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The Mandarin; The Ultimate Barbarian Warlord
Topic Started: Jun 2 2013, 09:42 AM (595 Views)
The Mandarin
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The Mandarin

Real Name:
Tem Borjigin


93(usually appears to be 35)



Appearance:Tem Borjigin is six-foot-four and supremely athletic. His face is handsome and powerful, but vaguely primitive, with a bit of a caveman brow. He is half white, half Mongol, and this shows in his eyes, which have a mixed look to them. His hair is dark, thick, long, and coarse. He sometime wears it in a pony-tail, other times he lets it flow freely to just beneath his shoulders. He has a beard that is cut to a point. His knuckles are so thickly calloused that they appear to have warts to the untrained eye. His fingernails are thick, and chisel-like.

He typically dresses in expensive, colorful business suits. While his clothing is expensive, his taste is fairly tacky, more Al Pacino Scarface than male model. He wears ten rings, each made of thick gold, and topped with a different colored gem.

Weapons / Armor / Gear:
The Mandarin wears ten rings which each possess one or more powers. The powers of the rings are as follows:

The ring causes the air to move about at high speed in a tornado. The tornado can be used to pull an enemy towards the Mandarin or to entrap an enemy and render him or her dizzy. The gem is shaped like a simple blue circle. Left thumb.

The ring emits waves of cold which can be used to entrap an opponent in ice. The gem is shaped like multiple small cylindrical capsules, colored blue-white. Left index finger.

The ring magnifies the wearer's own psionic energy, allowing him to create illusions. The gem is shaped like a blue diamond/tilted square. Left middle finger.

This ring can emit a blinding flash of white light, or gravity. Has been used to create gravity powerful enough to make Iron Man bury himself by trying to walk forward. The gem is shaped like two white circles, set in gold (almost like a pair of eyes). Left ring finger.

The ring can create an area of absolute blackness that seems to absorb all light used within it. The gem is shaped like four tiny black-blue dots, arranged in a square shape in groups of two. Left pinky.

This ring can rearrange the atoms and molecules of a substance. The ring has been used to condense water vapor in the air to liquid water, to solidify gasses, to create lethal poison gas from the air, to turn a group of men to stone, to turn a man into a beetle, to turn a mountain into a rock-monster, and to make a stone hand large enough to engulf Iron Man's body erupt from the floor. The ring has no effect on energy, or objects protected by even the weakest of force-fields. The gem is shaped like a small purple circle. Right thumb.

The ring emits electricity in the form of lightning-bolt. The gem is shaped like an angled green line. Right index finger.

The ring emits a stream of flame resembling a flamethrower. The gem is shaped like four red capsules. Right middle finger.

The ring emits a beam of energy that destroys all bonds between the atoms and molecules of the object it strikes. This ring needs twenty minutes to recharge after use, and is difficult to aim at moving targets. The gem is shaped like a golden square. Right ring finger.

This ring can project various forms of energy, most frequently that of fast neutrons with great concussive force. The ring has also been used to project intense sonic vibrations and to create magnetic waves to attract objects. The gem is shaped like a star, colored purple (or red). Right pinky.

Skills / Education/ Training:The Mandarin is a grandmaster martial artist and a grandmaster of Chi-mysticism.

The Mandarin possesses genius-level intellect in genetic-engineering, physics, engineering, and chemistry. In addition to being extremely educated in earthly sciences, he has reverse-engineered an alien space-craft and mastered the technology found within.

He is a brilliant tactician and a gifted strategist both militarily and politically.

He is sufficiently adept at sorcery to cast minor scrying rituals and use rituals to fuse multiple magic items into one powerful magic item.

The Mandarin possesses the power to channel Chi, the force of his raging spirit, into physical power. By channeling his Chi, the Mandarin can survive for years without food or water, move at superhuman speed, perform feats of superhuman strength and durability, and perform immensely destructive martial-arts strikes. His martial-arts strikes(his most common used being karate-chops) rival the striking power of Class 100 strength characters in destructiveness. The Mandarin can use meditation to replace sleep, with one minute of meditation having the effect of an hour of sleep. Thus the Mandarin can avoid the need for sleep entirely by meditating for eight minutes out of each twenty-four hours. His ability to channel Chi into his body has also rendered him virtually ageless.

Tem Borjigin is technically human, and possesses all human limitations when not amping his body with Chi. Amping his body requires one full second per Class 10 amp, maxing out at Class 100 at 10 seconds.

Amping his body to levels that physically rival the Iron Man armor will exhaust his supply of Chi in just under thirty minutes, so he can not simply walk around perpetually amped. Thus he is vulnerable both to surprise attacks and fights lasting longer than his supply of Chi.

Restoring his supply of Chi completely requires at least four hours of uninterrupted meditation.

Using Chi in place of food and water is possible, but not healthy. Should the Mandarin be forced to use Chi in place of food and water for longer than six months, he will show signs of aging, such as grey hair and wrinkles. Such signs will eventually fade if he starts eating and drinking normally for at least a year.

Borjigin is driven by rage, lust, and vanity, and possesses very little self-control. He is easily manipulated by those who know how to push his buttons.

Personality: The Mandarin is at heart a crude, raging barbarian. Though he was raised an aristocrat, that upbringing was not refined. Rather, he was taught that fencing, hunting, horse-riding, and martial arts were what a nobleman should master, not manners. He likes to dress expensively and surround himself with expensive things as part of a pretense of nobility, but that pretense never holds up to the slightest stress. He does have a code of honor, but this a warrior code that bares no resemblance to civilized morality.

History: Tem Borjigin, or Temmy as he was sometimes called, was born to great wealth, the son of a Mongolian nobleman and a British aristocrat. Both parents died shortly after he was born.

His aunt was a bitter, angry woman, and decided to turn Temmy into a super-soldier rather than raise him to be a decent human being.

Immense amounts of money were spent bringing the finest tutors on earth to his castle, training him in science(especially sciences related to blowing things up), military tactics, and exotic mystic martial arts. Additionally, Temmy himself spent enormous amounts of money fencing, hunting, whoring, and drinking. Once his martial arts trainers taught him how to substitute brief periods of meditation in place of sleep, Temmy was able to spend almost twenty-four hours a day training and partying.

The combination of constant training and partying exhausted Temmy's fortune just after he reached adulthood. Unable to pay the taxes on his ancestral lands, Temmy was evicted by the government, and everyone who served him was rendered unemployed.

This enraged Temmy. He was smarter, stronger, and of more refined blood than anyone else on earth, yet a government full of peasant sheep had rendered him homeless. After stewing in his rage for while, he concluded that civilization itself was poisoning the earth. Survival of the fittest was what had made humanity strong, and survival of the fittest would be his mantra.

Temmy began working as a mercenary, gun-runner, and drug-smuggler. While inspecting opium poppy-fields in the Golden Triangle, Temmy discovered the wreck of an ancient alien space-ship in a cave. Temmy destroyed the robotic defenders of the ship with his martial arts abilities, and then looted the technology he found within. He reverse-engineered the stolen tech, advancing his knowledge of science immensely. He also began wearing ten rings he found in the engine-room, eventually learning to use them to project energy attacks.

Temmy used his new found resources to conquer the nearby city of Kunming. He began using his city as a base of operations, becoming the world's leading supplier of mercenaries and high-tech weaponry, as well as the silent controller of the Golden Triangle opium and heroin production.

Temmy then began a long campaign to make the world a more brutal, warlike, and darwinian place. One of his schemes brought him into conflict with Tony Stark, the man who would become his greatest nemesis. Temmy secretly stole Stark Industry produced missiles and spy-planes as part of a plan to cause World War III.

Over the years Temmy and Tony would come into conflict many times. Sometimes this would be over something huge, like Temmy's plan to cause global chaos by bombarding the world with hate-rays from orbiting satellites. Other times the war could take the form of something as mundane as Tony trying to sell an extremely fuel-efficient car and Temmy sabotaging it because of big oil interests paying him to do so. But always, always these two seem destined to smash each others dreams.

Chaotic Evil, and proud of it!

RP Sample:
Borjigin surveyed the dining hall. The table was carved from thick hardwood, built sturdy to support the most lavish feasts. The table's supports were carved in the image of dragons, giving the appearance that the flat top of the table was resting on the backs of dragons. The chairs were dark hardwood with red cushions, the tops having the appearance of two small dragons, one facing left, the other right.

Chilled grapes, kiwi, strawberries, slices of pineapple, and slices of green melon were already on the table as appetizers. From the kitchen, the smells of various dishes, Mongolian Korkhog(barbequed lamb) , buuz(a meat dumpling, some made from horsemeat, others goatmeat, others beef, and still others yakmeat), shish-kebabs made of various meats and vegetables, some with bits of pineapple. mandarin chicken, mandarin duck, and many other dishes were cooking in anticipation of the master's desires.

The walls were covered in murals, some of them of hunting, others of great battles from Mongol history. The spots that weren't covered in murals were stone and covered with bas-relief images of dragons.

A high window gave a view of the full moon, which was just now rising into view.

The floor was stone, save for a red carpet with gold trim leading from the entrance-way to the table.

Beautiful women stood waiting for Borjigin's permission to sit and begin feasting. They were dressed in elegant white silk with ornate gold jewelry. Their clothing could almost have passed for the clothing of noble ladies, except for showing just a little too much skin. In fact they were high-class whores, their presence here mainly for decoration.

Tem Borjigin was himself dressed in a black silk suit with a red tie and a leopard-print scarf. He smiled as he looked over the feast. Everything was perfect. Of course it was, everyone here knew that Borjigin would personally skin alive anyone who failed him.

He considered giving permission to allow the feast to begin, but decided against it. He was peckish, but not yet truly hungry. He needed to build up an appetite before eating.

"Bring Hyde to me," Borjigin rumbled,"and prepare his formula."

A servant bowed deeply and left the room walking backwards.

Borjigin tossed and swallowed a couple of horse-meat-dumplings while he waited.

Soon an ugly brown-haired man in a cheap green business-suit was wheeled in. He was strapped to a table like some unwilling surgery recipient.

"Let me out! I'll rip you all apart for this!" yelled Mr Hyde, aka Dr Calvin Zabo.

"Will you indeed, little man?" rumbled Borjigin in his deep, gravelly voice.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!" shouted Hyde.

"Would you care to make a wager on that?" asked a smirking Borjigin.

"What?" said Hyde in a confused tone.

Borjigin began taking off his rings one at a time, placing them on a silk pillow held by one of his harem-girls.

"In a moment, the tubes connected to your arms will flood your body with your precious serum. When that happens you may attempt to kill me. I will not use my rings, no guards will intervene, it will be just the two of us, man to man. If a simpering peasant weakling like you can be called a man, anyway," said Borjigin with laughter in his voice, "If you kill me, you will be given all I possess. Lose, and I will rip your face off with my teeth before returning you to your cell to rot until it amuses me to mutilate you some more."

Borjigin nodded slightly at a servant, and a few seconds later the machinery on the bed holding Mr Hyde hummed to life, pumping the green liquid into his body. Hyde screamed and writhed as his muscles and veins grew at massive rate. In less than ten seconds his body changed from that of a nerdy scientist into a muscle-bound brute, exploding the shackles holding him to the bed in the process.

Borjigin grinned ferally in anticipation of the battle to come. He loved combat, the blood, the sweat, even the pain was glorious!

Hyde swung a crude haymaker at his head. Borjigin ducked inside the swing and countered with a palm-strike that turned Hyde's nose into a purple smear. Hyde staggered back, covering his nose with his hands. Borjigin followed up by ramming stiffened fingers into Hyde's solar-plexus. The pain made Hyde double-over and vomit on Borjigin's chest. Hyde roared and tried to strangle him. Borjigin popped Hyde's ear-drums with a double-slap, and broke his ribs with a knee-kick. Hyde's grip loosened as he was close to passing out. Borjigin grabbed Hyde's head and, as he had promised, ripped a chunk out of Hyde's face before allowing him to slump to the ground.

Borjigin laughed and picked a bit of skin out of his teeth with his fingernail.

"Take this trash back to his cell until I find tormenting him amusing again," he said, and picked another piece of skin out from between his teeth.

Rasberry Air

Previous RP Experience:
Over two years playing Caroline on a Vampire Diaries site.

Sourced From:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandarin_%28comics%29 , http://www.comicvine.com/mandarin/4005-3530/ , http://herochat.com/forum/index.php/topic,202057.0.html
The Mandarin

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There is no civility, only politics.
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Review process begun.
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The Human Torch
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There is no civility, only politics.
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Overall, pretty good app. Just a couple things:

1) PM Iron Man and make sure you have his permission for him to be in your app. He can post in the thread or just say 'yes' in the pm.

2) you've done a good job with the no plagiarism part for the history, but for the rings themselves, could you switch it up a little? That's a little closer to the wiki.

3)and could you list which rings he wears on what hand? It doesn't need to be exactly how he does it in the comics, if you want to change it, feel free.

4) we're shooting for more than having human limitations. what's the best way to tackle him? High frequency sonics? Acid-filled super-squirter? ANd I know its in the wiki, but maybe going without food or water and just using chi will cause aging in a shorter length of time than a year?
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Iron Man

I give permission to be used in the Mandarin's history.
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There is no civility, only politics.
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Next time, PM me or post that you've made the changes!

And please link your bio in your signature.
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