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Citywalker,Sunday, Jan 2 2011
Tutorial follows:

+ General explanations:
The AI part of the car parameters is essentially a set of instructions for corrections on top of what the track AI orders the cars to do.
If the car has less than three wheels in contact with the ground, then the car is considered to be tumbling and the entire car AI section is bypassed.
In this case, the car is controlled by the track AI only. (Incidentally, this means that all the more lunatic vehicles, like bikes and some of my Concepts going on two wheels only, need to have technically double wheels with identical positions, to have any benefit from the car AI.)

Can I make a car with 5 or more wheels properly without AI problems? Well, I know (or at least it is probably that) this is not the place to ask the following, but can I ever make a car with five or more wheels?
Anyways, Skarma recommended you. Indeed, I were altering an Probe UFO to make it as easy to drive as would be an 13WD car or so... so it actually "floats low" or goes smoothly (with low kinetic friction) instead of stumbling it everywhere there is a corner or a turn or whatever else... (sorry)
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