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Fitzgerald, Hanson "Goose"; Wither shall I wander?
Topic Started: Sep 20 2010, 12:58 PM (705 Views)
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Believe in you, who believes in yourself.

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"Goosey-goosey-gander... wither shall I wander?"
Name: Hanson Fitzgerald
Nickname: Goose
Age: 17 (October 16th)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Region Unknown; Floraroma Town, Sinnoh
Family: Reina Fitzgerald (Adoptive Grandmother), Zoe Fitzgerald (Adoptive Older Sister), Aadin Fitzgerald (Adoptive Older Brother), Rylee Fitzgerald (Adoptive Older Sister)

Trainer Orientation: Chaotic Neutral
Trainer Class: Poké Kid
Starter Pokémon: Mudkip

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Character Theme:
Hirokazu Tanaka & Kenji Ito ~ Skyworld (Kid Icarus)

Versus Theme:
Yukata Minobe & Takayuki Maeda ~ "Let's Go!" Theme (Skies of Arcadia)

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"This is the house that Jack built."

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Kipling [Male Swampert]Because he is eaten up from nose to tail with curiosity.
Kipling is a bundle of energy and curiosity like no other and, as most have said, is as much like his Trainer as anything. The Swampert is playful and often pushes his way out of his Poké Ball just to run around with his Trainer. Kipling's inexhaustible curiosity gets him into a lot of mischief with his Trainer. Having been with Goose the longest out of any of his Pokémon, Kipling is obviously the one he is most attached to. Given Goose is so short, he sometimes rides around on Kipling's back, as the Pokémon ended up being a tad larger for a Swampert than most.
—Received in Floraroma Town from Zoe Fitzgerald.

Ability: Torrent
Nature: Impish
Move Pool: Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Protect, Roar, Scald, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Superpower, Waterfall

Posted Image
Rikki [Male Gallade]He was rather amused at all the fuss.
Rikki is a little bit of a devil and never feels any shame at being so. He, like Kipling, is curious and mischievous, but only more so than even the Mudkip. Rikki is quite brave, however, and never backs down from a fight. Having matured greatly over Goose's travels, the Gallade is now perhaps the strongest fighter on Goose's team. He thinks of himself somewhat as the knight of Goose's team, doing his best to defeat any foe in his path.
—Captured on Route 204.

Ability: Justified
Nature: Bold
Move Pool: Bulk Up, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Night Slash, Shadow Sneak, Substitute, Swords Dance, Taunt, Zen Headbutt

Posted Image
Tikki [Male Ralts]Over and under, so weave I my music.
Unlike his brother, Rikki, Tikki is incredibly shy and nervous. Tikki dislikes battles a great deal and is a bit of a coward in that he shies or runs from battle more often than naught. Tikki does love Goose a lot, though, and tries for his trainer nevertheless. Goose thinks of Tikki as more of a pet than any thing else and often lets Tikki travel outside of his Poké Ball, as the Ralts is the only small Pokémon Goose has left.
—Captured on Route 204.

Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Timid
Move Pool: Confusion, Double Team, Growl, Lucky Chant, Teleport

Posted Image
Tavi [Female Shiny Gardevoir]Oh, please. Don't make me laugh!
Tavi, Goose's female Ralts, is calm and quiet and much more reserved than Rikki is. She's not afraid to put the other Ralts in his place, though, and will often chide him for being so rambunctious. She cares for Goose dearly and was found by Goose on a trip to Pastoria. Very graceful, she employs tactics that Rikki hardly ever thinks of using, often treating opponents with a great deal of respect and care. Nevertheless, she's a strong foe to those that oppose her.
—Captured on Route 212.

Ability: Trace
Nature: Calm
Move Pool: Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Hidden Power (Poison), Psychic, Reflect Signal Beam, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Wish

Posted Image
Claus [Female Pidgeot]I would have never left a place as wonderful as that!
Claus is one of Goose's more quiet Pokémon. Unlike Tikki, Claus is not shy, she just prefers to watch and listen before acting. She is a bit vain, and, as Johannes teases her over it, she spends quite a lot of time preening. She and Johannes are in a relationship of hateful love, in that they care deeply for the other bird, they just don't like to show it. She is particularly best at dodging and hitting hard when the moment presents itself.
—Captured on Route 229.

Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Quiet
Move Pool: Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Double-Edge, Hidden Power (Ground), Mirror Move, Quick Attack, Return, Steel Wing, Substitute, Thief

Posted Image
Johannes [Male Fearow]He dreamed a strange dream, in which the sun and the moon curtsied before him.
Johannes is one proud Pokémon. He's not full of himself, he knows when he's met his match, but he'll go down fighting or not at all. He's one of Goose's best fighters and will give even seasoned Pokémon a run for their money if he can. Typically paired with Claus for double battles, the two birds make a deadly duo of the skies when they get together. He cares deeply for Claus, he just doesn't enjoy showing his affection.
—Captured on Route 226.

Ability: Sniper
Nature: Adamant
Move Pool: Aerial Ace, Agility, Drill Peck, Drill Run, Faint Attack, Mirror Move, Quick Attack, Return, Steel Wing, U-Turn

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Posted Image

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"Five little ducks went out to play — over the hill and far away."
Goose is, without a doubt, one of the oddest looking characters you'll ever meet. His hair is a bright magenta pink and it's cut into a blocky style that frames his face. His face itself is round with full cheeks and he's got big brown eyes. As for his stature, he's a scrawny little thing and stands no taller than five feet.

He wears a cream colored jacket with brown sleeves and a white hood and, under that, a long-sleeved black shirt. He also wears a pair of black capri pants with a large array of pockets on them in addition to black and magenta shoes. His backpack is a single strap style (which goes over his chest) and is also white.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Artwork by Daqshu (front) and Nodobotokemax (left).

Posted Image
"Birds of a feather flock together."
Goose suffers from a horrible lack of attention span and common sense. He lives for adventure, for fun, for thrill. Even if something could go wrong, if it doesn't, why does it matter. Right? Right. He'll always be the chipper one in the group and he's always ready to explore and seek new places.

He can easily mood swing, however, and be just as upset and pouty as any young child. It does not, however, last long at all and a simple word can turn his mood right back around.

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"I see the moon and the moon sees me. The moon sees the somebody I'd like to see."

Posted Image

Name: Reina Fitzgerald — When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me.
Age: 74
Gender: Female
Relationship: Adoptive Grandmother
Trainer Orientation: Neutral Good
Trainer Class: Fun Old Lady

Mrs. Reina Fitzgerald is a woman with a lot of love in her old heart and a lot of sense in her head. She fostered many children since the passing of her dear husband and she loves all of them dearly. She's a bit of a batty old crone, but she's not above having a little fun with her four kids. Sometimes her foster kids call her "Fitzy."

Posted Image
"How many miles to Babylon? Three score and ten. Can I get there by candlelight? Aye — and back again."
Hanson "Goose" Fitzgerald was not born in Sinnoh. He wasn't even born with the name he uses today. In fact, he's not sure what his name was supposed to be or who his parents are. All he can remember of his younger life is orphanages and foster homes. Goose has never met his parents and while, for a time, he wanted to, it doesn't normally cross his mind much anymore.

When Goose turned five, he moved in with Reina Fitzgerald, an older woman who was fond of fostering children. During the time he moved in with her, he also lived with three other children she was fostering, Aadin, Zoe and Rylee. Reina eventually ended up adopting all four of them and they have been all the family he has needed ever since.

Zoe is his source of strength, Aadin is his sort-of role model for maturity and Rylee is his constant companion. And Fitzy, she's all the mother he'd ever need. The five of them all live in Floaroma. It was there that Zoe gifted Goose with Kipling, whom he used to capture Rikki and Tikki in the Route south of their home.

Goose isn't exactly sure what he wants to do with his life. He doesn't like battling too much and he doesn't like contests too much. He just kind of wanders and enjoys the sites and people. He's often made fun of for his height, however, and he does not take fondly to quips about it. Zoe used to beat up people that picked on him. He has gone on to capture Tavi, another Ralts, and a number of bird Pokémon, of which he is fond of.

Posted Image
"Hickory-dickory-dock... the mouse ran up the clock."
They stopped and the older boy looked up at the tree they were under. Goose peered at it too. The plants looked strange, like someone has chewed on them already. They were red and yellowish in color. What had Zoe said they were called...? Figy Berries?

"Hmm..." the boy, Khaine, mused, "...I don't want them to get damage during the fall or during the harvest..."

A broad grin cracked across Goose's lips and he took a quick few steps towards the tree as the other boy began to release one of his Pokémon.

"Val," he said, "I think you'll be best suited for this."

But Goose... Goose was already on his way up the slender trunk of the tree, without even a backwards glance to the other boy. "I can get them!"

"...Valkyrie can fly, Goose."

Goose glanced over his shoulder at Khaine and frowned upside down at him. "Aww... but it's funner this way," he replied, swinging up onto the first branch.

"Suit yourself..."

With another broad grin, Goose slid out across the branch as nimble as any Aipom and he quickly shifted his backpack around so it was over his chest. Carefully, he began to pluck the Figy Berries from their branches and tuck them into his satchel.

When the bag was mostly full, he slid back along the sleek grayish bark of the tree, Khaine's Pokémon following him closely. He glanced below at the other boy and began to swing his legs around to descend the trunk when his shoes and his grip slipped on the slick bark.

He landed in a heap atop Khaine. The other boy frowned.

"Be more careful! You could have gotten hurt."

But, after a bit of a groan, Goose only grinned at Khaine. "Well... I didn't get hurt, so it doesn't matter!"
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