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Runescape Reminder:

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NG Quick Links:

To view the top links of National Guard of Runescape, check the following link: http://www.nationalguardofgaming.com/links


Any suggestions or concerns you may have, post in the feedback area, found here: http://www.nationalguardofrunescape.com/feedback

Purpose of NG:

The purpose may not be present at all times, but some aspects are forever there.

The fundamental rules include the following: aid other members when there is a need for advice, map-related directions, skill-training information, gear advice, training areas, and provide related help to others (when able). Reporting on-game abuse is an optional goal for our members, to achieve as close to 100% game moderators as we can.

Other activities which are ever-present, include the following: group training with others who are training in similar professions, questing groups, aid or advice on buying/selling items, financial advice, providing spare quest items -- are just a few of the many involvements and tasks that NG practice on a daily basis, when the situation permits.

We provide all members and non-members with up-to-date Runescape news, tips and tricks, other news of the gaming world and reference links to many other groups and sites that may have what you are looking for.
Other benefits which are obtained include singles/couples list, friends list, moderator list, and every map/skill/pet with a co-responding guide for easy mastery.

Community Rules

{Rule #1} Fairness

{A} Do not cheat (advertising and/or use of "auto" programs). This includes violations to the RuneScape laws (exclusion for RS rule #11).

{B} Do not discuss unlawful websites (copyright infringements, pirating software, key generators).

{C} Do not encourage others to break the rules.

{Rule #2} Honesty

{A} Don't lie to/deceive other members.

{B} Limit 1 forum name per user. (Multiple names are not permitted, and shall be deleted at NG Staff's discretion).

{C} Do not scam; Do not provide false username/stats/information).

{D} Do not impersonate any member/staff/leader of any name/clan/community (No "Mod" names allowed).

{E} Name changes may be accepted by the Architect or Forum Administrator if you can prove you own the name in game. (Repetitive requests for name change after declined my result in suspension for harassment. Reoccurring requests for multiple name changes, unless it is due to a proven game ban on the current name may result in suspension.)

{Rule #3} Translation

{A} English or Old English are the only two forms of discussion permitted while using public threads to post. (Say what you need to in the Inbox PM, but the NG Staff was not hired to be multi-lingual nor to manage such posts.)

{Rule #4} Respect

{A} Respect and obey the NG Staff and representatives. (They are here to help, and they adhere to a strict set of guidelines with the interest for the common good.)

{B} Do not contact members outside of our forums, unless the recipient accepts such (email, instant message, postal, phone, other).

{C} Do not disrespect other members/groups (racism, profanity, ****** reference, drug/alcohol reference, pornography, harassment, intentionally causing a member to retire, direct insults/threats, discrediting the NG under any circumstance).

{D} Do not beg (repeatedly asking for something without payment -- a degree of harassment).

{Rule #5} Anti-Spam

{A} Posting two or more replies in a single topic, in a row, under a 24-hour span (edit your message to add what you need to say, if you see no reply in the past 24 hours).

{B} Posting two or more topics/threads of similar purpose, when a previous one already exists.

{C} Starting a topic which offers no benefit to others (random symbols/numbers/letters/words, which has no purpose to others whom read it).

{D} Stay on-topic. If someone goes off-topic from the subject posted, kindly remind him/her to keep with the topic title when replying.

{E} No advertising, in any way, shape, or form shall be allowed on the forums, unless in designated sections, limit once per group; otherwise, only if given permission by the Architect.

{Rule #6} Images

{A} Do not use any "copyrighted" images, which have been made by/for a specific member/user.

{B} The entirety of ALL your signature images MUST fit within a 500 width by 250 height (500x250) area, as shown below:
Posted Image

{C} Your images shall be removed from your avatar/signature/profile/post -- if you cannot provide sufficient evidence to prove you are the original designer/owner. The same for if your images exceed the image area limitations (see 6b).

{Rule #7} Active Membership

{A} New members will have to complete a "trial period" (Squire), to become an official member (Knight). The trial period is as follows: Before the end of your 7th day, you must reach 10 posts.

{B} To maintain "active" status as a member of NG, you must sign into the forum at least once every 90 days (3 months).

{C} Prior to becoming "inactive", a notification inbox memo may be sent to your forum account, to notify you there is a week (7 days) to become "active," or you may be deleted.

{D} If you post "retirement," you have 7 days (1 week) to decline. After such time, you will be demoted from all leadership/staff position.


Below is guidelines for NG Staff to enforce MOST of the time, through if extreme cases arise, a vote shall be called by the NG Staff, to alter the guidelines for stricter or looser punishment:

  • First offense - Verbal warning via post/pm
  • Second offense - Suspension 3+ days (unable to post)
  • Third offense - Permanent Ban (voted on by all Admins)

Reporting Abuse / Issues:

Report all offenses to any member of NG Staff. Chat offenses are reported to the Chat Admin (link provided: http://forums.nationalguardofrunescape.com/inbox_cadmin. Forum and game offenses are reported to a Forum Administrator or Forum Moderator. They shall in turn report the offense to the Architect. View the NG Staff list for names of whom to inbox images or URL's of offenses to: http://www.nationalguardofrunescape.com/staff

Suspended/Banned Members:

Throughout the membership with us, there shall be times that certain users find the need to violate the rules of NG, which also directly disrespects fellow members. And these minor infractions against the laws set down by the NG, may require a written warning (via inbox). But if continued, will result in a suspension from forum access.

After a written warning of the rule violation, and a suspension have been issued, the user is subject to banishment from our community. These users are suggested not to be in contact with fellow rule-abiding members, due to the nature of their actions against humanity. There is no law which states a member may not have contact with a banned user. Yet, all appeals for un-ban MUST be made by the banned user in question, and only through our Ban Appeal section.

Once 6 months (180 days) have passed, a filed abuse report is no longer used as evidence. This does not excuse users whom have previously been banned. Yet, it does give an incentive to those users whom are on good behavior, with the hopes to have his/her record completely cleared of all offenses.

RuneScape ClanChat Rules

To view the updated rules of The National Guard of RuneScape's "clan-chat" channel, check the following link: http://www.nationalguardofrunescape.com/chat/rules

Active Membership:

There are no restrictions on members, (current and yet recruited). If you ever wish to depart or leave our gaming group, feel free to do so. But, it is still of good nature to give word to the leaders of such changes.

The only time-based minimums to remain a member of NG is listed in RULE 7 (see above). Aside from that, a member may join the NG, and never play RuneScape one day of his/her life, and still remain in membership to NG.

Staff Election System:

  • Overlord: The Architect holds the right to edit forum ranks at any time, and to make any changes to the guidelines and rules of NG, to serve the best interest of the community. When such changes occur, public notice shall be posted in the Community News area, so all members of NG are well aware of altercations to any aspect of major importance of the NG.

  • Election Process: All NG Staff promotions are decided by a succession of various occurrences. The first is by filing the majority of the inbox reports against offensive users. The second is a public feedback vote by every member of NG. The third is a vote by the NG Staff. The fourth is based on the sum of all votes, to conclude a final decision conducted by the Architect.

  • Staff Re-Elections: When the majority feedback from the community is negative toward the active members of NG Staff, a feedback poll shall be held in the manner of each member of NG Staff, to gather feedback on whom are performing to the best of their ability, and to the high standards which form the NG as a community for the members, rather than a group that is power-struggled by those in the office of NG Staff. The feedback votes help the NG to elect a more rounded staffing to represent all aspects of the NG community, rather than the minority holding and preserving power selectively to friends, family, or benefactors. This shall also eliminate all corruption when and where present in the NG, to promote a more equality structure for the active members of NG.

  • Chat Moderator: The choice is determined by the user whom files the most reports to a Chat Administrator each and every month. These reports must be images from the clan chat channel at RuneScape used by NG. That user is selected for the monthly vote conducted to determine if the user is worthy of being a Chat Moderator for ClanChat.
    Should the limit be reached for Chat Moderators, the vote shall not take place for that month, and be followed by a vote for the month to follow.

  • Forum Moderator: Promotion is based on a succession of purposefully reported problem topics or replies at forum. Should one of the Forum Administrator find a member beneficial to the NG Staff, s/he may select that member as a future Forum Moderator, and get the name selected as a possible addition to the NG Staff.

  • Forum Administrator: Must first serve as a Forum Moderator for at least a 30-day period, under which proof of the user's value to the NG an be shown. Once Forum Administrators believe a Forum Moderator is ready, the feedback process shall begin, resulting in a decision placed by the Architect.

  • Forum Administrator Purpose: They serve to not only manage the Forum Moderators, and help enforce fairness and peace at the forum -- but they also train Forum Moderators on the responsibilities of leading as future Forum Administrators, when such time arises.

Staff Restrictions:

  • There is no limit on the number of Game Moderators.
  • There may be no more than 1 Architect.
  • There may be no more than 3 Forum Administrators.
  • There may be no more than 3 Forum Moderators.
  • There may be no more than 25 RScc Moderators (Overseers/Enforcers).

  • If a Forum Administrator is inactive (failed to contact a member of NG Staff, or failed to post an away notice in forum) for 7+ days, s/he will be demoted from staff. A replacement for Forum Administrator shall be chosen.

  • If a Forum Moderator is inactive (failed to contact a member of NG Staff, or failed to post an away notice in forum) for 7+ days, s/he will be demoted from staff. At such time, a new Forum Moderator shall be chosen.

  • If an RScc Moderator is inactive for over 7 days, has not posted an away notice at forum, or failed to contact a member of NG Staff, s/he shall be demoted. No replacement for this position is required at that time, yet shall resume with the following month through the Election Process.

Forum Moderator/Apprentice:

  • Each Forum Administrator must accept to properly instruct a selected Forum Moderator, to learn the ropes of what it takes to run the community, and maintain order. Such selected apprenticeship is done by the Architect.

  • Forum Administrator must have at least one, and no more than one, claimed Forum Moderator in apprenticeship at a time.

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Insubordination: The inability to perform his/her chosen task in NG Staff, after being properly trained to do so, may result in the immediately demotion to Knight status, set by the Architect.

  • Forum Administrators: Maintain and upkeep the rules of NG over forum members, or help enforce an atmosphere that is free of offenses or disturbances.

  • Forum Moderators: Manage the forum topics and replies, close topics that show rule offenses, and report offensive users to a Forum Administrator via inbox.

  • Forum Members: Submit reports of rule offenders to the NG Staff. Based on the quality and succession of evidential reported members, you may have a stronger chance to become a Forum Moderator.

A Thanks From Staff:

All of us at the NG Staff would like to thank you for using our services, to benefit your ability/knowledge of the current game you are in, as well as answering any questions/concerns you may have about future updates/changes to the game you are in, as well as ANY online multiplayer gaming experience. Best of luck in your travels, and may the force be with you.

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact us via http://www.facebook.com/catherby . This is NOT to be used for ban appeals, staff applications, donations, or anything related to matters handled by JaGeX. All attempts of violation and/or misuse of this function may result in us blocking your e-mail address, as well as possible denial of access to our services completely.

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