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<sigh> Okay, time for detailed instructions again.

To get 1 car in a race and have AI run it, with V1.2:
• Get WolfR4 (http://jigebren.free.fr/jeux/pc/revolt/WolfR4.html#Download)
• Run WolfR4 alone, DON’T press the “Launch Re-Volt” button there.
• In “Options” tab, “Race Options” sub-tab, check “Number of cars” and make it have value “1”.
• Close WolfR4.
• Run V1.2, with -dev -gazzasaicar.
• In-game, choose your car and track and observe.
• Hold Right Ctrl key to take control for yourself temporarily.
• Use Alt+Tab to switch between Re-Volt and Windows, so you can go edit the parameters and get back to game where you left it.
• Press Shift+F10 in-game to reload the car, if you have edited the parameters.

That’s it.
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