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Topic Started: Nov 29 2009, 04:14:42 AM (1,484 Views)
Posted Image Teawater
Who are you calling an old man?

Thanks to Atrius, we now have another pinned topic.

Copied from: http://www.goldensunhacking.net/downloads/MLpointers.txt

"Atrius (revised)"
http://www.goldensunhacking.net/downloads/MLpointers.txt, it seems most everything before 0x081DD790 is just code, even what wasn't identified as such.

If the data pointer detector works as I hope, you should be able to find nearly all of the data in the game from that list.

All of that was found by just giving it 1 function to start scanning from. It found everything else by reading the code itself, and detecting function calls within it to find more code to scan.

I made this topic so I could add notes here later. I've actually, already started.

It would appear that the data below is that data which has been pointed to by a pointer.

08000534 (ARM Function?)
0800063C (ARM Function?)
08000850 (ARM Function?)
08000914 (ARM Function?)
0800098C (ARM Function?)
08000AF0 (ARM Function?)
08000DB4 (ARM Function?)
08000F9C (ARM Function?)
08001010 (ARM Function?)
0800112C (ARM Function?)
080013E4 (ARM Function?)
08001778 (ARM Function?)
080018A8 (ARM Function?)
08001A60 (ARM Function?)
08018081 (Hidden Function?)
08018B75 (ARM Function?) (Must likely a "Hidden Function?")
0801A74D (Hidden Function?)
0801AE3D (Hidden Function?)
0801B035 (Hidden Function?)
080292A1 (Hidden Function?)
08029911 (Hidden Function?)
08056225 (Hidden Function?)
0805C5F5 (Hidden Function?)
0805C645 (Hidden Function?)
0807B8C9 (Hidden Function?)
0807BA45 (Hidden Function?)
0807CD19 (Hidden Function?)
0807CD9D (Hidden Function?)
0807CEC5 (Hidden Function?)
0807CF49 (Hidden Function?)
0807D0CD (Hidden Function?)
0807D381 (Hidden Function?)
0807D531 (Hidden Function?)
0807F53D (Hidden Function?)
0807F5B9 (Hidden Function?)
0807F649 (Hidden Function?)
0807F681 (Hidden Function?)
0807F7B9 (ARM Function?) (Must likely a "Hidden Function?")
0807F835 (Hidden Function?)
0807F869 (Hidden Function?)
0807F8C5 (Hidden Function?)
0807FEB5 (Hidden Function?)
08080065 (Hidden Function?)
080800DD (Hidden Function?)
080801A1 (Hidden Function?)
080801BD (Hidden Function?)
08080221 (Hidden Function?)
0808027D (Hidden Function?)
080802DD (Hidden Function?)
0808055D (Hidden Function?)
080805E9 (Hidden Function?) Battle: Enemies/Arrangement/Run?
08080829 (Hidden Function?)
08080A41 (Hidden Function?)
08080BE1 (Hidden Function?)
08080DD5 (Hidden Function?)
08081189 (Hidden Function?) Battle: Script?
08081289 (Hidden Function?)
080817A1 (Hidden Function?)
080818FD (Hidden Function?)
08081A69 (Hidden Function?)
08081B3D (Hidden Function?)
08081BE9 (Hidden Function?)
08081C55 (Hidden Function?)
08081C7D (Hidden Function?)
08081CC1 (Hidden Function?)
08081D05 (Hidden Function?)
08081F85 (Hidden Function?)
08081FB1 (Hidden Function?)
08081FD5 (Hidden Function?)
0808201D (Hidden Function?)
08082089 (Hidden Function?)
08082159 (Hidden Function?)
08082181 (Hidden Function?)
080821C5 (Hidden Function?)
08082205 (Hidden Function?)
0808225D (Hidden Function?)
0808227D (Hidden Function?)
080822D5 (Hidden Function?)
0808231D (Hidden Function?)
08082371 (Hidden Function?)
08086091 (Hidden Function?)
080865F5 (Hidden Function?)
08086961 (Hidden Function?)
08086A19 (Hidden Function?)
08086AF5 (Hidden Function?)
08086BC5 (Hidden Function?)
08086C65 (Hidden Function?)
08086F0D (Hidden Function?)
08087039 (Hidden Function?)
08087125 (Hidden Function?)
0808722D (Hidden Function?)
080872A9 (Hidden Function?)
08087441 (ARM Function?) (Must likely a "Hidden Function?")
08087525 (Hidden Function?)
0808759D (Hidden Function?)
080875B9 (Hidden Function?)
08087AE1 (Hidden Function?)
08087BA5 (Hidden Function?)
08087BD1 (Hidden Function?)
08087C21 (Hidden Function?)
08087C4D (Hidden Function?)
08087C6D (Hidden Function?)
0808864D (Hidden Function?)
080886BD (Hidden Function?)
080886E1 (Hidden Function?)
0809521D (Hidden Function?)
080953D5 (Hidden Function?)
08095469 (Hidden Function?)
080954DD (Hidden Function?)
0809551D (Hidden Function?)
0809714D (Hidden Function?)
08097649 (Hidden Function?)
080976D1 (Hidden Function?)
08097979 (Hidden Function?)
08097A91 (Hidden Function?)
08097B8D (Hidden Function?)
08097C39 (Hidden Function?)
08097D51 (Hidden Function?)
08097E29 (Hidden Function?)
08097EB5 (Hidden Function?)
08097F11 (Hidden Function?)
08097FC5 (Hidden Function?)
080982DD (Hidden Function?)
08098365 (Hidden Function?)
08098541 (Hidden Function?)
0809861D (Hidden Function?)
08098711 (Hidden Function?)
08098791 (Hidden Function?)
08098861 (Hidden Function?)
080988D9 (Hidden Function?)
08098935 (Hidden Function?)
08098A85 (Hidden Function?)
08098C79 (Hidden Function?)
08098CA1 (Hidden Function?)
080DF2B1 (Hidden Function?)
080DF5ED (Hidden Function?)
080DF695 (Hidden Function?)
080DFB09 (Hidden Function?)
080DFBED (Hidden Function?)
080E0BF9 (Hidden Function?)
080E128D (Hidden Function?)
080E1349 (Hidden Function?)
080E13B5 (Hidden Function?)
080E163D (Hidden Function?)
080E18D9 (Hidden Function?)
080E1909 (Hidden Function?)
080E1925 (Hidden Function?)
080E1941 (Hidden Function?)
080E195D (Hidden Function?)
080E19A9 (Hidden Function?)
080E19ED (Hidden Function?)
080E1A2D (Hidden Function?)
080E1AB1 (Hidden Function?)
080E1AF1 (Hidden Function?)
080E30B1 (Hidden Function?)
080E3159 (Hidden Function?)
080E5059 (Hidden Function?)
080E5781 (Hidden Function?)
080E8B85 (Hidden Function?)
080FC439 (Hidden Function?) Crash on Battle (After Battle pointer for Battle Backgrounds)
080FC5C1 (Hidden Function?)
080FC8A5 (Hidden Function?)
080FC91D (Hidden Function?)
080FC9A5 (Hidden Function?)
080FCB9D (Hidden Function?)
080FCC79 (Hidden Function?)
080FCD69 (Hidden Function?)
080FD09D (Hidden Function?)
080FD1AD (Hidden Function?)
080FD39D (Hidden Function?)
080FD44D (Hidden Function?)
080FD6D5 (Hidden Function?)
080FD829 (Hidden Function?)
080FD8BD (Hidden Function?)
080FDA35 (Hidden Function?)
080FDAFD (Hidden Function?)
080FDBB1 (Hidden Function?)
080FDC3D (Hidden Function?) Block Commands Function
080FE2FD (Hidden Function?)
080FE4A5 (Hidden Function?)
080FE5F9 (Hidden Function?)
080FE9A1 (Hidden Function?) Block Commands Function
080FECE9 (Hidden Function?) Solo Block Function
080FEF15 (Hidden Function?) Bros Action Block Function
080FF411 (Hidden Function?) Items Action Block Function
080FFD21 (Hidden Function?)
080FFEFD (Hidden Function?)
08100E5D (Hidden Function?) Some Battle Function
08101471 (Hidden Function?) Rewards Screen & Level Up Function
081054D5 (Hidden Function?) Exit Battle/Return to Room Function?
08105D0D (Hidden Function?) Unknown?
08105F29 (Hidden Function?)
08106021 (Hidden Function?)
08106215 (Hidden Function?)
08106291 (Hidden Function?)
081067D5 (Hidden Function?)
08106DF1 (Hidden Function?)
08106F35 (Hidden Function?)
08106F8D (Hidden Function?)
08106FFD (Hidden Function?)
08107041 (Hidden Function?)
0810707D (Hidden Function?)
081070B9 (Hidden Function?)
08107119 (Hidden Function?)
081071B9 (Hidden Function?)
08108A45 (Hidden Function?)
08108A9D (Hidden Function?)
08108B11 (Hidden Function?)
08108B51 (Hidden Function?)
08108B85 (Hidden Function?)
08108BE1 (Hidden Function?)
08108FE5 (Hidden Function?)
0810907D (Hidden Function?)
08109129 (Hidden Function?)
081091B9 (Hidden Function?)
08109241 (Hidden Function?)
0810958D (Hidden Function?)
0810971D (Hidden Function?)
08109DC5 (Hidden Function?)
0810AB35 (Hidden Function?)
0810AD9D (Hidden Function?)
0810B319 (Hidden Function?)
0810B681 (Hidden Function?)
0810B885 (Hidden Function?)
0810BD89 (Hidden Function?)
0810BFFD (Hidden Function?)
0810C05D (Hidden Function?)
0810C2B5 (Hidden Function?)
0810C399 (Hidden Function?)
0810CBDD (Hidden Function?)
0810CC0D (Hidden Function?)
0810CC4D (Hidden Function?)
0810CDFD (Hidden Function?)
0810CEC1 (Hidden Function?)
0810D1A5 (Hidden Function?)
0810D4E1 (Hidden Function?)
0810D5F5 (Hidden Function?)
0810D625 (Hidden Function?)
0810D695 (Hidden Function?)
0810D6C5 (Hidden Function?)
0810FB21 (Hidden Function?)
0810FBC5 (Hidden Function?)
0810FBFD (Hidden Function?)
0810FC35 (Hidden Function?)
0810FC71 (Hidden Function?)
0810FCE1 (Hidden Function?)
0810FD11 (Hidden Function?)
0810FD55 (Hidden Function?)
0810FD95 (Hidden Function?)
081980D8 (ARM Function?)
08198154 (ARM Function?)
08198784 (ARM Function?)
081987F4 (ARM Function?)
081988A8 (ARM Function?)
08198958 (ARM Function?)
081989F4 (ARM Function?)
08198AEC (ARM Function?)
08198BE0 (ARM Function?)
08198C78 (ARM Function?) (Correct)
081DD790 - "VBCP" label
081DD798 - "MATH" label
081DD7A0 - "CLEA" label
081DD7A8 - "RAND" label
081DD7B0 - "MBER" label
081DD7B8 - "OPEN" label
081DD7C0 - "GBS " label
081DD7C8 - "FREE" label
081DD7D0 - "DSCD" label (...D8 "MSA"; ...DC "MSIO"; ...E4 "MFNC")
081DD7EC - "NINTENDO" label
081DD7F4 - Game Boy Player Logo Palette
081DD9F4 - Game Boy Player Logo Pixels
081E19F4 - Game Boy Player Logo Map
-081E1EF4 - gsys labels
081E23A0 - "BCLR" label
081E23A8 - "COMP" label
081E23B0 - "FLDM" label (...C0 "CGDW")
081E23C8 - "TIME" label
081E23CD - Compressed image used for timer. (0-9A-F, and :)
081E254C - "MPB " label (Though, a 'B' appeared before this, probably not related.)
081E2554 - "PBUF" label
081E255C - "B2TF" label
081E2564 - "PBCF" label
081E256C - "ANMA" label (With AOS labels A, B, C, D, E, and F.)
081E25A4 - "TINF" label
081E25AC - "OAME" label
081E25B4 - "BEVS" label
081E25BC - "EVTS" label
081E25C4 - "FMEX" label
081E25CC - "FMBK" label
081E25D4 - "PLST" label
081E25DC - "PALW" label (few labels after this are skipped..)
081E266C - "WIPE" label (...74 "SIGN")
081E267C - "BTL " label
081E26BC - "FMCH" label
081E26DC - "OTDR" label
081E26E4 - "WINW" label
081E26EC - "CGDW" label (ARM Function?) (4-letter labels)
081E26F4 - "BBWF" label
081E26FC - "BBWI" label
081E2704 - "BWCW" label
081E270C - "BWSW" label
081E2714 - "OPEN" label
081E271C - "BIDR" label
081E2724 - "SCDW" label
081E272C - "STRW" label
081E2734 - "COMP" label
081E273C - "GODR" label
081E2744 - "DSTW" label
081E274C - "BBWF" label
081E2754 - "BBWI" label
081E275C - "BBWW" label
081E2764 - "OPDR" label
081E276C - "CGDW" label(ARM Function?) (4-letter labels)
081E2774 - "OPEN" label
081E277C - "ORST" label
081E2784 - "LOAD" label
081E278C - "OPTN" label
081E2794 - "MAPW" label
081E279C - "MPDW" label
081E27A4 - "MPCL" label
081E27AC - "MIDS" label
081E27B4 - "MIDT" label
081E27BC - "CMPW" label
081E27C4 - "MMMW" label
081E27CC - "MMCP" label
081E27D4 - "MMPL" label
081E27DC - "MMPD" label
081E27E4 - "MMCL" label
081E27EC - "BBMW" label
081E27F4 - "BBMD" label
081E27FC - "BBCL" label
081E2804 - "BBCM" label
081E280A - 0001 0002 0003 (Unknown)
081E2810 - "GRDS" label
081E2818 - "GRDT" label
081E2820 - "RSTS" label
081E2828 - "RSTT" label
081E2830 - "MAPC" label
081E2838 - "MAPE" label ("MAPW"; "MPDW"; "MPCL" (Tilesets Label, including the Map Tile Flags extra); "CMPW")
08200024 - "yWtn" label
0820002C - OK, Good, Great, Excellent indexes. (00 00 01 02 04 05 03 06) Unknown
08200034 - OK, Good, Great, Excellent sound effects (008F 008F 0090 008F 008F 008F 0032 0155)
08200044 - (14 14 18 10 18 1A 14 1A) Unknown
0820004C - Bros Attacks: OK, Good, Great, Excellent sprite indexes.
0820009C = Selects a 16-bit offset to store READ/WRITE data for # of times Bros. Attack was Great+.
082000A4 = Require # of Bros. Attacks of Great+ for Advanced.
082000AC = Who comes up with the Advanced idea animation index.
082000B4 - "yBPA" label
082000BC - "yBBG" label
082000C4 - "yMAP" label
082000CC - "yBAI" label
082000D4 - "yScr" label ("yBEE")
082000E8 - "yBtB" label
082000F0 - "OBJ3" label
082000F8 - "OBJ3" label
08200100 - (04 08 10 20 04 04 08 10 08 10 10 20) Unknown
0820010C - "OBJ3" label
08200111 - (07 0F 1F 3F) Unknown
08200118 - "Ob3L" label
08200120 - "YWIN" label
08200128 - "YWAV" label
08200130 - "AMSF" label
08200148 - "AMSI" label
08200150 - "AMCW" label
08200158 - "AERW" label
08200160 - "AMCG" label
08200168 - "ABPW" label
08200170 - "AMS1" label
08200178 - "AMOC" label
08200180 - "AMS2" label
08200188 - "AMBW" label
08200190 - "ACEV" label
08200198 - "MADO" label
082001A0 - "MEVI" label
082001A8 - "AFMW" label
082001B0 - "AMSW" label
082001B8 - "AFBW" label
082001C0 - "ABPW" label
082001C8 - "MAII" label
082001D0 - "ABMW" label
082001D8 - "ABBW" label
082001E0 - "AMEW" label
082001E8 - "AMMW" label
082001F0 - "AMBW" label
082001F8 - "yBtl" label
08200200 - "yBtB" label
08200205 - Room Battle Backgrounds (Used if you give a Battle a "00" for it's background.)
-08200F7C - Bonus Wheel numbers
082010C4 - (00 01 02 03 00 01 04 05) Unknown (ASM: 081074EC)
082010CC - (F2 06 FB FF 00 FA) Unknown (ASM: 081074EC)
082010D2 - (F9 F8 FB F5 FD FC) Unknown (ASM: 081074EC)
082010D8 - Heavy-G (status ailment) animation code 1
082010E2 - Heavy-G (status ailment) animation code 2
082010EC - (00 00 00 0C 16) Unknown
082010F1 - Light-G (status ailment) animation code 1
082010F6 - Light-G (status ailment) animation code 2
082010FB - Light-G (status ailment) animation code 3
08201100 -
08201105 -
0820110F -
08201119 -
08201123 - BURN Status Effect Chances (Ex: from Fire Bros.)
08201127 - POW/DEF DOWN Status Effect Chances (Ex: from Thunder Bros.)
0820112C - Battle Command Block labels
08201131 - Battle Menu 'X' coordinates
08201134 - Battle Menu 'Y' coordinates
08201137 - Menu Selection text
0820113A -
0820119C - "TVPW" label
082011A4 - "TPPW" label
082011AC - "TPDW" label
082011B4 - (Palette Swapping animation, indexed by Room Props Byte 08 database) - 11 pointers to 083C9*** section.
082011E0 - "TPWS" label
082011E8 - "TPW1" label
082011F0 - "TPW2" label
082011F8 - "TPAD" label
08201200 - "TPAT" label
08201208 - "FADE" label
08201210 - "Wrecking Crew" Map Data (Starts with a ton of 00s, then goes into 001A 001B 001A 001B 001A 001B... etc.)
08201790 - "Wrecking Crew" Palette
082017B0 - Tiles from the game "Wrecking Crew"
08201F30 - Max number of items you can have for Items, Key Items, and Beans. (16-bits)
08201F36 - Max number of equipment you can have for Clothes, Badges, and Pins. (8-bits)
Menu related text
08202EA8 - "TMDR" label
08202EB0 - "FADE" label
08202EB8 - "BSPL" label
08202EC0 - "MMSB" label
08202EC8 - "MRST" label
08202ED0 - "MBGW" label
08202ED8 - "MEVD" label
08202EE0 - "MMPP" label
08202EE8 - "WORK" label
08202EF0 - "TMEV" label
08202EF8 - "TMAP" label
08202EFD - Suitcase Map Layers (Indexes) (15 16 17 18 19 1A 21 22 23 24 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F 20)
08202F10 - "MSCR" label
08202F18 -
08202F2C -
08202F38 -
08202F4C -
08202F58 -
08202F64 - (HEX): "01" Probably Suitcase Related; 3 indexes? Seems to change the numbers sometimes showing half of two numbers (top/bottom)
08202F70 - "MENU" command(?), before Item related text
08202F78 - "SAVE" command(?)
08210F00 - "DBPD" command(?), before Shop related text
08210F10 - "EEPR" command(?)
08210F18 - "TLD" command(?)
08210F1C - "FADE" command(?)
08210F24 - "MMSB" command(?)
08210F2C - "WORK" command(?)
08210F34 - "TMEV" command(?)
08210F3C - "OPEN" command(?)
08210F44 - "p" command(?)
08210F54 - "h" command(?)
08210F64 - "WORK" command(?)
08210F6C - "TSDR" command(?)
08210F74 - "FADE" command(?)
08210F7C - "MMSB" command(?)
08210F84 - "WORK" command(?)
08210F8C - "TSEV" command(?)
08210F91 - "0." command(?)
08210F94 - "È" command(?)
08210FA8 - (HEX): "80" command(?)
08211A90 - "SHDR" command(?), before Staff/Credits
08211A98 - "FADE" command(?)
08211AA0 - "BSPL" command(?)
08211AA8 - "SLSI" command(?)
08211AB0 - "SLSP" command(?)
08211AB8 - "SLSC" command(?)
08211AC0 - (HEX): "F0" command(?) Pointers to Shop Data
08211AD0 - "SLBB" command(?)
08211AD8 - "SLWB" command(?)
08211AE0 - "SLBC" command(?)
08211AE8 - "SLWC" command(?)
08211AF0 - "SLIB" command(?)
08211AF8 - "SLIC" command(?)

-08212568 - "T3DV" label
-08212570 - "T3DP" label
-08212578 - "T3DC" label
-08212580 - "T3DL" label
-08212588 - "T3DF" label
-08212590 - "HDRW" label
-08212598 - "HASD" label
-082125A0 - "MTRK" label
-082125A8 - "PACH" label
-082125B0 - "ROPE" label
-082125B8 - "K_OR" label
-082125C0 - "K_R4" label
-082125C8 - "LINE" label
-082125D0 - "OTKD" label
-082125D8 - "WORK" label
-082125E0 - "HBWK" label
more labels...
-08212AE0 - "KKCG" label
-08212AE8 - "SCAN" label
-08212AF0 - "KKDR" label
-08212AF8 - "KKMR" label
-08212B00 - "KKMG" label
-08212B08 - "bbw_" label

-08212B98 - "F_FL" label
-08212BA0 - "F_PO" label
-08212BA8 - "F_FI" label
-08212BB0 - "F_SC" label
-08212BB8 - "K_FA" label
-08212BC0 - "K_LS" label
-08212BC8 - "K_MS" label
-08212BD0 - "K_CB" label
-08212BD8 - "K_DR" label
-08212BE0 - "K_ST" label
-08212BE8 - "K_SC" label
-08212BF0 - "K_FO" label
-08212BF8 - "K_LI" label
-08212C00 - "K_E0" label
-08212C08 - "K_E1" label
-08212C10 - "K_MA" label
-08212C18 - "K_LU" label
-08212C20 - "K_CH" label
-08212C28 - "K_BA" label
-08212C2D - Border Jump Compressed Tileset/Mapdata (Loaded at 06007000)
-08213004 - Border Jump Compressed Graphics (Loaded at 06000000)
-08214036 - Compressed Palette...? 1
-08214129 - Compressed Palette...? 2
-0821421B -
- 0821421F -
- 08214227 -
-08215750 - "K_MA" label
-08216A9C - "K_TI" label
-08218EC0 - "K_DK" label
-0821AC48 - Bros. Attack Text (Names/Descriptions)
0821CB20 -
0821CB30 -
0821CB40 -
0821CB50 -
0821CB54 -
0821CB70 - Song bank
0821CC40 - Sound effect bank
0821D1CC - Instruments
0821DBAC - Main flag script 2?
0821DBB8 - Main flag script*
082FBDC4 - Animation data I doubt it is that since some things seem to put to the scripting section....
0838EC7C - Enemy Attacking/countering related (data 1)
0838F426 - Enemy Attacking/countering related (data 2)
0838F44C - Enemy Attacking/countering related (indexes 1)
0838F776 - Enemy Attacking/countering related (indexes 2)
0839EC6C - Controls enable/disable (Probably being indexed.)
0839EC80 - Pointer to 02000000
Gsys Pointer bank and flags (No assembly)
0839EE40 - Pointers to "AOS" + (A-F) labels.
0839EE60 - Sprites Database Collection (Main)
0839EE8C - Sprites (Animate) (Index from Main)
0839EEB8 - Sprites (Graphic) (Index from Main)
0839EEE4 - Sprites (Palette) (Index from Main)
0839EF10 - Sprites (Palette Alternate) (Index from Main)
0839EF3C - Has something to do with Sprites, probably sub-images? Not sure.
0839F584 - Walking directions
0839F5A4 -
0839F5B8 -
0839F5CC - Sprites for shadows/action icons/etc. (Tile Viewer: 06010000)
0839F5E2 - Alternate of above. (Same data)
0839F730 -
0839F900 - Action Icons related (The abilities shown in Action Icons)
0839F910 - Movement Directions/Direction to face (Including Idle)
0839F930 -
0839F94C -
0839F954 - Icon in the Action Icons (offset of image to grab)
0839F9FC - Action Icon sound effects (byte-size)
0839FD4A - Star on Battle Entrance (Ordered Triples)
0839FDC2 - Star on Battle Entrance (Triangles)
0839FE44 - Star on Battle Entrance (palettes)
0839FE64 - Sound Effect on Battle Entrance (Mario, Luigi, Mario & Luigi, etc.)
0839FE88 - Unknown Compressed Graphic
0839FFE8 -
083A04E8 - Unknown Palette
083A0528 - Action Command Icon Holder Coordinates
083A0530 - Action Command Icon X/Y Animation
083A0596 - Action Icon inside Action Commands (X/Y, Mirror, etc.)
083A05CE - Action Icon inside Action Commands (X/Y, Mirror, etc.)
083A06E0 - Allows for Sprite Collision (Including allowing for talking to NPCs)
083A086C -
083A0CF8 - Active Item Block Sprites (And Save Album??)
083A0D14 - Item Block and Save Album Y animation. (Frames)
083A0D18 - Item Block and Save Album Hit Y animation. (Frames)
-083A0D2C - Region Map data
-083A0E64 - Region Map - Arrow X/Y Coords. and movement (U/L/D/R and diagonals)
083A0E94 - Options Screen - Background - Compressed Graphic
083A13A0 - Options Screen - Background - Tile Mapping
083A1BA0 - Options Screen - Background - Palette
083A1D80 - Options Screen - Background - Palette (2)
083A1F60 - Options Screen - Foreground - Compressed Graphic
083A2880 - Options Screen - Foreground - Graphic's Palette
083A28C0 - Options Screen - Foreground - Graphic's Palette (2)
083A2900 - Options Screen - Box Sizes
083A290C - Options Screen - Box - Y Text coord. (Title and Description.)
083A2918 -
083A291C -
083A2920 - Options Screen - Text Pointers
083A292C - Options Screen - Box - Text Pointers (Title and Description.)
083A2964 - 5 pointers to formatting, save file, and error related text.
083A2978 -
083A297C - Compressed Graphic for the GAME OVER label on the Game Over screen.
083A2AF8 - GAME OVER label palette
083A2B18 - GAME OVER label palette (2)
083A2B38 - X/Y of 4 things on GAME OVER screen. (Stamp, red notebook, ink drop, pen.)
083A2B48 - Nintendo screen pixel editing (compressed)
083A2F98 - Nintendo screen tile placement
083A3498 - Nintendo screen palette
083A34B8 - Alphadream Corporation screen rendering (or possibly pixel editing, hard to tell)
083A3860 - Tile placement on the Alphadream Corporation screen
083A3D60 - Alphadream Corporation screen palette (excluding the red and purple animated shapes)
083A3D80 - Compressed pixel editing for every tile used in the background of the Title screen (except for objects and Mario & Luigi logo)
083A4874 - Compressed Mario & Luigi logo, pixel editing for tiles
083A575C - *Empty space*
083A5C5C - Tile placement on the Title screen
083A6C5C - "Mario & Luigi" logo on Title screen
CLRF, LINK, bgop12 acg, CMNT, etc. labels. (No assembly links?)
083A7140 - Title Screen palettes
083A7300 - Title Screen palettes (2)
083A74C0 - Title Screen sprites
083A74E4 - Background Layer sliding speeds (Clouds)
083A74E9 - Title Screen
083A74EC - Title Screen - "Mario & Luigi" Title
083A7530 - Title Screen - "Superstar Saga"
083A7574 - Title Screen - "(C) 2003 Nintendo" Copyright
083A75B8 - Title Screen - TOP score label for MARIO BROS. game.
083A75C8 - Title Screen - TOP "P" number label for MARIO BROS. game.
083A75D8 -
083A75DC - Layer Scrolling Speed (Tested with clouds in Stardust Fields)
083A75EC -
083A7894 -
083A78D4 - Beginning of room properties
083AAA6C - Room tilesets? (in Layers by 32-bits) Room Properties indexes here. (Byte 03)
083AAC4C - to do with Room Tilesets (by 32-bits) Room Properties indexes here. (Byte 04)
083AAD68 - Room Palettes? (by 8-bits) Room Properties indexes here. (Byte 05)
083AADD0 - Tilescript Sets Room Properties indexes here.(Byte 06)
083AAE08 - BG layer indexes and tilescripting index.
083AF418 - Warp bank
083AFC5C - Battle Backgrounds (MAIN)
083AFE48 - Battle Backgrounds (Indexes from Byte 00 in MAIN)
083AFEC0 - Battle Backgrounds (Tileset Indexes?) (Indexes from Byte 01 in MAIN)
083AFF3C - Battle Backgrounds (Indexes to Map Data in Layers) (Indexes from Byte 03 in MAIN)
083AFFD8 - Battle Backgrounds? (Palette indexes) (Indexes from Byte 02 in MAIN)
083B00E4 - Animated Tiles (Indexed from below.)
083B283C - Animated Tiles (Indexed by Room Properties Byte 07)
083B7108 - Map tile flags (Indexed by Room Props. Byte 0A)
083B78AC - (Indexed by Room Props. Byte 09)
083B79C4 - (Indexed by Room Props. Byte 08)
083B8658 - (Indexed by Room Props. Byte 0B)
083B880C -
083B8A18 - Thumb assembly (Unknown)
083B8EEC - Thumb assembly (Unknown)
083B8EFC - Thumb assembly (Unknown)
083B8F24 - Dialogue box palettes
083B8F64 - Dialogue box graphics
083B9538 - Unknown (Decimal: 100,000, 10,000, 1,000, 100, 10, 1)
083B9704 - Scripting Related = Number of arguments. The first byte in a script contains flags for these arguments.
083B98C4 - Scripting Related = (Whether to read &HD more bits or not.) Not sure what is done with the &HD bits, though.
083B9D00 - Scripting Related = Number of bits to read in data bank. (left to right per byte)
083BA13C - Scripting Related = (Whether an argument is negative or positive.)
083BA4A8 - Scripting Related = Relative Offset for the above two banks.
083BA4B4 - Gap between top/bottom and the text in convo boxes. (4 shorts: 0003, 0005, 0006, 0009)
083BA4BC - Pointers to Thumb assembly. (Unknown)
-083BA4FC = Text pointers for PCs: Mario; Luigi; Mario & Luigi; (with und, and y for other languages.)
-083BA538 = Text pointers for Back and Nothing.
-083BA560 = Text pointers for Jump, Hammer, Hand, "" (Blank), Solo Attack, Bros. Attack, Use an Item, and Run Away.
-083BA600 = Language pointers for PCs.
-083BA614 = Language pointers for Back.
-083BA628 = Language pointers for Nothing.
-083BA63C = Language pointers for Jump, Hammer, and Hand.
-083BA650 = Language pointers for Solo Attack, Bros. Attack, Use an Item, and Run Away.
-083BA664 = Text pointers for ******.
083BA8FC - Battle Text Directions (Pointers) (Ex: "Left/Right: Rotate Blocks....")
083BA910 - Battle Text Directions (Pointers) (Ex: A Button: Confirm")
083BA948 - Battle Text Directions (Pointers) (Ex: "Left/Right: Rotate Blocks....")
083BA960 - STUN Status Effect chances (Ex: from Cyclone Bros.; may also include hammering of enemies from start of battle.)
083BA9F0 - Suitcase Cutscenes
083BAD98 - Beginning of Menu text bank
083BADAC - Beginning of File Menu text bank
083BADC0 - Beginning of Save Menu text bank
083BADD4 - X and Y Map Locations
083BAE29 - X and Y Map Locations
083BAE39 - X and Y Map Locations
083BAEAC - Level up data
083BBDD0 - Item Data
083BCA64 - Key Item (sprite) Data
083BCDC4 - Bean Data
083BD844 - Badge Data
083BE67C - Gear Data
083BEBB8 - Special Equipment Data
083BF370 - Beginning of Equipment status effect text
083C03E8 - Beginning of location text bank
083C0578 - Starting Data & Shop Data
083C06A6 - Shop Discounts - Stache needed *2 to start earning discounts.
083C06AC - Shop Discounts - Minimum Discount Percents
083C06B4 - Shop Discounts - Increment Values
083C072C - Shop Discounts - ???
083C07A4 - Beginning of shop related text/commands
083C910C - Palette Swapping... (00)
083C96F4 - Palette Swapping... (01)
083C9784 - Palette Swapping... (09)
083C9978 - Palette Swapping... (02)
083C99B4 - Palette Swapping... (03)
-083C99C8 - Palette Swapping... (04)
-083C9CCC - Palette Swapping (05) (Room Maps glowing effect which is indexed through Room Props Byte 08.)
083C9D44 - Palette Swapping... (06)
083C9E90 - Palette Swapping... (07)
083C9F14 - Palette Swapping... (08)
083C9FB4 - Palette Swapping... (0A)
083C9FC0 - Palette Swapping...???
083D6C58 - Map object data bank (A.k.a. NPC data)
-083D7458 - Area Database (A.k.a. Map Scripts)
084E8A28 - In a pointer bank, which points to "Failed to save MARIO BROS. data"
084E8A3C - In a pointer bank, which points to "Continue from last saved area"
084E8B18 - In a pointer bank, which points to "Setting Save Error"
084F4740 - Related to "Continue from" text pointer bank
084FB4FC - Indexes to compressed graphics at 089F2CE0. (One is a 32x32 Beanfruit. #6C)
084FB588 - Battle Palletes Related
084FB814 - Damaged Mario/Luigi sprites (used when damaged somehow)
084FB83A - Enemy sprite database
084FCCD8 - Battle flags/script flags Mario (8 bytes)
084FCCE0 - Enemy script data Luigi (8 bytes)
084FE8A8 - Mario's Attack database
084FE8CC - Mario's Bros. Attack database
084FE9A4 - Luigi's Attack database
084FE9C8 - Luigi's Bros. Attack database
08500A98 - Beginning of Enemy data
08500AA0 - First sprite pointer of an enemy
08502B14 - Beginning of Enemy Battle Arrangement Data
0850300C - Beginning of Battle Data
0850476C - Sprite Stack Sizes (Each 10-bit in a 32-bit) (Indexed by Byte 3 in Battle Data)
-08504778 - Enemies hit effect graphic. (like puffs when they are hit, for example) Each 64-bit...
0851F9E8 - Font data (pointers)
-0851FA00 - (0839 pointers = Item Block Pointer Bank)
08520200 - Item Block reward indexed database.
-085202A4 - "Oct 4 2003 06:21:36"
-085202BC - 1*** Compressed Sprites (Mario/Luigi overworld)
-08577A7C - 3*** Compressed Sprites (NPCs)
-085FC7B8 - 8*** Compressed Sprites
-086420C4 - 9*** Compressed Sprites
086527F4 - Compressed Map Tiles
086FFC20 - Tilesets
08754D74 - Tile Mapping
088C8730 - Room Palette Bank
088D4808 - Palette Bank (2) (EITHER this one, or the one above is used at one time, not both.)
088E08E0 - Tilescript Bank
08940C9C - Animated Tiles Uncompressed Graphics
089744D0 - Compressed Graphics - Battle sprites Tilescript Modifier Tilesets
-0898751C - 2*** Uncompressed Battle Sprites (Ex: Mario)
-089C3638 - B*** Compressed Sprites (1 sprite) (Sparkle)
-089C3A3C -4*** Compressed Enemy Sprites
089F2CE0 - Compressed graphics (one is loaded during battle... which is a 32x32 tile Beanfruit #2A) Indexed by 084FB4FC.
-089F4698 - 7*** Compressed Sprites
089F808C - Battle Compressed Graphics Related (For the windows on top.. Including the menus, rewards screen, and the level up screen.)
089FC058 - Battle Graphics Related (Compressed Map Tiles)
08A2711C - Battle Backgrounds Tilesets
08A46198 - Battle Backgrounds Tile Mapping
08A4FCCC - Battle Backgrounds Palette Bank
08A53B30 - Battle Backgrounds Palette Bank (2) (EITHER this one, or the one above is used at one time, not both.)
08A57994 - Graphics (Ex: Suitcase)
-08A62CE4 - 6*** Compressed Sprites
-08A66CE0 - A*** Compressed Sprites (Title Screen (A000 - A00B) + Ending Seq of Peach's Plane (A00C+), Beanstar, Peach's Castle, "The End", etc. -A02A)
-08A7358C - 5*** Compressed Sprites (Mini-game sprites...)
08A80688 - Audio Related
08A806B8 - Hard-core Instruments Data?
08CDBD68 - Start of End Of ROM Pointers

All pointers with * on the end of their description means that more research needs to be done, but enough of an effect has been produced to be able to list it here.
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If you ever find an error in any of my reference materials, PLEASE let me know.
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Who are you calling an old man?

This second post is based more on RAM databases.

As I was looking around, I found out that databases here, are mostly separated by

Database Headers.

A header can be 1 paragraph long. (1 row), but with longer labels... possibly a bit longer.

INTEGER - Pointer to previous database
INTEGER - Pointer to next database
INTEGER - Length of current database

I think these databases can be pointed from the 03 section.. well... For now, we'll list the databases of 02, and their labels!

02000000 = I/O section (Mostly if not all?)
02000080 = Palette section (Copied to 05000000 Palette section.)
02000480 = Music Section (3 sets of 12 tracks.) = Details: http://s3.zetaboards.com/Lighthouse_of_Yoshi/single/?p=8786812&t=670035
02000900 = More music related stuff. Not documented.
02000C80 - VBCP - DMA Transfers
02001490 - RAND - RNG (Random Number Generator)
02001E68 - EEPR - MALRPG - Save Game Data

//--- Title Screen
02003E78 - OAME -

//--- Mario Bros
02003E78 - FREE -

//--- Options
02003E78 - WINW -

//--- Mario & Luigi
02003E78 - TIME -
020042C8 - ACEV - Storybook Flags
02004848 - DBPD - Stats and Items
02004A14 - MEVI - Map/Story Scripting
02004F84 - FMEX -
02005254 - FMBK -

more coming soon...

03000000 Section

03001BD8 = MATH
03001ECC = CLEA - Used for 00-filling, especially of RAM databases on creation.
03002024 = DECD - Used for decompressing sprites and anything that is compressed into RAM.

//Intro before title screen has 0300213C with GBS and COMP.

//Title Screen
0300213C = OPEN
03002230 = ORST
03002394 = OPDR
030023C8 = ANMA - (ARM)
0300249C = FREE

0300213C = OPTN
030021A0 = OTDR
030021CC = OAME
03002C04 = ANMA - (ARM)
03002CB8 = BBWF - (ARM)
03003980 = BBWI
030039A4 = FREE

//File Screen and File Opened
0300213C = TIME
03002178 = MADO - Used as a bit-reader for scripts.

//File Screen
030021FC = LOAD
03002370 = TLD
0300239C = FADE
03002408 = TVPW
03002818 = TPPW - (ARM)
03002A80 = TPDW
03002B70 = ANMA - (ARM)
03002C44 = AMSF - (ARM)
030045BC = TMEV
030045F8 = AMMW
03004610 = AMBW
03004624 = FREE

//File Opened
030021FC = FLDM - Contains room-related data. Like Warps, item block, script pointers, etc.
03002530 = BEVS
03002564 = EVTS
03002598 = AMSF - (ARM)

//----- Suitcase
03003F10 = MENU - Suitcase
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If you ever find an error in any of my reference materials, PLEASE let me know.
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