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Four months ago, terror held the world in stand still. The attacks on both Saffron and Castelia have concluded... and despite the growing darkness, the people of the world band together to throw an event in the spirit of world unity and the courage to stand against this new foe.

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December 2011 Visual Round
Topic Started: Dec 12 2011, 12:05 AM (867 Views)
Lucia Aela

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Welcome to the visual round, ladies and gentlemen! Your purpose here is to visually please the judges. Remember, each judge can have their own personal tastes and preferences, so the point is to find the right medium. Using one of your Pokémon, you'll present two appeals to fit the contest's theme. Best wishes and good luck! The prizes can be found here.

(Since this is the first contest in a while on PF, if you have any questions direct them to BoriBam's PM box. We understand things might need some ironing out.)

Contestants: Alicia Voldaren, Raal Gardev, James Watanabe, Jessica Toma, Anton Rios, Max Nair
Contest Theme: Winter Wishes
Contest Judges: Lucia Aela, Zoey Fitzgerald
Round One End Time: December 18, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM CDT.
Round Two End Time: December 24, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM CDT.

Please post your first visual performances before the due date. Being late to make the appeal will deduct points. After the first visual round is over, the judges will evaluate your performance and the second visual round will begin. The sooner the visual round is over, the sooner we can progress to the rest of the contest!

Let the contest begin!
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Walking onto the stage, Raal Had actually bothered to make himself look good. By good he didn't mean his usual "comfortable clothes that didn't clash and went together nicely, and had plenty of pocket space". It was a rather basic tuxedo, which was clearly generic, since he'd never thought of it until RIGHT before he arrived, so he had no way of getting one custom made, which would have been worth the expense. This thing was Uncomfortable, or at least to him it was. He let no sign of it show though as he held out a Poké Ball with a slight smile, and tossed it up into the air, revealing his partner. "Kirlia, Come on out!"

As the Poké Ball released her to land on the stage, the ball fell, and Raal caught it neatly with one hand, pocketing the orb. As Kirlia twirled, the sparkles the ball had released ( a gift from a friend he thought he'd NEVER use, a ball capsule effect) spun about her, creating a small glittering vortex for but a few moments that faded as she slowed to a stop.

At this, Raal used the one single item he'd brought for this visual round, he revealed a single, simple bag of flour. At this he addressed the audience. "Before I continue, I have to request that if anyone tries what We're about to do, to be very careful while doing it, and never do it in a small enclosed area, as this can be dangerous if done wrong. Now then, onto the show." Turning he opened the bag of flour up, and then swung it, the opening outwards to let inertia spread the flour all over the area into the air.

"Kirlia, Psychic!"

At this Kirlia spread her arms out, as if encompassing the flour, and caused the cloud to float upwards slowly, starting to form a large shape, indistinct and fuzzy at the moment, but it was CLEARLY a shape of something.

Raal smiled as he watched kirlia almost dance as she waved her arms, directing her psychic powers. What he didn't notice was the thin amount of flour she'd moved to a separate area, hardly noticeable, and well out of the way. She wanted to surprise Raal, so she had to give this her best so he wouldn't notice.

As kirlia finished readying the show ,she came to ah alt, and Raal smiled. Without further delay it was time. snapping his finger, he gave another order. "kirlia, finish up with a thunder punch if you would."

At this, Kirlia's fist glowed with electricity and she punched the thin white line that lead from the main cloud(s) of flour in the air well above them to a little ways in front of her, and instantly the flour began to burn, the fire rapidly traveling up the line and bursting into flames above them. The flames took on the shape of the figure that kirlia had so carefully shaped and it showed a very merry little delibird, hand extended with a present held in one hand as if offering it with a smile,and though the flames lasted only about 30 seconds, kirlia made sure it was as bright as it started during those 30 seconds with her psychic, her arms spread up above her, Raal right behind her, and Raal blinked, realizing that there was flour on his face because ...he could smell it. He realized what kirlia had done at that instant and couldn't help but smile.

Even if it made him looked sillier with a white flour beard. Waving his hand, he couldn't help but feel quite pleased with how well kirlia had done. she'd done it perfectly, after they'd only had a few days to perfect it when he finally figured this idea out.

He wondered how well the other contestants would do, and if any of them could top this.
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After the previous performer, Alice heard her name called, and walked to the entrance of the Contest Stage, a single Poké Ball held in hand and ready to throw. She had picked a blue and white dress to wear, adorned with snowflakes, as well as a matching scarf. The Ball Capsule around her Pokémon's Poké Ball had been customized especially for Alice, who had received it from a friend in Solaceon Town popular for creating Seals.

As she ran into the stage, she drew her arm back and then let the Poké Ball fly, stopping as she did this.

"Pachirisu, the stage is yours!"

As the Poké Ball opened, snowflakes flew out of it, along with the small squirrel Pokémon, who landed and posed as the snowflakes from the Seal flurried around it. Pachirisu was wearing a matching scarf to her Trainer's, and let out a happy call.

"Now, Pachirisu, gather the snowflakes! Use Quick Attack!"

The Pokémon suddenly disappeared, the speed of her dash (paired with the high speed of her species) causing the snowflakes to change direction, and she kept dashing until they were gathered in a single area, as Pachirisu returned to its beginning area.

Seeing the plan was being executed perfectly, Alice gave out the next and final command to the Pokémon.

"Now, the grand finale! Use Electro Ball!"

Pachirisu jumped into the air as a yellow aura of electricity grew larger on the end of its tail, then flipped forward in midair, launching the yellow orb of energy at the snowflake flurry with a determined cry. As the electricity impacted the snowflakes, they absorbed the electricity of the Electro Ball and eventually burst into shimmering dust that fell over Pachirisu, who stood on Alice's head with a pose.

Perfect. Let's see somebody top THAT move.

And, as quickly as it had begun, the appeal was over.
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Xanthos didn’t bothering dressing up like the other contestants. The garments he wore were reminiscent of the movie grease. A white shirt tucked into a pair of black jeans. Over his white shirt was a black leather jacket that was unzipped, and unbuttoned. Protecting his eyes were a pair of sun glasses with a blackcap. Xanthos leaned against the wall amusingly chucking Marowak’s Safari Ball into the air, and catching it waiting for her turn up. His birth name was then announced.

"Anton Rios Phrixos," his name called over a loud speaker system.

The trainer took his time walking towards the stage. Xanthos gripped Marowak’s Safari Ball with his thumb, index, and middle finger, relaxing the ball against his ring finger. He pressed down on the button, and pitched the Safari Ball towards "Santa's sack," a red bag twice the size of Marowak, and surrounded by tinsel.

The Safari Ball increased in size and its top popped open emitting a shiny green light transferring Marowak out of the Poké Ball and into the real world. Marowak had a santa hat on her head and carried her Thick Club. Marowak looked up towards the crowd, and waved to them.

“Are you ready Marowak?” Her trainer called. She nodded her head. “Ok! Start off with a Swords Dance!”

Marowak tapped the ground with her club. She spun the bone around her fingers, having it gain momentum. When the bone was moving fast enough Marowak made the bone do twirls around her body. Closing her eyes for more concentration Marowak slowly stepped around the bag in a circular motion, making her way around the bag. Near the end of her journey Marowak slapped the sack towards the ceiling.

“Now Marowak Bonemerang!”

Marowak threw her bone into the sky. The bone caused the sack to rip. The bone landed in her other palm before the red, and green foiled chocolates proceeded to fall out of the broken bag in a rainfall.

Xanthos smiled contently at Marowak, proud of her display. The female Pokémon grabbed a chocolate, and ran back to her trainer. Xanthos bent down, and lifted Marowak up into a hug.

“You did good Marowak,” he spoke softly in a tone only Marowak could hear. Xanthos put Marowak down, and walked back stage with Marowak following.
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Max heard his name called. From what he had heard from the crowd, and what he had seen on the TV Screen inside the holding room he, and the other contestants waited in, he was kind of nervous. Everyone else was doing really well so far. Fortunately he had a trick up his sleeve that he had discussed with his Squirtle while waiting.

Hearing his name called out, Max put his Squirtle, Lullaby, back in her Poké Ball, stood up and straightened his suit. He took a second to calm himself and walked out into the light, Poké Ball in hand. As he stepped onto the light of the stage, he threw Lullaby's Poké Ball high into the air, and as it peeked, it popped open, releasing her, surrounded by first several blue bubbles that burst out of the ball, the result of a seal, followed quickly by several yellow stars shooting out toward the audience that quickly became blue as they disappeared over everyone's heads. As Lullaby gracefully flipped toward the ground, blue confetti fell with her, decorating the ground around her.

Now that she had made her eye-catching entrance, Lullaby struck a cute pose for a second before Max enthusiastically shouted out to her,

"Time to start it out with a Water Pulse!"

Lullaby pointed her head skyward and unleashed the attack, a pulse of water escaping from her mouth, like a fountain. Before even having to be told, she quickly froze it with Ice Beam, freezing the water almost in mid-air, forming something like an ornamental platform with ridges, and waves formed by the water.

"Good job Lullaby! Now use Mist!" Quickly following the order, Lullaby's eyes glowed brightly and a mist quickly rolled onto the stage, completely blocking any view of Lullaby or the platform she had made. From inside the mist, one could hear another Ice Beam move being used and light could be seen from outside of the mist. Just before the mist cleared, the lights stopped, and Lullaby seemed to have disappeared. All you could see was what seemed to be a box on top of the platform that had been created earlier. The box had what looked like ribbons made out of ice on the sides, making it clearly look like a beautiful present.

After letting a couple seconds pass by, Max shouted out to his friend, "Now, Lullaby!" Then, suddenly with a burst of wind, Lullaby flew into the ir, and out of the box, having used a very controlled Blizzard, and Rapid Spin, As she was flying upwards, she was enveloped in a bright light, seeming to almost change forms. She started falling toward the ground, followed by the snow left over from her Blizzard, and as she touched the ground, she flaunted off her new appearance, including her luscious tail to the audience while the snow continued falling around her in a beautiful display that was her Visual Appeal.

"Great job Lull!' The newly evolved Wartortle ran back to Max and jumped into his arms, giving him a hug as Max smiled and hugged her back before waving to the audience and walked back towards the holding area, waiting to hear the results of the first Visual Round.

((Just modified to add color to my speech. <33))
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Hugs you in your sleep.

Nervousness wasn't really part of his thing. If one was nervous, one forgot one's self. Plus, it wasn't really the others that worried him. No, he was competing against an old friend. It wasn't that he was afraid. No, it just meant he had to push himself far beyond what he was used to. She'd proven herself over and over again, and he had less experience in this arena. But that wouldn't stop him. He would let the presentation itself be everything. As he heard his named called, the Black Papillon walked forward. His outfit was, naturally, magnificent. He wore a poet's shirt, black and silken, and at the neck rested a black lace cravat. crushed velvet pants with soft-leather boots completed the ensemble. A long black cape with dark purple inner lining fluttered about his back, and adorning his face was a black and violet butterfly mask. For this image, his long blue hair was tied into a neat ponytail. The man took a bow as he came on stage.

"Ah, my moment~!"

The motion of his arm was dramatic; presentation was everything! The cape about his shoulders whipped to one side as the ball was tossed forward. As it opened, it burst in a spray of white and silver glitter, while butterflies seemingly made of ice flew upward. A custom design of his own, no doubt, to match his persona. From the light within the sphere spun a small creature; a Chimecho, of all things. He had mused over and over on the theme, and had decided on his own interpretation on what a 'wish' really was. He took a breath, and nodded. Then the action began.

"Sonette! Icy Wind, in the discussed formation!"

The little Chimecho took in air, and began to blow a condensed stream of ice crystals upward toward the ceiling. As it did so, it shifted its head from side to side, making the ice crystals hang in the air in a sort of serpentine formation. She applied the icy wind liberally, creating what seemed to be several side by side long parallel lines, that shifted around each other. There was no break in the pattern itself; rather, she shifted each time, in order to create multiple moving forms of air and ice crystals. Some of those ice crystals hung in the air, while others began to slowly fall as the temperature in the arena melted part of them outwardly; though, the icy air itself created by the effect turned the melted ice to snow as it began to fall. When there was enough of each, he smiled. The appeal was drastically simple. It depended much on the feelings of those who saw it, rather than the visual effect itself. That's what made it, at least in his opinion, a rather high risk attempt. Regardless, however, It was time, and he gestured for the cold to end..

"Signal Beam, my dear friend!"

The determined Chemecho had practiced for this, and was going to give it her all. She gathered up the sound and light energy wrapped in multi-colored hues; She seemed to be angling, as if lining up a shot. From there, Sonette let go of the energy right at one of the larger ice crystals that had yet to fall, and the light began to bounce off of the ice crystals in perfect formation, as if they were mirrors; which in a sense, they were. The ice created by a Pokémon was certainly different from that created in normal means. It was sturdier, more solid. As the beam moved at high speed and reflected all over the frigid mirrors, as it were, the lights amplified and refracted until they all came together due to the continuous motion. With the ice in motion as well, and the soft snow made from the condensation, to look at it would appear that the two of them had coordinated a continually moving and shifting aurora borealis that lit up the entire upper stage area from side to side, and the snow that came down was in soft, pulsing, rainbow hued colors. As this occured, the Chimecho, Sonnete, began to sway softly, adding sound to the Appeal; a gentle, soothing sound that matched the rhythm of the slowly falling ice and light. Within those falling lights, the Black Papillon stood with his arms lightly outstretched, as it rained down on the two of them. Sonette floated above his head, chiming out her soft song until the crystals finally shattered and the light dissipated. The two stood in silence for but a moment..then took a single bow, and took their leave. Their time was done. It was up to the others, now.
Oh ZUN, bless this thy Mini-Hakkero; that with it, thou mayest spark thine enemies to tiny p blocks, in thy mercy.


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∞ Myystic ∞

Winter was meant to be a time of rest, of silence, the time when the world was at peace between the slow hibernation of the world and the sprouting rebirth of Spring. ‘Musa-pyon’ had changed in the years since their separation, and instead of the outlandish outfit and massive bow she’d worn in the past, the woman who walked out onto the stage, the body of her Milotic, Juvia, moving and twisting around her, keeping her covered.

She wore a soft, white coat, her hands covered by similar mittens, long red hair trailing behind her. She was in an old fashioned coat, something that would call attention to her, while not stating her importance over that of her Pokémon. Juvia uncoiled from around her trainer, the Milotic’s smooth body floating sleekly across the stage.

Rather than speaking, Musashi lifted one mitten clad hand upward, and the Milotic shifted, body coiling in delicate patterns, dancing, as rain began to build, her Rain Dance. The practiced patterns of the Pokémon curling the clouds that built as rain started to pour across the stage. Musashi lifted her head upward, and slid her hands forward into a hand warmer that she’d been holding in one hand, her eyes closing and a smile lighting her face as Juvia twisted upward in a spiral, a solid beam of ice striking through the cloud, a practiced Ice Beam across the patterns of rain caused by the carefully manipulated clouds.

The rain immediately froze, intricate patterns that hadn’t been apparent in the water, apparent in the ice that poured down in a solid sheet from the clouds. A sleek forest, controlled and shaped by the elaborate gyrations of the feminine Pokémon, snow visible, heaped upon the branches of the trees, and Musashi, starkly outlined in red and white, a dusting of snow in her red hair, tongue out as she caught one of the many drifting snowflakes that fell from above, frozen in the beam, a raindrop redrawn in the unique and intricate patterns of frost, standing on an otherwise untouched white path that wove between the frozen trees. Silent joy in the frost of winter, pure and untouched, unspoiled and clean.

"Thank you, my dear friend," her voice was soft, barely a whisper.

That was her winter. That was the sweet, innocent winter that Juvia gave her, and when the Pokémon floated up to her side, they exchanged no words, the woman leaning into the Milotic and brushing her cheek against the Pokémon’s face, before the two bowed together, and moved back offstage.
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Brilliantly Insane

Please be patient as the judging commences. Bori forgot to take into consideration that he is dyslexic and cannot read very well. Time lines will be adjusted as necessary.
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