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Fhyka RanMione
30 Jan 2011, 04:52 PM
oh, ya...
drabble itu artinya fic dgn kata 200-an, kan??
klo fic dgn kata 300-an, apa boleh di sebut drabble?? :confused:
Tidak juga, justru itu biasanya hanya 100 kata.

"Drabble - A fan fiction that is self contained and is no more than 100 hundred words. A half drabble is a fan fiction of 50 words and a double drabble is a fan fiction of 200 words. OR A drabble can sometimes mean a very short fic that is not exactly 100 words but extremely short, for instance, it is not incorrect to call a 500 word fan fiction a drabble."

300 kata seharusnya udah lebih dari yang semestinya. Jatuhnya mungkin One-shot.
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