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PokéFiends is an open and expansive multi-region Pokémon roleplay that welcomes both canon and original characters. From the regions in the main games, the anime and side games, and even a bit more, you can travel anywhere.

Be wary, a darkness lurks in the night, a sinister creature haunts the edges of the moonlight. Turmoil brews, traveler, so take your first step with caution.

Four months ago, terror held the world in stand still. The attacks on both Saffron and Castelia have concluded... and despite the growing darkness, the people of the world band together to throw an event in the spirit of world unity and the courage to stand against this new foe.

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Weather updated October 26th, 2014. The season is currently Spring.


Almia ---------------- Chilly

Decolore ------------- Sunny

Fiore ---------------- Warm

Hoenn ---------------- Flooding

Indigo Islands ------- Breezy

Johto ---------------- Clear

Kalos ---------------- Overcast

Kanto ---------------- Breezy

Northern Reaches ----- Misty

Oblivia -------------- Light Rain

Orange Islands ------- Scorching

Orre ----------------- Sunny

Pondera -------------- Snowing

Republic of Seafoam -- Clear

Sevii Islands -------- Clear

Sinnoh --------------- Chilly

Southern Islands ----- Hot

Unova ---------------- Raining

Weather descriptions can be found in the Trainer's Guide.
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02) Plot Updates [01.29.14]; Home to the board's plot history.
Topic Started: Nov 25 2011, 01:54 AM (883 Views)
PokéFiends Infobase
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The Info-Meister

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This thread does its best to piece together all the events of PokeFiends into a believable story line. Given PokeFiends' loose time system, things will not always match up or work. Don't worry so much about following everything perfectly. We focus on key events.

If there are any errors found in this thread, or if there is something you believe should be added, PM PokeFiends Infobase with a link to the thread for review and whereabouts it should be added in the write up. Keep in mind, this thread is for your use as an RPer, some of the knowledge (especially that concerning the covert ops of Teams and underground institutes) would not be in your character's knowledge base. Use your best judgement!

Good Suggestions:
---Threads involving things that affected large areas. Disasters, storms or anything else related to the freak weather, or just natural ones too.
---Threads involving team activity.
---Threads involving Legendary Pokémon activity.
---Threads involving Trainers defeating Gym Leaders.
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PokéFiends Infobase
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The Info-Meister

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Wherein Trainers Travel and Teams Begin to Move

Not long after the events that unfolded in Unova, the world of Pokémon begins to experience strange weather. No one is sure why such events are happening, but thankfully, thus far, the freak storms and blizzards haven't been too numerous. Other than a large storm in the Sevii Islands, there has been little else to cause large scale damage.

Small happenings have been unraveling, however, all across the world. Rumors spread of dastardly villains beginning to resurface. Most of them, if not all of them, are entirely unfounded. And then there are some happenings that just remain to those in the know.

Domino of Team Rocket has been slowly rebuilding the empire left behind by the visionary man known only as Giovanni. Agents have been sent on various missions. The contents and reason behind each mission has been vague, as Domino keeps her reasons tight lipped.

[In the Tower Again] | [And No Birds Sing] | [Celadon Rebound]

Also on the move, Cipher has experienced a surge of activity. Ardos plans a full recovery, but he remains much more in the shadows this time than Cipher's previous attempt at control. In fact, unless they were scouted, no one even is aware that Cipher is still around at all.

[Blaze Shadows, 1st Assignment] | [Shadow Pokémon?!]

Word has surfaced of a number of trainers starting their challenge of the Gyms of Kanto. Whether they are successful will only become apparent in the future of their travels. Some of them have been in Viridian City and the forests around, while others have taken on Lt. Surge of Vermillion City.

[The New Arrival] | [Of Ghost-Elders and Island-Girls] | [Round Two...]

Most recent news inside villain circles indicates that there has been apparent movement between to certain teams to ally together... Further more, it has become apparent that leadership of Rocket has traded hands once again to the executive known as Archer. An attempt at alliance between Cipher and Rocket was tried, but unsuccessful.

[Rocket-Dan Cianwood Arrival] | [Contacting Rocket...] | [An Alliance]

News also comes to us from the Sinnoh front. Apparently the area in and around Eterna City has been experiencing some strange happenings. These manifest in both the form of a bought of fire that wrought havoc on the town and the supposed sightings of Legendary Pokémon...

[Green for Eterna-tee]

Strange happenings in Ecruteak recently. Coming to the news corp from the confidence of some of our underground contacts, there is apparently a a strange group going around roughing up the thugs in the Ecruteak bad-side. There were rumors about some sort of prophecy and some sort of goings-on in Goldenrod... A follow up story suggests that a Rocket stronghold in Goldenrod has been sacked by an unknown group. A database found there was delivered to a group organized by Sabrina, who are at large combating a dark and sinister force though to be at work in the world.

[Silent Cartographer] | [Priority Shift] | [Weather Festival]

With that, those people responsible for the strike against Rocket move on to other ventures, while Rocket moves back into the shadows for the now...
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PokéFiends Infobase
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The Info-Meister

Posted Image

Wherein A Sinister Prophecy is Revealed and the World Shifts

In a strange turn of events, Arceus returns to life the Conquest heroes, people who lived during the Sengoku era and the previous users of elemental powers used to combat Arceus's dark foes... perhaps this was only another sign...

[Dawn of a New Era]

News clamors at the addition to a new region to the world's stage. The Republic of Seafoam is open to citizens and tourists alike. What's more, they appear to be combating a prophecy foretold by many prominent psychics the world over... A gruesome foretelling of the end of life as is known...

[Republic of Seafoam Grand Opening Festival]

The dark of evening passes over Saffron City before it is lit up in brilliant light. An atomic explosion wipes out blocks worth of the downtown area. From the wreckage of the city comes forth new life: creatures spawn from the Darkness itself. News from across the sea indicates that Unova is in flames. From east shore to west shore, from the Redwood Forest to Castelia City, the entirety of the Unova Region is under attack from the newly militarized Team Plasma. Following its conclusion, the darkspawn were thrust back out of Saffron, thought at great cost... and unbeknownst to the common populace, Plasma has planted itself firmly in the Unovan government, masquerading as the Arbok Defense Force.

[No Turning Back] | [Operation: FLASHPOINT] | [Entertain the Thought]

Though the world is captured in the remaining turmoil from the calamity both Saffron and Castelia, people have begun to recover and life, for the most part, gets back on track. Trainers continue on their dreams, people continue their lives, and, in general, life continues unhindered as both locations begin to rebuild. There are scattered reports of darkspawn as far as Mt. Silver, but they seem to be isolated events thus far.

[The Climb to the Top] | [Entering the Gym] | [Guerilla Concert] | [The Sky is Everywhere] | [Wuthering Height]

Life, too, continues for the darker folk, with movement on the behalf of both Magma and Aqua. Two other organizations have emerged as well. Fated, a rag-tag band of outcast mercenaries, and Amalgam, a group known to very few and one that it is unknown how far their influence stretches. Fated's own leader, however, seems to have vanished, leaving it in the hands of his second in command.

[A Heist] | [All Aboard to Find Kyogre] | [Amalgam] | [Fated]

Churning in a beehive of activity after the strikes upon Castelia and Saffron, in which the nation participated, Seafoam also felt the impact of the attacks. With her soldiers returning home and with being contacted by Team Rocket, the fledgling nation had a lot of things to deal with after the events...

[Enemy Contact?] | [Homecoming] | [An Unquiet Storm]

Life moves on... and the world gathers together to celebrate unity in this time of turmoil...
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PokéFiends Infobase
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The Info-Meister

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Wherein the Darkness Unravels the World

In the months that had passed since the events in Castelia and Saffron City, much had happened. The cities were well on their way to repair and the world seemed to be taking a turn for the better... and then, at the Expo for Peace, at Indigo Plateau, disaster struck. Hundreds of thousands of people, gathered to celbrate humanity and Pokémon and world unity... and a majority of them all perished, twisted into the monsters that had so plagued Saffron. A rift tore open the sky and a thousand nightmares poured forth as the prophecy told the world over came to full fruition. A voice like terror filled the hearts of the survivors.

Posted Image

And with those words, the Darkness had returned to world. A laugh as old as time, as dark as night and in the pure tone of resent evil echoed through the planet. So began the war, the slaughter, against the mortal world.

[A Moment to Breath]

Concurrent with the attack on the Indigo Plateau, small happenings partook as people reacted to the waste being laid to the league seat in Kanto. ...Among these individuals was the fortification of the groups known as Amalgam and Team Fated.

[A Few Stitches Short of a Laugh] | [Gaining an Ally]
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