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Power List
Topic Started: Jan 15 2013, 11:22 PM (690 Views)

This thread is a reference for all original characters in Marvel: A New Dawn. This list will tell you what level a power is at regarding overuse. We will try and edit this list when we can based on popularity.

Wording Definitions

- Kinesis is the ability to control something through a mental connection  this requires an outside source and usually a line of sight or to be with in a certain distance from the source. This type is all mental based and as such should cause mental fatigue with use and levels of focus to remain in control.

- Manipulation is the ability to control something through physical means such as touch or through the movement of hands or other body parts. Since this is done physically, closeness to the source is required and may be hindered by paralyzing body or separation of source and user. Constant contact maybe needed but is not required.

- Creation is the ability to produce source either physically or mentally such as from the body or through "thin air". The user may feel drained through creating the source though this is not necessarily the case but they should be limited on how much they can produce and may not be able to manipulate or control the source.

- Fusion is the ability to become apart of the source whether it is completely or partially. This is where 'Armor' would be located and it limitation varies.

- Travel is the ability to travel  by any means beside walking and could include flight of varying wingless types.

-Enhanced - Slightly Above Average

-Olympic - Greatly Above Average

-Peak - highest level of human limitation

-Superhuman - Beyond human levels

- ( / ) Is a separation and is meant to be different sort of power and was used to help condense some more space. Example Water / Ice does not mean that the user can control both water and ice necessarily but one or the other. If they choose both then they are 2 separate powers instead of 1.

Warning Levels

Maroon- Is the highest level of warning and  is awarded to those powers that board on god modding. These powers are therefore banned from use completely unless you talk to staff about them First.

Red -Is a medium level warning and is discouraged from use but not forbidden. Powers that are at this level should be unique and unlike what is commonly in use. The staff will be much harder on the requirements for these powers and there is a higher chance for being denied.

Blue- Is the lowest level of warning and is being watched by staff for overuse it is on its way to being overused. It is still open for use but originality is strongly advised.

Warning list - Read First!!!!!!

Maroon Level

- Affecting the visceral nervous system
- Causing Disease
- Touch of Death
- Causing Genetic Alterations
- Causing Physical Distortion/Augmentations to others/self
- Causing Disease
- Affecting Biological Functions of Others/Self
- Influencing Will/Actions of others
- Autonomic Function Control/Manipulation
- Stealing of Soul(s)
- Omnipresence
- Animal Morphing
- Power Bestowal
- Power Absorption
- Mental Possession
- Mind Control/Manipulation
- Slowing Down/Speeding Up Flow of Time
- Time Travel
- Stopping Flow of Time

The List

Elemental Manipulation
Whether you can part seas or cause the earth to tremble, you were born with the ability to control the raw power of the world around you to achieve your ultimate goals.

Air/ Wind / Aero

- Aerokinesis (control with the mind)
- Manipulating the Air/Wind (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Creating Air/ Wind (Mentally/Physically)
- Air/Wind Fusion (becoming air/wind)
- Creation of Wind Tunnels/ Tornadoes /Hurricanes
- Air/ Wind Travel (travel by any means besides walking)


- Control/Manipulation of Weather
- Mentally Affecting the Weather
- Generation of Various Natural Phenomena (rain, lightning, etc)

Earth /Rock/ Mud

- Geokinesis (Control with the mind)
- Manipulation of Earth/Rock (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Creation of Rock/Earth (Mentally/ Physically)
- Causing/Creating Earthquakes
- Creation of Volcanoes (Inactive, Active)
- Earth/ Rock Fusion (Becoming Earth/ Rock)
- Earth Travel (traveling by any means besides walking)


- Crystal / Gem Kinesis (Control with the Mind)
- Crystal / Gem Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Crystal / Gem Creation (Mentally/Physically)
- Crystal / Gem Fusion (becoming Crystal)

Glass / Mirror/ Sand

- Glass / Mirror Kinesis (control with the Mind)
- Glass / Mirror Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Glass / Mirror Creation (Mentally / Physically)
- Glass Fusion / Mirror Fusion (becoming Glass / Mirrors)
- Glass / Mirror Travel (travel by any means besides walking)
- Sand kinesis (control with the mind)
- Sand Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Sand Creation (Mentally / Physically)
- Sand Fusion (becoming sand)
- Creation of Sand Storms
- Sand Travel (travel by any means besides walking)

Metal / Non Magnetic Metal
- Metal / Non-Magnetic Metal kinesis (control with the mind)
- Metal / Non-Magnetic Metal manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Metal / Non-Magnetic Metal Creation (mentally / physically)
- Metal / Non Magnetic Metal Fusion (Becoming Metal)
- Metal / Non Magnetic Metal Travel (travel by any means besides walking)


- Electric Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Electric Manipulation (physically with the use of body parts)
- Electric Creation (mentally / physically)
- Electric Fusion (becoming Electricity)
- Electric Travel (travel by any means besides walking)


- Fire / Lava Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Fire / Lava Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Fire / Lave Creation (mentally / physically)
- Fire / Lave Fusion (Becoming Fire / Lava)
- Fire / Lava Travel (travel by any means besides walking)
- Heat Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Heat Manipulation (physically with the use of body parts)
- Heat Creation (mentally / physically)
- Heat travel (travel by any means besides walking)

Water / Cold / Ice

- Water / Ice Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Water / Ice Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Water / Ice Creation (mentally / physically)
- Water / Ice Fusion (becoming water / ice)
- Water / Ice travel (travel by any means besides walking)
- Cold Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Cold Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Cold Travel (travel by any means besides walking)

Plant / Wood /Fauna

- Plant / Wood / Fauna kinesis (control with the mind)
- Plant / Wood / Fauna Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Plant / Wood / Fauna Creation (mentally /physically)
- Plant / Wood / Fauna Fusion (becoming Plant / Wood/ Fauna)
- Plant / Wood /Fauna Travel (travel by any means besides walking)

Other (not listed)

- Kinesis (control with the mind)
- Manipulation (Physically with the use of body parts)
- Creation (Mentally / Physically)
- Fusion (Becoming ______ )
- Travel by means of ______ (by any other means besides walking)

Physical Alteration and Manipulation
You may not be able to control the weather but you are capable of feats outside of normal human ability weather it is changing your appearance or moving at the speed of light you are a force to be reckoned with in this world.

Enhanced Physical Performance

- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Senses (Hearing /Vision/Taste /Smell)
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Strength
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Endurance
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Durability
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Agility
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Speed
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Reflexes
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Dexterity
- Enhanced / Olympic / Peak / Superhuman Other (not listed)

Prehensile Anatomy

- Hair
- Nail
- Tail
- Tongue
- Other (not list)

Body Mass alteration

- Alteration to Fat tissue
- Alteration to muscle mass
- Alteration to skin density
- Other (not listed)


- Increase/Decrease Mass of Self
- Increase/Decrease Mass of Objects/People
- Increase/Decrease Density of Self
- Increase/Decrease Density of Objects/People
- Self Detonation/Explosion

Body Manipulation

- Growth of Additional body parts
- Anatomical Liberation
- Body Part Substitution
- Duplication
- Other (not listed)

- Blood Kinesis Self / Others (through the use of mind)
- Blood Manipulation Self / Other (Physically through the use of body parts)
- Blood Creation (mentally / Physically)
- Blood Excretion Self / Other
- Blood Consumption /Hunger Self /Other / Etc.
- Other (not listed)


- Bone Kinesis Self/ Others (through the use of mind)
- Bone manipulation Self / Other (physically through the use of body parts)
- Bone Creation (mentally /Physically)
- Bone protrusion Self / Other
- Bone rearrangement /alteration
- Other (not listed)

Biological Manipulation /Autonomy Manipulation

- Autonomic Function Control/Manipulation
- Influencing Will /Actions of others
- Affecting the visceral nervous system
- Causing Genetic Alterations
- Causing Physical Distortion/Augmentations to others/self
- Causing Disease Curable / incurable
- Affecting Biological Functions of Others/Self

Healing Factor

- Improved / accelerated /rapid Self-healing
- Healing of others through touch
- Healing by any other means Self /Other
- Wound transfer to Self / Other
- Reformation/Regeneration of Self
- Immortality
- Slow Ageing

Death / Pain

- Touch of Death
- Stealing of Soul(s)/Causing Death by any means other than Touch
- Touch of Pain Inner / Outer (means to cause pain on the inside or out)
- Causing Pain Inner/Outer by other means other than touch


- Generate Pheromones Into the Air
- Access Pheromones On Skin
- Control Pheromones By Any Means
- Male/Female Instant Attraction
- Love Touch


- Can Phase Through Objects/People
- Cannot be Touched
- Cannot Touch Objects/People
- Can Cause People/Objects to be Intangible


- Transparency
- Total Invisibility
- Blending into the environment

Absorption / Immunity

- Solar / Lunar
- Flame / Heat
- Ice / Cold
- Water / Wind
- Poison / Radation
- Other (not listed)

Morphing / Transformation
You are not confined to boundaries of your human limitation but you are capable of ascending to something much more that gave birth to legend and myths.

Full Animal Transformation (Pick One. These are separate from features)

- Canine Transformation (wolves, dogs, hybrids, werewolves, etc)
- Feline Transformation (cats, tigers, lions, etc)
- Bat Transformation (fruit, vampire, etc)
- Primate Transformation (ape, gorilla, etc)
- Shark Transformation (white, tiger, hammerhead, etc)
- Other Aquatic life (dolphin, fish, seahorse, etc)
- Bird Transformation (sparrow, eagle, hawk, etc)
- Amphibious Transformation (frogs, toads, salamanders, etc)
- Other Mammal Transformations (will list as more show up)

Partial transformation

Amphibious Features

- Legs/Ankles/Toes
- Skin
- Camouflage
- Poison Glands
- Prehensile Tongue/Tail

Aquatic Features

- Fins
- Gills
- Sight
- Sense of smell (example: Shark’s blood sense)
- Hearing/Echolocation


- Canine claws/feet/eyes/tail/ears/teeth/etc
- Feline claws/feet/eyes/tail/ears/teeth/etc
- Bird talons/claws/tail/eyes/beak/etc
- Elongated Teeth/ Animal Claws

Other Animal transformation

- Animal Senses (sight, taste, smell, hearing, etc)
- Animal Reflexes/Agility
- Animal Mimicry
- Animal Communication

Animal Wings

- Bat/Dragon
- Bird/Angel/Feathered
- Butterfly/Moth
- Dragonfly
- Fly/Bee/Wasp
- Other (not listed)

Shape Shifting

- Shifting Body Structure
- Shifting from Male to Female/Female to Male
- Alteration of Hair/Skin/Nails/Face/Etc
- Elasticity
- Inorganic
- Liquification
- Size Shifting
- Sublimation
- Copying Other’s Appearances


- Self-Transmutation (Touch / Will)
- Elemental Transmutation Self / Other / Inanimate (Touch / Will)


- Making Physical Duplicates of Self/Others
- Duplication of Mutant Powers (Automatic and Non-Automatic)
- Temporal Duplication
- Merging of two people into one
- Self/Soul Merging

Mental Base Powers
Your powers to control the hidden recesses of your mind and that of those around you make you a dangerous opponent. You can sway the masses with a simple though or can transport yourself to a plane of higher understanding and comprehension that few can ever achieve.


- Enhanced / Superior / Superhuman Intelligence
- Encyclopedic Knowledge
- Omniscience
- Enhanced /Superior / Superhuman Memory
- Photographic Memory
- Omni-linguism
- Innate Capability


- Mentally Communicate with Others
- Reading the Thoughts of Others
- Mental Possession
- Mind Control/Manipulation
- Memory Manipulation
- Psionic Blast
- Creation of a Psionic Link
- Psionic Forcefield
- Psionic manipulation
- Anything else Psionic based


- Psychic Weapons
- Perception of the Future
- Danger Sense
- Clairvoyance
- Psychometry


- Invisibly Move Objects/People
- Visibly Move Objects/People
- Control of Individual Atoms
- Silently/Out loud Willing Objects to move
- Silently/Out loud Willing people to move


- Astral Projection
- Astral Trapping
- Placing Others in the Astral Plane


- Manipulation/Influencing Of Others Feelings/Emotions
- Creating Feelings/Emotions in Others otherwise not there
- Sensing the Emotions of Others


- Casting/Creation of Illusions
- Casting/Creation of Realistic Illusions
- Alteration of People’s Perception by Light/Sound
- Alteration of People’s Mental Perceptions
- Alteration of People’s Perception by Other Means
- Manipulate/Change Reality


- Causing Likely Things to Not Happen/Unlikely Things to Happen
- Causing Good/Bad Luck to Others
- Causing Good/Bad Luck to Self


- Manipulation of Human/Alien/All Technology
- Full Knowledge of Human/Alien/All Technology
- Physical Interaction/Interfacing with Machines
- Mental Interface with Computer Data
- Mental Interface with Machines
- Traveling/Transporting Through Machines/Technology

Sixth Sense / Realm of the undead

- Reanimation of the Dead
- Communication with the Dead
- Ability to become Ghost-like
- Being a Ghost (alive yet not)/Invisible to Others
- Controlling the Dead/Not living


- Of Objects normally inanimate
- Of Drawings/Comic Characters
- Of Paper / Ink / Paint
- Other (not listed)

Cosmic Power
Your powers stem from the farthest reaches of space and can be argued that there is an existence beyond this world as you are one of the few who can control the powers of the universe.


- Energy Absorption
- Energy Blasts/Beams
- Energy Manipulation/Control
- Energy Creation
- Energy Constructs (Ability to create complex shapes out of solid energy)
- Energy Sourcing (Drawing from the cores of stars or other large sources of energy)
- Energy Fusing (fusing more than one type of energy, becoming energy, etc)
- Energy Conversion
- Force Fields
- Thermo-Chemical Energy
- Cosmic Energy Control
- Energy Aura Projection
- Manipulation of Kinetic Energy


- Light/Photon Generation/Creation
- Light/Photon Manipulation/Control
- Light/Photon Absorption
- Light/Photon


- Shadow Control/Manipulation
- Teleportation/Traveling through Shadows
- Shadow Generation/Creation/Formation
- Becoming a Shadow/Taking the Shape of Shadows (creature, people, etc)[/color]
- Darkness Control/Manipulation
- Darkness Generation/Creation
- Access of Dimensional Dark Energy


- Slowing Down/Speeding Up Flow of Time
- Time Travel
- Stopping Flow of Time


- Defying Gravity
- General Manipulation/Control Over Gravity of Humans/Objects
- Weighing Extra Heavy
- Weighing Extra Light


- Coming from another Dimension
- Cross Dimensional Awarness
- Cross dimensional Travel


- Moving from One Place to Another With/Without Occupying Space Between
- Moving from One Place to Another/Vanishing then reappearing
- Teleporting Objects/People
- Wingless Flight


- Magnetic Control/Manipulate of Metal
- Magnetic Levitation
- Ability to Control/Manipulate Magnetic Fields
- Ability to Generate/Create Magnetic Fields


- Matter Ingestion/Digestion
- Matter Control/Manipulation
- Matter Disintegration
- Molecular Control/Manipulation
- Molecular Rearrangement
- Molecular Charge by Touch/By Thought/ By other mean


- Create Inanimate Objects
- Create animate objects
- Create Weapons (Human / Alien / other)
- Create intelligen life forms
- Creation of Other (not listed)

Superpower Manipulation

- Power Bestowal
- Power Absorption
- Power Mimicry
- Power Negation
- Power Sensing

Other Powers
You possess a power that is unique on to itself and therefore you are truly original making you hard to predict and the black horse in a fight.


- Poison Injection (through hands, nails, needles, prehensile tail, etc)
- Poison Resistance/Immunity
- Poison Generation
- Radiation Resistance/Immunity
- Radiation Generation
- Radiation Manipulation


- Echolocation/Sonar Sense
- Perfect Pitch
- Super Loud Voice
- Siren/Banshee Scream
- Sonic Repulsion
- Sound Manipulation/Control
- Sound Mimicry
- Sound Production (producing sound(s) with voice alone/by other means)
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