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Reaching the Boiling Point; Open
Topic Started: Dec 12 2014, 12:19 AM (427 Views)

Just an ordinary day in Latveria. Viper would awaken from her quarters. It has been such a while since she has seen sleep. The sleep that she had was quite good and well rested. She stretched as she got out of bed. It was going to be a great day indeed.

Moments later, she left her quarters. There was work to do. Much to plan especially with the demise of H.A.M.M.E.R. Now was the perfect time for Hydra to go after the remains of H.A.M.M.E.R. as well as S.H.I.E.L.D. before they would grow even larger. Dressed in her well known green jumpsuit, she walked with pride. Hydra were at their peak right now with Latveria in their hands. She liked to believe that she played a big part in that someway.

Just as she walked past some civilians of Latveria, she had heard a small child. His remarks. "Oh look! It's the Red Skull's girlfriend." Immediately, Viper's mood went from having a great day to a bad one. These stupid...stupid rumors. Just because she was Madame Hydra did not mean she was sleeping with the ruler himself.

As she proceeded to walk to the castle, she would reminiscence when her and Agent 13 were battling one another. "I'm impressed. You're more than just a woman trying to impress a man in red, white, and blue. Who would've known..." those were the words Viper sent to Sharon Carter. That cow of a woman replied with... "Yeah, well, at least he has a face. Yours is just-" That ignorant blonde $#^%$! What the hell did she know? She was NOT dating the Red Skull!

It seemed that no matter how many times she said it, someone would still claim she and the Skull were an item. She had no need to be with the man.

Moments later, there she sat at one of the tables within a lounge room for all Hydra to be apart of. She sat, sipping her tea and reading the paper. Another memory had come to her. It was when their current prisoner Rabbit had made a snide remark to Viper. "What about you? do you want your @%&$ buddy back that badly? he's not even a decent lay." It angered Viper and it took all in her body to not get up, find the cell for this $#^%$ and kill her in cold blood.

Just then, Hydra soldier Bob came up to Viper. He saluted her as he should. "Ma'am, do you happen to know where Herr Skull is?"

That...was the breaking point.

Suddenly, Viper would get up, flipping the table she was sitting at as she screamed. With that, she backhanded Bob as he fell to the ground. Viper had continued to scream like a mad woman as she suddenly ripped up the paper she was reading. Then the television that a few Hydra agents were watching, she knocked it down and then punched one of the agents on the face. Many of the people in the room would remove themselves from it, while others just backed away slowly, still being in the room.

"I AM NOT DATING THE RED SKULL!!!" Viper yelled in commotion. This was one of Viper's crazy moments. It was time to vent and set the record straight once and for all.
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Odd how ordinary days for people were so vastly different. For some the ordinary day was simply doing their assigned tasks, followed by lounging in front of a tv. While others read, and yet others still gossiped or wondered about taking in the sights of Latveria. For the Militant, an ordinary day was an early morning triathlon. A trail ride down the mountian, followed by a long swim across a vast lake, and then a job back up the mountain while carrying his mountain bike. Breakfast followed and then a shower. From there rounds through the various castle security points, a work out session in the weight room where he focused on specific muscle groups.

Hydra agents were to be at their peak so Militant completed a sparring session in the simulator followed by another shower and then off to lunch he went. Strategic mission planning and disseminating of gathered intel in the afternoon and then more work out sessions dinner another shower and bed at last. His ordinary day was actually his every day as the Militant militantly went about his routine, rarely diverging from its course, and always focused on the task at hand. Though words spoken by Moonstone and others about his need to be more social and sociable had started to creep into his thoughts during his various workouts.

He did not comprehend the strategic importance of social interactions. He knew that Emil, Viper, and Moonstone would fight admirably at his side and he would reciprocate to the best of his ability. They could trust and depend on him to be with them entirely, carrying the banner of Hydra into battle. These elite did not need a social interaction to know this to be truth and he in turn did not either. As for the vanguard soldiers of Hydra, he did not need this social thing to know they would do their job either. It was their commandment and they would do so or die either in combat or by his own hand for failing. Though many great generals had spoke of troop morale, so Militant supposed that the Hydra Vanguard needed the social interactions to keep their spirits high. Though it was still baffling as what could be more uplifting than the war beat of Hail Hydra!

So Militant's day was very out of the ordinary as he decided to skip out on his simulator session and spend a bit of time among the troops in one of the common rooms. Observing how they executed this social interaction and devising a plan to best execute such a mission himself. Though he did not believe he was terrible at it. He had ended up spending a few hours with Moonstone after discussing his possible need for a hobby.

Seating himself at a table where Madame Hydra was seated while she read a news paper. Militant feigned reading through a military history magazine as he observed the troops engaging is social interaction. Taking note of how they stood and interacted. Finding himself perturbed at the lack of spatial awareness and the letting down of their guard in such close proximity to others. One agent was completely flanked as he told some nonsensical story. Though his social interaction reconnaissance mission was suddenly and abruptly interrupted as Viper made a sudden outburst, assaulting various agents and proclaiming her not dating Red Skull status.

Had they not been so enamored with their social interactions they would have been prepared for the attack. Though while they would not have defeated their assailant, as she was Madame Hydra for a reason, they would have at least not been completely obliterated, leaving Militant to recognize the dangers of letting ones own guard down. Though he had heard such rumors though had dismissed them after observing other known couples in Latveria. "Clearly she is not as she does maintain her own quarters." He simply said as he maintained his seated position after she had flipped the table they were at. After all, what does he know on the subject of dating. He was bred for one purpose and one purpose only, and that was to wage war upon Captain America. "And while we are on the subject. I am not dating Moonstone either. You people should concern yourselves with your own surroundings." He simply said as there had been that rumor floating around as well, and Militant assumed that what had taken place did not mean they were dating. Matter of fact the pair was pretty blunt with each other on the not a date don't get attached conversation.
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Hail Moonstone
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Karla looked at the mirror in front of her with an angry look on her face, she was bored staying in this place all the time and was working on something to entertain herself as she didn't know how much more boredom she could take. She had found small ways to amuse herself by messing around with Miltant ad seeing just how much she could push him into doing her will. It was fun seeing how she could mess with a clone that had been conditioned by the Red Skull, but still there had to be other fun things to do.

She left her room now as she was going to see if there was anything going on, Karla could hear Viper shout she was no dating the Red Skull and she laughed as she knew this sounded like fun. She walked closer now and heard what Miltant said and she give a chuckle.

"No you are not dating me, as if I would allow you to do that." She said with a slight hate in her voice

Off course they had that fling, but they were not dating and she would use him when she saw fit. She looked at them both with a smirk on her face.

"Then again it makes me wonder why Viper is yelling out she is not dating the Red Skull, you seemed to deny that one pretty strongly."
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