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Drabble Berantai Keroyokan; Random/K-M/Random
Topic Started: 24 Jan 2010, 05:40 AM (48,845 Views)
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sun shine!
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prompt : ceiling
fandom : gravitation
chara : all bad luck's member + ryuichi + K-san + Yuki

Shuichi is waiting for Yuki in the apartment. Suddenly he received a mail from K-san.

"Please come to the gate of Tokyo Tower"

"Anything important?"


Unable to resist K-san's AK47, Shuichi walks lazily to the Tokyo Tower gate. When he arrived, there's Ryuichi waiting for him.

"Shindo-kun~! K-san and others are waiting for you~"

"Ah, thank you Sakuma-san... Is it anything important?"

"Just come and see it!" He pushed Shuichi to the lift and kissed him shortly before he enter the lift.

When he arrived to the ceiling of Tokyo Tower, he surrounded with K-san, Hiro, Fuji, and Sakano-san. A stage already prepared for them.

"Otanjoubi omedettou~" Hiro's voice calmed Shuichi's shock.

"Hah? A stage?"

"As a birthday present, we held a concert in the top of Tokyo Tower. This ceiling feels good at night, eh~?"

"Well... I don't prepare anything actually"

"Just sing!"

They prepared for awhile and start playing. Not much longer after finishing "The Rage Beat", Yuki comes.


"Happy birthday. I'll watch your play. I won't do anything hostile today~"

*huh... gaje nian... ;) *
prompt : darkness/kegelapan, should be easy then.
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sun shine!
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prompt : screwdriver
fandom : school rumble
chara : Tenma x Harima, Eri

It's a hot school day. School have just finished, and 2-D students just came out from the class. Harima skips his class today, preferring to repair his aging motorcycle in a small room near the school.

"Ah, class is more peaceful when Harima's not there..." said Eri. "Nah, Tenma-chan, are you bothered that Harima sits next to you?"

Being an airhead, Tenma just answer carelessly. "Well then, he never do anything bad to me~ Ah, I go this way!" said Tenma, turning to the opposite way.

"Tenma-chan, you don't usually go that way..." asked Eri again.

"Er, I need to buy something. Bye~".

A few meters after they separated, Tenma passed the room that Harima's in and found Harima is fixing his motorcycle.

"Harima-kun, do you skip class today?"

Tenma's voice making Harima a bit surprised. He can't say any word.

"Er... I skip today. By... the way, Tenma-chan, can you get those screwdriver?" Harima's voice was surrounded by some noises, and Tenma misheard it.

"He? Screw-what? Of course you'll get screwed if you skip class too often... Bye then~" Tenma leaves Harima.

Harima then take the screwdriver himself. "Is it... A sign that she loves me?" he thought.

A/N => iseng mode on XD

prompt = guitar/gitar
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sun shine!
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prompt : journey
fandom : Gakuen Heaven /plak
character : keita x kazuki
warning : BL, sedikit ga nyambung ama canon, eigo brantakan


"It's been a while since our last trip, nah, Keita?" asked Endo in a bus that brings them outside BL Academy.

"Yeah, being a headmaster must be hard then..."

"Don't remind me to work!" shouted Kazuki, joking. "Where do you want to go?"

"I will go anywhere Kazuki takes me to" answered Keita, while looking outside the bus window. Even though it's been a year since his transfer, he's still amazed by the scenery.

"Then, let's go to the usual game station that you like"

"Okay then...."

On the journey there, both of them silenced. After a while, Keita asked Kazuki.

"Kazuki.. Since when do you.. Feeling in love with me?"

"Since we first met. At first I thought it's just brotherhood feeling, but it turned out that my feeling grown beyond that way... Why do you ask about it so suddenly?"

Keita blushed "Ah... Nothing..."

Kazuki then hugs Keita. "Whatever others trying to do to you, I'll protect you no matter what". Shortly after it, Kazuki kissed Keita.

"K...Kazuki, it's a public bus~" Keita blushed.

"It's weekend, and nobody is here other than us..."


prompt : music/musik
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sun shine!
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prompt : acapella
fandom : Junjou Terrorist
chara : Miyagi x Shinobu


Inauguration night will soon come. Shinobu, who have just entered Mitsuhashi-dai, started to think about it.

"What should I do for presentation?"

Miyagi caught Shinobu's confused face. "Hey, hey, what are you thinking about? Cabbage?"

Shinobu pissed off. "Of course not! I'm thinking about what will I do for inauguration night...."

Miyagi smirked a bit. "Stripping?" Soon after his word, he got a kick from Shinobu.


"H... hey, I'm kidding... How about.. Singing acapella?"

"A good idea, but my voice is not that good...."

"Perhaps it's not that shameful like str...."

Shinobu then hits Miyagi. "Shut up!"

On the inauguration week, he really do the stripping, along with singing acapella. His action is getting a full attention from female students.


A/N : sableng XD~


prompt : newspaper/koran
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sun shine!
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prompt : candy
fandom : Junjou Romantica
chara : misakixusagi sudah lama saia pengen bikin drabble ttg mrk XD
warning : lemon hint


Misaki obviously knows that Usagi-san hates anything sweet. It's already February 13th, and he still struggle to find chocolate replacement for Usagi-san. Although he also knows that Usagi-san will eat whatever he gives him, he still a bit confused whether to give chocolates or not.

"He hates anything sweet, and if I ask what he want for Valentine's day, he'll obviously say 'You' or 'Your body'", he thinks.

As he passes convenience store, there's an ad about sugarless candies that is popular recently.

"Why don't I give him this?"

Misaki bought some, then come back to the condo.

14 February morning, Usagi-san had his breakfast with Misaki. Then shortly after finishing their breakfast, Misaki got to his room.

"Oy, Misaki, what happened?" asked Usagi-san, puzzled.

Then Misaki gives the sugarless candies, wrapped with Valentine papers. His face clearly shows that he's embarassed.

"T... Take this! A replacement for chocolate! I know you hate sweets, so I take these sugarless candies" he said, while holding his blushes.

Usagi-san rubs Misaki's head, take the candies from Misaki's hand, and tries some.

"It's still sweet. But not as sweet as your blushed face" Usagi-san hugs Misaki then take him to his room.

"I-it's not the point! Usagi-san! It's morning already!"


prompt : light/cahaya
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sun shine!
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prompt : conviction
fandom : Gravitation
chara : Hiroshi x Yuuji

Winter slowly changing into spring. Hiroshi had just settled for his university entrance exam. He take the exam with the price of leaving Bad Luck, and ending his longtime friendship with Shuichi, the vocalist. However, as his parents forced him to do so, there's no way he can turn back.

"Ten more minutes. I wonder where those buses are... Uh?"

Suddenly, when he's waiting for the bus, he recognized a car passing. The driver of that car opened the window, and greeted Hiroshi.

"Yo, long time no see, otooto"

"Niisan?" Hiroshi shocked for awhile. Then, the driver pulls Hiroshi to the car. Hiroshi followed him with a confused face. Then, they talked a bit inside.

"So, my little brother will become a doctor, then... Ah, I'm sure to be losing from you..." the driver sighs. The car's driver is Yuuji, Hiroshi's older brother. He skips college as he wants to pursue his dream, being an actor. However, things are never been as smooth as his planning, and he failed a lot of auditions.

"Okaasan is worried about you" Hiroshi replied. "Failed a heck load of audition, had no full time jobs, and at age 23, you're still single"

"And so?" Yuuji smiled. "I never take a damn about what they said about me. My life is mine, not theirs. And, I want to pursue my dream no matter what. Ah, speaking of, did you leave Bad Luck?"

Hiroshi shocked. His brother knows more about him than he thought.

"H-how do you know?" Hiroshi replied. His face flustered.

"Your name is widely known on your prefecture. I visit them often, so no way I don't know. What's wrong? You followed Okaasan's word?"

Hiroshi nodded.

"Sorry to say, dear, but I think you betrayed Shuichi's conviction" Yuuji said, with a plain expression.

"W-what conviction?"

"He must have a conviction of the existence of Bad Luck. It's now up to you. Ah, we passed Todai. You take test there, don't you?"

Hiroshi gets out from Yuuji's car, and thanked him. Then, he enters the examination room, and do the test. However, Yuuji's word keeps spinning on his head.

"You betrayed Shuichi's conviction..."

Hiroshi sighed, and something's inside his mind.

"This is my decision. Shuichi, wait for me..."

Then, he starts writing answers of the exam's question. Soon after, the examination committee found that Hiroshi's answer is all wrong.

*diambil dari The Rage Beat, fic saia yang baru XD*

Next prompt : sky/langit
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sun shine!
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prompt : dream/mimpi
fandom : Antique Bakery
chara : onoxtachibana XDDD


Tachibana opened his eyes. His face clearly shows that he's depressed. He got a nightmare almost every night, since he was kidnapped by a random stranger and forced to had cakes everyday.

"What's up?" Ono comes out from his kitchen, and runs through the ladder, to knock Tachibana's office. Tachibana is working overnight today, and Ono is preparing some dough for tomorrow sales. When he saw Tachibana's worried face, he got shocked.

"Er... Let me make some coffee for you" Ono then left, got back to kitchen, and makes a cup of coffee. Then, after the coffee is ready, he runs back to Tachibana's office.

"Take this. It's okay, I won't poison you" Ono said, jokingly. Looking at Ono's smiling face, Tachibana's worries suddenly left his mind. He sighed, drank the coffee, and then relaxed himself.

"I'm okay already. Thank you, Ono" he said. "Ah, why are you still up here?"

"I'm preparing some cakes to sell tomorrow. All we need to do tomorrow is putting them in oven" Ono laughed. "Ah, I need to leave. Are you okay already?"


By the time he realized it, he was already fallen for Ono's kindness towards him.


=> lupa kasi prompt orz
prompt : Light/cahaya
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Prompt: Printer
Fandom: Gravitation
Chara: ShuichixYuki ^^


Shuichi sighed. "Not again!". He's about to finish writing a song, then suddenly the sound of printer that Yuki made on that night distracts his concentration. There's no way he can continue where he left off in this case.

After lamenting for a few minutes, he knocked Yuki's door. No response. Yuki is busy printing and editing his new novel, which will be published soon. "Yuukiiiii!!! Please stop now! Do you know what time is it? I'm also writing!"

"Shut up, or die!" that's the only reply from inside. Knowing that he can't win over Yuki, Shuichi went to Hiro's house, sulking. When he arrived, he found Hiro is printing some musical notes for Fujisaki.

"Yo", he greeted Shuichi. "What's up? You got a fight with Yuki, dontcha?"

"That's not it! Argh, I can't win over him. He is printing and his old printer, yes, that laser one, is making a noise that distracted me. I can't finish our new song if this continues!" Shuichi started to vent out his frustation to Hiroshi.

Hiroshi smiled. "Nah, now that you're here, why don't you continue to write it here?". His printer still prints, and by looking to his computer's screen, it's obvious that there's still many pages left.

Shuichi's face then turned a bit pale. "Eh. Maybe I'll develop a phobia for printer sound, from now on..." he said. He then left Hiroshi's house. Hiroshi smirked. "That boy never changes..."

A few days later, Shuichi managed to get his lyrics done. Yuki's novel is also submitted already. Their apartment then suddenly feels quiet. No more grinding printer sound, and no more Shuichi's yell to Yuki.

"It's peaceful here now, doesn't it?" he said to Yuki, when they both watched TV in the same room. Yuki smirked, and answered "Yeah, it is. Thanks to your yell that I can finish the novel faster than I expect. I can't stand noises, you know?"

Shuichi then come closer to Yuki's arm. "Sorry, I never intend to distract you..."

Yuki replied "That's okay, you're not the only cause. Remember that old printer? Finally with my payment, I can toss that noisy printer and buy a silent one. This way, you and I won't be bothered"

Shuichi smiled. "Ahahaha. By the way, if you replace it, I'll miss the noises and the fuss it made"

"Eh?" Yuki made a confused face, and then rubs Shuichi's hair. "You little brat"


Next : internet
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Prompt: Gangster
Fandom: Gravitation
Chara: Shuichi, Yuki, Hiro, ASK
Warning : LEMON!


"Do you like it here?" Ma-kun smirked, while slipping a stick into that noisy brat's back.

"Stop it, please... It hurts!" Shuichi yelled, asking for help. Unfortunately, as it's almost dawn, no one comes to rescue him, who is already in lurch.

Shuichi was taken by Taki, the leader of ASK, soon after he left NG for a train. Taki said that he'll give Shuichi some "lessons to be a real artist". Shuichi, with his dense mind, never suspect anything bad will happen to him, and nonchalantly follows Taki to his place. But there, he got molested, instead of getting the "lessons" he's supposed to get.

"Now you feel our pain. We hate it when we're superseded by a newbie like you all, you know? It's a pain in the ass, like that pain you encounter now" Ma-kun laughed, and forcefully thrusting his body over Shuichi's body.

No matter how hard Shuichi is crying, Ma-kun doesn't stop. Ma-kun, as well as other ASKs, already held a grudge to Bad Luck, especially Shuichi. ASK's sales rating drops constantly as Bad Luck grow theirs. And after knowing by accident that Tohma personally favor Bad Luck, they can't wait to release that grudge, as soon as they can.

"And don't tell anyone. Should you dare tell your beloved Yuki or Hiro, not only your career will be finished, they will also be abolished" Ma-kun smirked.

"I-I don't get it at all... I want to go home... Please stop..." Shuichi cried aloud.

"Ah, this cute thing doesn't know anything at all... Should we stop, Taki?" Ma-kun asked for his leader's confirmation before he eventually release Shuichi. He already finished his play, and actually, he pitied Shuichi after he heard Shuichi crying, moaning for help.

"Let's stop. We've already ran out of tapes to record all this thing" Taki smirked. "And listen, Shuichi. Would you please, refrain from releasing your finished single?" asked Taki, with a poker face.

"As if!" Shuichi yelled. He doesn't want all his great work to be discarded, at all risk.

"Ah, well, maybe if I broadcast this video across Japan, and maybe overseas via the internet, I think there's no point in releasing any new single... Your career has been already come to an end, starting from tonight!" Taki laughed.

Soon after, they bring Shuichi outside that dark room, and just like gangsters finishing their play with a victim, dumped Shuichi in front of a silent apartment.

"Goodbye, little brat. We'll see if you have any courage to show up in N.G tomorrow..." said all of them just before they left Shuichi.

Drenched in rain, and full with pain, Shuichi gathered his strength to press his cellphone's keypads. He contacted Hiroshi. It's the only phone number that Shuichi memorized clearly.

"This phone number is currently nonactive, or is unable to receive calls. Please record your message after this beep"

It's no use. Hiroshi's phone apparently turned off. It may be obvious, considering the time, but Shuichi still left him a message.

"Hiroshi... Tokyo san-choume apartment... I'm in front of that... Please... Save me..."

Before Shuichi is able to record any more detail, his phone beeped. Low battery. Looks like he's already come to a dead end now. He feels like he would die just in minutes.

A few minutes after, he fell asleep. He doesn't remember anything. When he's awake, he's already on Yuki's apartment.

"So tell me where those ASKs are" said Yuki, immediately after Shuichi gains his consciousness.

"Y-Yuki? How come...?" Shuichi sighed, and his tears already flows. "I-I'm sorry... I don't want to cause you any trouble..."

Yuki then sits closer to Shuichi, and hugged him. "No, it's all my fault that you become like this. Gosh, you're just a naive, dense brat. When I take my eyes off of you even for a minute, you become like that already".

Shuichi, who got confused with Yuki's kindness to him, answered with a trembled voice. "A... Are you drunk?"

"Of course no, you brat. You taught me how to sympathize, so I tried it now. Sounds like an epic fail, eh?" Yuki smirked. Then, Yuki's phone rings.

"Hold on, and don't go anywhere. I need to answer this phone call" said Yuki, while he left that room. "Be sure to sleep well, and you'll recover soon"

After Yuki left, Shuichi fell asleep again. He never knows that when he's sleeping, Yuki fights Taki and takes the video with him. And he also doesn't know that it's Hiroshi who called Yuki to pick him up, and told Yuki to be nice to him.

"Let's keep this a secret, for the sake of Shuichi" Hiroshi said, after they're finished with ASK.

"Of course"


Next prompt: doll / boneka
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Prompt: Leak
Fandom: Junjou Romantica
Chara: NowakixHiroki


"Hey, don't move! If you move, all of the things here will become wet" said Nowaki, instructing the brown-haired man.

"I'm telling you this, it's impossible for only two of us to do it in this dark... And it's almost dawn, so stop it already!" Hiroki yelled.

Nowaki smiled. "Nah, if you don't want to do it now, let's continue tomorrow. But however, seems like we'll still need to clean up the mess down here..."

"Ah, okay" Hiroki sighed, and quickly left the bathroom. "And hey, isn't it only two months since we moved to this apartment?" he continued.

"Yeah, but sorry, I don't check this apartment's condition. I never think the water pipe system is worn out already..." Nowaki apologized. It's because of him that the two of them decided to move to that apartment.

"Its condition is worse than I predicted, and we alone can't repair it. I'll inform the landlord about this. But even so, we'll need to refrain from using the bathroom for at least two or three days, until it's fixed..." Nowaki continued his words.

"It's okay. I don't mind. And thank you for choosing this place, anyway. It helps me cutting down my travel expenses anyway, as it's close to the college..." Hiroki blushed.

Nowaki smiled, and hugged Hiroki. "You're cute, Hiro-san. And that's why I love you"


Prompt: school/sekolah
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Prompt : before dawn
Fandom : Junjou Romantica
Chara : MisakixUsagi, Aikawa, Takahiro


Three days had passed and Usagi-san still not shows any sign of consciousness. However, Nowaki had moved him to the regular room since yesterday.

"His condition is getting better day-by-day, however if he doesn't show any sign of consciousness after tomorrow, I'll move him to the quarantine again"

Misaki got holiday recommendation from Hiroki. Since he's on holiday, he took his time to clean the condo. When he's cleaning the condo, Aikawa-san pops up.

"Ah, Misaki-kun, where's Usami-sensei?"

Misaki shocked for a bit, and then continues his word with a dark aura. "He collapsed three days ago and he's still in the hospital. He'll be back this week though"

Aikawa-san trembled. "It must be my entire fault" she said with a sad face.

"A-Aikawa-san, what actually happened here?" asked Misaki.

"You don't know?" Aikawa-san asked with a bit puzzled face.

"I was visiting my brother when he collapsed. He helped himself by pressing the emergency button on his phone to call the ambulance"

Aikawa-san feels even guiltier. "I don't know about his condition, so I just go ahead and yell to him about the manuscript. If only I know that he's not in a good condition, I wouldn't even talk to him about this" Aikawa-san bowed.

"It's okay Aikawa-san. After all, I don't tell his condition to you, so I feel a bit guilty too"

"Now where is he?"

"VIP room 1820, the seventh floor"

"Will you come with me to see him? I want to apologize to him"

"But he's still unconscious yet. If tomorrow he still doesn't progress better, he'll be isolated again" said Misaki. He's really afraid right now.

"Ah, I see. I'll visit him later then. Sorry for intruding, Misaki-kun. And tell Usami-sensei my deepest apologies"

"Yes, surely"

After he finished his household chores, he rushed to the hospital. When he arrived to Usagi-san's room, Takahiro is already there.

"N… Niichan?" Misaki doesn't expect his brother to come on the middle of the day. "Don't you have some work?"

Takahiro smiled "I've settled it already. I finished my work earlier so I can see him"

"Oh, okay then"

"By the way, did you do something shocking him until he collapsed? Don't tell me you do!" Takahiro said, furiously.

"N.. Niichan, obviously not! It's his editor who carelessly asks about his deadline"

"Well, okay then. Never make him shocked or I'll never believe you again" said Takahiro.

They spend hours waiting for miracle. Then after a few hours, Takahiro heads back to his home. "I'll come again later, when he's fully conscious"

"Okay then, take care, Niichan"

Soon after Takahiro left, Nowaki enters the room to give Usagi-san injection and check his condition.

"No luck. We'll move him to the quarantine now"

Hearing that words, Misaki bowed deeply to Nowaki and said "Nowaki-sensei, can't you wait until at least tomorrow? I… want to spend this night with him"

Nowaki sighed hard, but then agreed to Misaki. "But if he still doesn't recover, he'll need to move tomorrow"

A few hours passed, and it's already night. Misaki held Usagi-san's hand. Those warm big hands now become cold.

"U-usagi-san, please wake up… You have a promise to me, right? You promise to spend the entire Golden Week together…"

No use. Usagi-san is still out of consciousness, although his heart beat seems rising when Misaki keeps talking. Night become dawn, no miracles happened. A shooting star appeared, and Misaki strengthens his hold to Usagi-san's hand. He hopes any miracles happen.

A few minutes after, still holding Usagi-san's hand, Misaki fell asleep. Usagi-san got his consciousness bit by bit, just before dawn, and ruffles Misaki's hair. But Misaki, which is asleep, feels that it's just a dream.

Night become morning, Misaki wakes up and found that his Usagi-san is smiling. The same old smile, although now on a pale face. "Don't worry about me, I'll get well soon"

A full load of happiness gets through Misaki's heart. He then hugs Usagi-san tightly. Nowaki, who attempt to enter and sees that scene, smiled and take his step back.

"How nice it is to believe in a miracle" he thought.


#nampaknyasetiapsaiaikutanpastijadinyamalahoneshot orz

next : unintended / tak diinginkan
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Prompt : Trotoar
Fandom : Bakuman
Chara : ShuujinxSaiko


Saiko membeku. Dinginnya trotoar itu tak sebanding dengan kekagetannya saat melihat Shuujin mendekatkan wajahnya ke wajah Kaya. Mereka berciuman. Di taman dan tepatnya, dihadapan ayunan yang biasa mereka pakai untuk mengobrol berdua saja, selepas deadline manga. Matanya menatap nanar pasangan muda itu, dirinya tak mampu berkata ataupun melangkahkan kakinya menemui mereka.

"Ashirogi Muto akan terus menjadi Ashirogi Muto" ujarnya dalam hati, mencoba tegar. "Lagipula toh Shuujin tidak pernah mengetahui bahwa sebenarnya ikrarku dengan Miho adalah dusta belaka. Bahwa sebenarnya aku mencintainya, mencintai karya dan semangatnya sepenuh hatiku". Airmata mengalir, walaupun segera mengering dan membeku karena dinginnya cuaca saat itu, dari wajah Saiko. Perlahan, Saiko pun meninggalkan taman itu, membawa sepedanya yang rusak dan hatinya yang hancur, pulang.

"Selamat, Kaya. Kau memang pantas mendapatkan Shuujin. Shuujin, bahagiakanlah Kaya, jangan buat ia menangis". desisnya, sembari berjalan. Ia tahu, meskipun daerah taman itu sepi, tapi hembusan angin dan deru mesin mobil yang sesekali lewat sudah cukup menyamarkan desisnya itu. Ia yakin, Shuujin tak akan pernah mendengarnya.


oke, potong sampe sini. Fail. Efek samping mau UN dan lama ga nulis. orz

Next : Resistance/penolakan
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Prompt : Filled
Fandom : Junjou Romantica udah lama ga nulis drabble buat ini fandom <3 #plak
Chara : HirokixNowaki


"Hiro-san, do you want that to be filled now?" asked Nowaki. "You might regret it. Especially because this month you've been very tight here and there"

"I don't really care actually, but since you mentioned it... Crap! It's too late to turn it now!" Hiroki moaned, with displeasure clearly written all over his face as he opened a calendar with many marks. His period ends three days ago, and now he haven't even come close to completion.

"Huh? When will your period ends, actually? My period haven't even started!" Nowaki replied. He's a bit worried too, as he haven't got any words from his superior regarding his period.

"Tax form turn-in for educational field ended three days ago, Nowaki. I usually filled it on time, but since there's a lot to do, I just put that damn form away. Now, I'm hopeless..." said Hiroki, while giving Nowaki his calculator. "At this rate, we'll need to cut out some unnecessary bills... Lucky you, I heard from my friend that your tax form turn-in period will be next month, with a six-weeks deadline"

"Well, I suppose so. Here, Hiro-san. I've filled this form fully. And maybe you want to be filled now?" Nowaki said, teasingly, then gives Hiroki the tax form.

"Shut up." Hiroki blushed.


Hint Mpreg-nya #fail! X_X


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Prompt: keringat
Fandom: JKT48 .///.
Chara: Beby, Ochi


"Chi, yakin?"

Setelah mendengar pernyataaan kawan setimnya, gadis penari lincah yang biasanya ceria itu pun mendadak muram. Baru saja keringat, tawa, dan riasan mereka luntur, dan tentu saja ingatan mereka belum akan luntur soal pertunjukan teater barusan. Bersama dua puluhan teman mereka, baru saja mereka menguasai pangggung, tampil dalam pakaian indah menyanyikan lirik-lirik lagu ala remaja.

Nyanyian dan tarian tentang mimpi, tentang keinginan mereka berdiri di atas kaki mereka sendiri, tentang cinta dan ketulusan hati, juga tentang persahabatan yang terus terbawa hingga mati baru saja melengking dari pita suara mereka. Tak bisa dipungkiri, kata sempurna untuk penampilan mereka memang masih jauh panggang dari api, namun bukankah itu arti dari "berkembang bersama fans setiap hari"?

Lalu kini, sebuah pernyataan menghenyakkan keluar dari bibir Ochi, salah satu dari gadis penari itu. Gadis penari yang mudah membuat suasana cair itu kini telah memutuskan untuk "meluluskan diri", keluar dari tim JKT48, berpisah dari "keluarga barunya" untuk kemudian meraih mimpinya sendiri.

Termasuk berpisah dengan Beby.

"Iya, Beb. Nyokap gue... Yah, gitu deh. Jangan kangen gue ya, nanti!", balas Ochi, sambil tertawa untuk menyembunyikan air matanya.

"Jadi... Gak ada Bechi lagi, dong ya, mulai sekarang...", desis Beby lemah. Baru kali ini ia melemah. Bahkan saat berlatih setlist JKT48, ketika anggota tim lainnya melemah dan menangis hingga pagi menjelang, ia tetap mencoba tegar. Selama bergabung bersama JKT48, baru sekali ini ia menangis. Teman seperjuangannya, seseorang yang telah ia anggap sebagai adik sendiri, akan pergi meninggalkan timnya dalam waktu dekat.

"Udah, Beb. Bechi di luar JKT48 kan masih bisa eksis... Jangan nangis, dong.. Nanti diliatin penumpang lain, loh...", bujuk Ochi. Bujukannya tak berhasil, ia pun kemudian merengkuh Beby ke dalam pelukannya. Beby pun kemudian tertidur pulas.

"Gue juga gak mau, Beb. Gak rela keilangan lu. Tapi diluar JKT48, kita masih bisa jadi Bechi, kok...", desis Ochi dalam hatinya. Ia tak mengatakan hal itu, takut Beby bangun dari tidurnya. Alunan "Kinjirareta Futari" pun mengalir dari earphone milik Ochi, sebelah berada di telinga Ochi, sebelah lagi di telinga Beby. Perjalanan mereka menuju Bandung kali ini, entah mengapa terasa jauh lebih panjang dari biasanya.


ashflhdshfh sejak kapan gue bakat bikin yuri begini...

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