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PokéFiends is an open and expansive multi-region Pokémon roleplay that welcomes both canon and original characters. From the regions in the main games, the anime and side games, and even a bit more, you can travel anywhere.

Be wary, a darkness lurks in the night, a sinister creature haunts the edges of the moonlight. Turmoil brews, traveler, so take your first step with caution.

[World Event] A Moment to Breath: Four months ago, terror held the world in stand still. The attacks on both Saffron and Castelia have concluded... and despite the growing darkness, the people of the world band together to throw an event in the spirit of world unity and the courage to stand against this new foe.

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Weather updated June 6, 2013. The season is currently Winter.

Almia ---------------- Freezing
Decolore ------------- Sunny
Fiore ---------------- Hoarfrost
Hoenn ---------------- Clear
Indigo Islands ------- Breezy
Johto ---------------- Chilly
Kalos ---------------- Overcast
Kanto ---------------- Breezy
Northern Reaches ----- Sleeting
Oblivia -------------- Clear
Orange Islands ------- Scorching
Orre ----------------- Sunny
Pondera -------------- Blizzard
Republic of Seafoam -- Raining
Sevii Islands -------- Raining
Sinnoh --------------- Hoarfrost
Southern Islands ----- Scorching
Unova ---------------- Thunderstorm

Weather descriptions can be found in the Trainer's Guide.
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