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Apr 26

Kuudere Girl

Saya sangat menyukai chara yang kuudere entah cowok atau cewek. Kalau ada yang nggak tahu kuudere itu apa, cek ini:

One of the newer neologism, a kuudere rounds out the 'dere' family in a rather basic way.

What this means depends on the character, But usually implies the character is not very openly emotional and regards other people cynically (a 'cool' outlook, rather than being popular). The difference is while the tsundere is underlied by immaturity and openly abrasive, the kuudere is only indirectly frustrating or indifferent. There's a much higher chance kuudere are older, and may be accompanied by a more energetic (or annoying) Morality Pet wanting to emulate this graceful mature character.

Occasionally this is a trait of the true Emotionless Girl, added deliberately by writers or projected by fans.

Compared to yandere and tsundere, the kuudere has a higher chance of being either gender.

Nah, sayangnya jarang banget ada tipe cewek yang kuudere. Adanya cowok terus. Kenapa, ya? Apa karena cowok itu lebih pandai mengendalikan emosinya dibanding cewek? Entahlah.

Saya suka pairing di mana tipe ceweknya yang cool dan cowoknya yang ceria atau short-tempered, ex : Narumi & Kiri (Beauty Pop). Sayang jarang banget tipe pasangan kayak gini. Adanya tipe cewek yang ceria dipasang dengan tipe cowok yang cool.

Silakan rekomendasi manga dimana ada tipe cewek yang kuudere.
Posted 26 Apr 2010, 03:54 PM · 991 comments

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