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Drabble Berantai; Rated K-M; Original Fiction only.
Topic Started: 24 Mar 2011, 06:17 PM (10,971 Views)
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Prompt: Win / menang
Fandom: Veliath (RP luar)
Chara: Moira, Nostra

"The Rozen Empire has won!" shouted the female general of Rozen Empire.

A loud cheering suddenly break the silence and the tension of the war. After the last duel between the generals of Rozen Empire and Hydra Kingdom, which was won by Moira, the first female general of the empire, the whole armies were surrounded with joy and relieves. The ten days war of Rozen and Hydra, finally touches its end.

Moira looked upon the body of the dead general of Hydra Kingdom. Blood emerges from his body and seeped into the dry ground beneath it, just like his comrades who was dead before him. The chaotic smell of iron and blood, fills the air just like the flowers' smell fills the air in Avalon's prairie.

She closed her eyes. A flash of a scene running in her mind, as she was just reminiscing her recent battle... with her very own twin brother.

"You betrayed me! You turned yourself into those of filthy Magician who enslaved us, the Hydras! There is no way I will give myself in to you... Even if you were my sister!"

Her pure green eyes looked upon her own white skin stained with wounds, then looked back to the body of a tanned Hydra lying in front of her.

"I'm sorry, brother..." she whispered silently. "If I ever knew you were a Hydra, I will surely fight and fall at your side, but... Fate... Moira... she says something else..."

"If we are to reborn again... I wish that I could fall next to you, but now... Your death, is necessary for the victory... of my beloved empire..."

"Rozen Empire... has won... and Hydra Kingdom... once again shall lose its reign... again."

She turned her body, and walked back to the her armies, and to go home to what she called as home now, The Rozen Empire.

Aku tahu kalian pasti bingung dengan fandom asing ini dan juga bahasa Inggris yang ngaco ini.

Next prompt: Discrimination/diskriminasi
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