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Friend Adam Castle currently in ICU after motorcycle accident; Pray for him if you are in to that sort of thing. Fund raising for medical bills pending.
Topic Started: Nov 2 2013, 01:44 AM (1,464 Views)
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Just heard from a former co-worker today that my friend (former co-worker as well and school mate of my nephew) Adam Castle had a motorcycle accident. Not sure if he will live but he's been in ICU since last week with severe brain damage, broke both ankles, and they had to amputate one of his arms to prevent infection from spreading due to every bone in his arm being shattered.


Posted: 9:38 a.m. Friday, Oct. 25, 2013

Motorcyclist in hospital after crashing into Camaro in Greenacres last night

A 23-year-old Royal Palm Beach man is in the hospital with serious injuries after slamming his motorcycle into a car in Greenacres Thursday night, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s officials report.
Adam Leighton Castle was taken to Delray Beach Medical Center’s trauma unit where authorities say he is in critical condition.

The crash happened at 10:32 p.m. near the intersection of South Jog Road and Purdy Lane. According to the preliminary investigation, Castle was on a Kawasaki motorcycle headed north on Jog Road at “an extremely high rate of speed” approaching the intersection when he hit the right passenger side corner of a Chevy Camaro.

The impact caused the Camaro to spin and the motorcycle to flip and then slide for 530 feet north along Jog Road, the report said. The Camaro’s driver, Dorotea J. Velasquez, 60, of Greenacres was not injured. The report does not detail Castle’s injuries or whether he was wearing a helmet.


Dawn Castle shared a status.

Update for Adam Castle 11/01/13

Still in Trauma ICU
Neurologist came to see him and based on his response to commands and CT scan, he is stable for his brain injury:-)
Still critical for everything else!!

Not as good a day as yesterday:-(
He had the procedure to install a vena cava filter to stop blood clots reaching his lungs/brain, all seemed to go well with that.

A little later he started to run very high heart rate, between 150-155 while he was sedated...Lots of different things being done to see why this was happening. Pain, dehydration etc. So he was not brought out of sedation for most of the day because of this.

Around 6pm they brought him out of sedation, and his heart rate seemed to get a little better around 130 bpm. He followed all commands with little problems! I showed him a photo of Cheeky(his cat) and asked him if he could smile, and he gave a really cute lobsided smile(still has breathing tube in)
His thyroid is being tested because his helmet strap may have caused some bruising or damage, which may contribute to high heart rate, will find out results tomorrow.

His heart rate had dropped to around 120 bpm later, so crossing fingers it was something as minor as just being dehydrated!!

Tomorrow, if his heart rate has settled down, they can start weaning him off ventilator...Please pray hard for this, I know he wants to be able to talk to us!!!

Still running low grade fever.

Medical bills are starting to come in, and just the trauma hawk airlift and 1 of the surgeons, it is over $20,000!!! Adam had no insurance:(
So we are working on some fundraising events/website etc to raise money!! I will be posting that as soon as it is set up!

Love you all, keep the prayers coming.
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That sucks to hear Erik, I'll keep your friend in my thoughts.
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Guess it worked. He seems to finally came out of the coma he was in for several weeks. Sure enough the truth is he was going 100+ MPH since police aren't allowed to chase someone over 90 MPH. They filed the accident as a homicide considering he wouldn't live, so the charges were dropped. He does however still owe for totaling a comero, being air lifted to the hospital, plus the neurologist for brain surgery and ensuring the swelling of his brain didn't cause permanent damage.

His right arm is amputated and he seems to be walking alright for the most part. Can't really return to work so most likely he will be on disability for the remainder of his life. A lesson learned hard - just accept a speeding ticket if you've broken the law. It's far cheaper and you won't lose your limbs or weeks of your life gone by.
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"When I came into the game they didn't do nothing but doubt me.
Now the whole game's changed and it ain't nothing without me.

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