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Check the NEWS AND ANNONCEMENTS forum for the most updated version of the rules.

Hello, and welcome to Yoshi's Lighthouse (I know that it says Yoshi Lighthouse, but apostrophes can not be used). By joining this website, you are probably a Yoshi fan, and you would like to learn how to hack Yoshi games, or just talk about them (among other things). However, by joining, you must follow the rules. I will talk about the Warning system, and the rules will follow.

The Warning System: Every user has a Warning bar. It consists of 5 smaller squares, and they will change colour depending on your Warning Level. Having this bar increased is not good, and can result in you getting punished. By following the rules and respecting other users, you can assure that your Warning will not increase. However, if you break the rules, then your Warning level will increase. If some rules are broken, then it will jump up to 5 (+5), and I will ban you. After getting your Warning to 5 once, I will temporarily ban you for 3 weeks. If you get banned again, then you will be banned permanently, your username will be locked (so it can not be used), and I will record your Email. After 4 months, I will forgive you (unless you break certain rules, then I will not forgive you), and you will be able to return with a permanent "Temporary Ban" Status. I will lower Warning levels after a certain amount of time has passed without breaking ANY rules. If too many people are breaking rules, then I will lower the required Warning level to get banned from 5 to 4.

Insulting/Bashing Yoshi: This is a new rule that I have thought of. You can bash or insult any video game character (unless you are asked not to by one of our other members) except for Yoshi. If you insult Yoshi, then I will raise your Warning by 1. If another user asks you not to bash a character that they like, then I will add the character to this rule. Also, it is exceptional to briefly make fun of them, but it should be rarely done.

Swearing/Insulting other people: Swearing is not allowed. It will be tolerated if it is rare, light, and brief (not repetitive). I have a chart of many swear words, each with their own rating. Some words will raise your warning (unless rarely said), and others will not only raise your warning, but also result in you getting banned. You are probably wondering why I have this as a rule when I can just censor words. Well, I have not censored any words because I want to see how often they are said. Also, swearing without typing the word (when you mean it) is not a loophole around this, sine I will be able to tell if you swear.

Double Posting: Please do not post after you have posted. This means that if you reply in a topic, then you can not have another reply in that topic (unless your post will be after somebody else'). If this is done 5 times in 1 month, then I will raise your Warning by 1 (+1). I will be lenient if you have only been a member for up to 1 week (this rule will only apply to you if you are an 8 day or older member). If you have not double posted after 1 month, then I will lower your Warning by 1 (-1). I will only do this if your Warning was increased by breaking this rule. You are allowed to edit your posts, and if you are in one of the special groups , then you can delete posts.

EDIT: You can ignore this rule if you are posting instructional and/or helpful information, and you have too much information for 1 post (or if it will be sloippy in 1 post). Also, you are allowed to double post if your last post is at least 72 hours old (3 days).

Breaking the Law: If I find out that you have broken the law (on the forum), then I will add to your warning, based on the severity of the law. Posting ROMs or posting links to websites that host ROM files on ANY of their pages will result in you getting banned. Also, threats and other laws will not be tolerated.

Spamming: This is not a serious rule, but if continued, your Warning will increase by 1 (+1). Spamming (on this forum) is when someone posts too many messages within a certain amount of time (for example, 10 Chatbox posts in 15 seconds).

Sudden Amnesia: This only applies to some people/groups. If you join this website, then you must post up to 25 posts. If you do not post after one month of joining, then I will delete your account (I will not even bother to ban it, I will just delete it). You will be allowed to apply for another account, but if I delete your account again, then I will block your Email. If you are a moderator, then you have one month before a verbal warning, and two more weeks before you are no longer a Moderator (account deleted after one more week of not posting). If you are a Teacher, then this applies to you, but you must post in the Schooling/Tutorials category, not just anywhere else.

This can be avoided if you clearly let me (or charleysdrpepper) know that you will not be available for a certain amount of time, as long as you tell us how long you will be gone for. This can be done in the Leaves/Desertions forum, or by sending either of us a private message.

I.D. Fraud: This rule mainly applies to the chatbox, but it is applicable to other areas as well. It is against the rules to pretend to be somebody else. Not only is it lame, but it is also rude. I will add 1 (+1) to your Warning if I catch you (as a member) pretending to be somnebody else. Only people who are shameful of themselves do this. I can now read IP addresses if required, so I will know when somebody is breaking the rules. As long as the rules are not broken, this this rule may be broken with no penalty, but ONLY if it is APRIL THE 1ST (April Fools). Otherwise, I will increase your Warning.

EDIT: Also, if you make it clear that you will not be able to sign in for a period of time, then this does not apply to you (providing you actually tell us how long you should be gone for). You get 1 additional week after your supposed return.

Advertising: This is allowed, but please do not make it seem like it is an advertisement that is anything like what is displayed in many advertisements (those that offer free things, those that advertise games, etc.). This is fine too, but please just make sure that you include a statement with it explaining why it is good (and please do NOT star advertising topics, they will be removed on sight).

Other Minor Rules:

Please type in English (you can use a translator if you want, but please try to make sure that English speaking people can read what you are saying). Your Warning will be increased if you do not type with legible English (even if you are not good, you have to try your best). If you are having trouble, then you can ask as well as possible for help.

No random conversations please. You should not say things like "Hello, how is the weather?" or "Did you hear who died?". This will be acceptable in the Chatbox, and in forums in which posts do not count. However, if you start a new topic with this type of stuff in other forums, then I will move it to a forum where posts do not count. If it happens again, then I will add 1 (+1) to your Rating, and I will lock the topic.

EDIT: This is acceptable if you include information that has something to do with the topic.

No Harassing other members. It will be tolerated if you ask for patches or hacks of games (nothing illegal), but you are not allowed to ask for personal details (it is okay to ask for country, gender, etc. but that is it (nothing too specific, like addresses)). This is not a dating service, it is a gaming forum. Also, if the person who you are asking about patches does not want to upload patches/hacks, or does not want to give them to you, then you should not ask again for at least a few weeks. I will increase rating based on the offence (how often it occurs, and when the topic is about).

No changing the subject of a topic. It is okay to ask simple questions, but no trying to completely change the topic. This rule applies to the Chatbox as well. You can briefly ask or talk about something else, but please do not force people to change the subject of their conversation (unless they are breaking the rules, then please try to report them and end the conversation). It is acceptable for topics to gradually change, but I will eventually split the topic when that starts to happen.

This is all that I have for now for rules. If I see somebody doing something that I do not think is polite (or should not be done), then I will add it to this list. Also, if you tick me off, then I might permanently ban you.

If your Warning has been raised, and you do not know why, then you should take a look at the Wall of Shame topics in the Updates section.

One last thing. If a moderator breaks the rules in any way that makes them deserving of a Warning, then their Moderator status and abilities will be revoked.
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