

Nowadays Re-Volt.io has dominated the online racing community, and I personally don't like the direction it headed, so I do not participate in those races. But looks like I am the only one with such opinion - I have to accept it.

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Posted Image ZipperZbieracz
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For me it all started in 2010 or 2011 when I rediscovered Re-Volt for PC, up to that point I never knew there was any other version than the one for the N64. After a while I started capturing my first videos on YouTube and I somehow stumbled across a video about "BlueVolt" which Marv had uploaded. We got in contact via YouTube and I joined "Re-Volt Frontend" which was a german forum back then. As it soon became pretty quiet on the forum Marv asked if I wouldn't like to join RVL and so I did.
It was the best decision relating to Re-Volt to join the community. I learned a lot about Re-Volt, its hidden content, its history, modmaking and I had some badass years with Re-Volt and all you great people and I want to thank everybody for those epic years, especially Marv for leading me to RVL.

Cheers :cheers:
My YouTube channel

Re-Volt N64 Soundtrack [YouTube]
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Custom Vehicle Developer
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I joined back in 2014 and I can proudly say that I have never been disappointed by the forums and the people that contribute to it. Here's to 8 strong years and many more to come!
Impatience and competition drives progress!
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Nerdus Cerebralus
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Toy-Volt Peon
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I believe I'm the youngest one here (14) (which is likely why last year, I caused some trouble) and I wish to preserve the community and the game we love. I come in here about once a century (really, 3 months). Now, I believe I first came into contact with Re-Volt when I was 9, when I was seriously enamored with late-90's games (but lacked technical expertise) and got bored with what I had. I stumbled across a picture of a Toyeca repaint on google search, clicked on it, and discovered what this game was. I did extra research on the subject and dreamed of installing it for the next two years, until I learned how to do stuff with my PC (I was technologically illiterate then, but quickly evolved into a nerd as I stopped playing outside). Well, I was a month overdue, but that's why I came to the community. (Well, when I was 10, I got that ios version We-Go peddles, so yeah).

I ended up loving the dynamic physics system the game offers over the physics of many other driving games; the cars had semi-realistic suspension and understeer/oversteer behavior and bounced off of walls, like real RC cars. The game never felt like it was on rails (like the early NFS series games). It was like Gran Turismo 2, where it was funner to drive the cars around the tracks to get their feel than actually race other cars for the thrill.

I discovered mods for the game, and ended up savoring some of the content the community has created, especially the cars. Sadly, despite my vast expanses of free-time and a good laptop with GIMP and Blender, I never was able to contribute to the community. My boredom instead manifested itself into shitposting on the forums and our Discord than actually creating things. Even though I don't troll anymore, I dream of making things to preserve the community. URV reinstilled some of that energy into me after have a father-son like talk about being productive after a trolling-spree, and already have plans to make a car I had already made params for, 2 years back. My dreams, though, still live. URV, that name changing prank on me was legendary. Thanks, all of you.
Just unboxed and ready to roll

v. verb
To attempt to overthrow the authority of the state; rebel.

Exactly what's going on with us and WeGo
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Man of few words.
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You know who I am.
Posted Image ZR OUT
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Junior RC
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Yo Fellow Revolters ^_^

I actually never post/talk anything to this forum but lemme try to explain

Know Re-Volt since 2010 when i got a new flashdisk and check onto it and found the complete v1.00 Re-volt. I had fun with this game. Years after years I decided to change Re-volt from playing only stocks cars/tracks into all customs from downloading from Re-volt Zone into my own made creation. (I'm not a good creator though...)

Love this Revolt-Live very much. Love reading handwriting of any post of any topics in every forum. It's very worth to see this forum is still alive. Actually know this forum approximately at 2014 and joins few months ago

Thanks for understanding this short writings *like*

Just... Play
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Junior RC
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Hello everyone ! :D

'My first post'

First, I just want to say a few things about me :

I'm french and i'm 18yo. Re-Volt was the first game I have ever played (pc).
I get it in cd when i was a young boy; unfortunately atfer few years the cd was scratched and unreadable. Then, when i grew up a bit (and when i get internet ^^) i wanted to find a way to play Re-Volt again... and i found the firsts Re-Volt sites (rvzt, rvtt, revolt xtg...). I discovered the possibility to add new tracks and cars.
Since that time, i started to download and search for new content and i began to read this forum ( ...or rather, i began to look for download links in the 'custom creations' section because i didn't understand a word of english apart from the words 'cars' and 'tracks' :D :D ! )
I know this forum since 2012 maybe :huh: but i joined it later, because i was probably too lazy to create an account xD

Even if i didn't manifest myself until now, i want to say that I really appreciate all the community work that is keeping this game alive. *like* *like*
For that i want to thank you all, you are awesome ;)
( I really like the "new" project of Marv :http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/ind...?showtopic=4164
This wanna keep the Re-Volt spirit/ambience, unlike this shit** 'Wego company' that is/have destroying/ed it )

Re-Volt is unique; we can't find in today games such an amazing and funny concept
for a racing game ! That's why i love it and still playing it.

I've loved to read all your posts on this topic :)
That's great to see that there are people from different countries who love Re-Volt as much as me or even more ^^


PS : sorry for my basic english, i may have made mistakes :mellow:
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Re-Volt Car Designer, Blender Modeler
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Be welcome PouetPouet. :)
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Seaport Haven
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Junior RC
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Randomly browsing Re-Volt forums I felt compelled to add my story. This game is awesome. I first played in 2000 after my neighbor installed a pirated copy on my PC. The only problem -- Toy World 1 would crash my computer, so I played for months without advancing beyond the Silver Cup. Finally I bought a legit copy and joined the online community. I remember feverishly downloading cars and tracks from RVHQ over a dialup modem. In those days Ekla, Spaceman, and JimK were the premiere track designers and Laserbeams was producing the most advanced cars. The release of Re-Ville by Spaceman (who mostly spent his time modding Half Life) was a big moment. That track set a new standard and was a favorite at MSN Gaming Zone.

I remember logging into MSN Gaming Zone to race the likes of scracer, nairb (who turned out to be my neighbor of sorts), Beware, and others I've forgotten. I raced under the name dr. PsychoHed, because to a 13-year-old in the early aughts that seemed like an awesome username.

I first skinned Toyeca pixel by pixel in MS Paint. The game later inspired me to learn Photoshop and 3DS Max. I still use Photoshop professionally and as a hobby, so I have Re-Volt to thank for that. If anyone from the MSN Gaming Zone days is active on this site, it would be cool to hear from you. Maybe I should try multiplayer again one of these days. Til then I'll be practicing the metal ramp at the end of Museum 2...
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Junior RC
[ * ]
Hello, guys!

I joined the RV community again in the beginning of September 2017, because my son found and played the mobile version of Re-Volt this summer. I told him, that I was playing the "real" version on PC from 1999 to the early 2000's, and he was impressed. That's why I had a look, if there is still a community. I was really amazed to see that there are still persons who play Re-Volt online - and that there are also new versions, including RVGL! I immeditely tried to find out how it works, grabbed my old Re-Volt CD from 1999, installed all the updates, and downloaded RV-House. In RVH I had a warm welcome, and also found out that there is a Discord-channel, which I also joined. In the last month, there was not I single day, I didn't joined the discussions, or did online races in the evening, and sometimes until in the middle of the night. I also joined the team-tournament, together with my son, which was really fun. It is awesome, that I have found a community, where I feel "at home" in such a small period of time. I'm sure, I will stay here for a long time from now on!

A short sentence because of my nickname: I registred with my "new" nickname Bejix in the beginning, but now I've decided to switch back to my old nichname Kiwi, which I used in the old times. Don't know why, maybe only for nostalgia-reasons. Since I'm here only for a month, I think it's not too late for this step.

So, see you soon, and thanks to you all for keeping alive the Re-Volt community!

Bejix a.k.a. Kiwi
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