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Making Contact; Open
Topic Started: Nov 26 2014, 09:02 PM (450 Views)
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"You- YOU! Are the most, the most-!"

"Narcissistic, contemptuous, egotistical?"

"Audacious! The most audacious man I have ever met in my life!" The young, natural haired cafe colored woman clung tightly to a fold of sheets in one hand trying desperately keep her slim naked frame covered, while the other clutched the edge of a crinkled yellow tablet note. "You have the audacity to have your, what is that, a butler, bodyguard? Inform me that I need to vacate the premises in half an hour, and hands me a signed note saying thank you!?"

Rashid furrowed his brow. "You left out the tidbit about my having a cooked you a sweet, savory breakfast." He nodded towards the French Toast on nightstand, next to the bed as he tightened the tie about his neck. The sweltering slab of butter atop the toast had nearly completely melted into the thick cut slices. "Truthfully, I've had an adventurous night. Thank you."

The woman looked at the hot plate and seemed unsure of whether to fume more or calm down. She choose the latter for the sake of her nerves. "Okay, so that was-, I didn't notice that, being that I was awakened by a man I'd never seen before. I guess your methods are just... odd." She paused before adding "Thank You." Still her eyes expressed skepticism.

Rashid nodded as he fastened the golden cufflinks on his hands. "You're Welcome. Please, help yourself. I do have a meeting in..." He glanced at his wide faced Rolex "less than an hour, if you don't mind?"

She glanced at the plate and then sat herself next to the nightstand, taking the it in her lap, careful to keep the sheet covering her. "So, you're in a hurry, I understand." She forced on a sugary smile, the same one that drew him to her in the first place, trying to ignore his obvious rushing. "So, when can I expect a second date?"

Rashid shrugged on his suit jacket and tilted his head towards her, inquisitively "Janice, that was your name wasn't it? Yes. First of all, there was no initial date, for me to follow up with a second. I met you after a dazzling display of your gift of gab at a spoken word event that hadn't been pre-planned and thus wasn't a date. Secondly- and I say this so that you are prepared in the future- men are after one thing. You hold off on that thing a night or two and that man may find other interests he didn't realize were there and there is a shot at a future. You never gave me the chance to explore that possibility."

Janice's jaw was practically on the floor. Her mouth moved without words for a moment or two, before some finally tumbled out, her anger reignited. "So that's it then!? You just take what you want and send me on my way?"

"Unfortunately it is. I simply don't have the time to invest in something in which I've already exhausted it's prime worth. Don't take it personal."

"Don't take it p- oh hell no!" the plate flew with quite some strength behind the poet's throw, missing him by mere inches. Syrupy french toast, stuck to the wall behind him. She was already marching towards him, leaving behind her protective sheets when Rashid decided it was time for her to take her leave. "I am a woman whose body is a sacred temple! Not some cavern for you to just stick your-!"

"Tony." he said simply as he swaggered away from the fuming woman. The bald headed man who'd awakened Janice, a few shades lighter than Rashid himself had been standing just outside the room. He walked in and quite easily picked up the scorned raging woman, and carried her through the halls of the mansion where he'd deposit her outside on the back patio, which happened to be quite large, while still maintaining her privacy. She'd be given her clothing just a few moments later.

Meanwhile Rashid exited through the front door, where he was greeted by a limousine, complete with professional driver. In minutes he was cruising through the city streets of Atlanta en route to a particularly defining business meeting. Though it had started out on a relatively positive note, all things considered, Rashid's days had a tendency to be... unpredictable.

His door was opened and he stepped out, over dressed for the midtown area, but hardly with a care in his mind. The restaurant was the Ra Sushi Bar, a Japanese establishment agreed on by he and his contact for neutral meeting place. A contact who had class about them, and always arrived on time. Rashid smiled when they made themselves known and extended his hand. "Glad you were able to make the time to meet with me. Sha'll we?"
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