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Drabble Berantai Keroyokan; Random/K-M/Random
Topic Started: 24 Jan 2010, 05:40 AM (48,910 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

Prompt: stairs/tangga
Fandom: Transformers (Bay Movie)
Character: Wheelie, Mikaela

He hated the stairs with every fiber of wire in his entire being.

Growling with contempt, he huffed to himself it was the only way to get upstairs was to climb it. Unlike all the other Autobots, he was what they called a micro bot compared to them. While many of them were behemoths that stood as tall as a three story building, he barely reached a knee of the human adult.

His enemy in a human house?

No, it wasn't the dog. Wheelie could easily scare the crap out of Mojo.

It was the fragging tall stairs!!!

Why did humans created stairs? Why couldn't they install the housed with an elevator?

He did mentioned to it to Sam last time, but apparently the stupid humans had regulations that only buildings with at least five stories high were allowed. Pouting at the fifteen steeps to the top made the small ex-Decepticon even angrier.

It just had to be stairs.

He sniffled.

The Primus-forsaken stairs separated him from his beloved 'Warrior Goddess'!

"Wheelie? Are you coming up?" Mikaela called from her room.

A scowl adorned his faceplaces, with a sigh he replied, "Coming, Warrior Goddess! "

Hopefully the stairs were nicer today.

He tumbled down a dozen times last time.

Next prompt: Cockroaches/Kecoa
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