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No, it isn't the desired topic, but I, as the admin of this forum, needs your attention.

Me and your friendly global-mod. hotspot have thought about it and (no we are not going offline forever) but we are going offline for a little bit. DO NOT BE SADDENED! (lol)

We have the perfect reason why we will be going offline. We are having a REVAMP!!! WOOOO!

But seriously, enjoy it! GS will be emailing everyone when it begins, and when it ends. When you come back, there will hopefully be...

  • New codes to make our forum like no other
  • A new theme(s) (hopefully a theme(s) exclusive for US)
  • New logo
  • Contests
  • New Layout
  • Graphics
  • A new website with a domain (no .com/.org/.net... sorry!) Most likely .co.nr, co.uk, co.cc
  • New Guides completion
  • And a new RP directory!
  • and more...

We hope it works out. We will turn back online possibly around February. Please remember to return and check us out every now and then, we will try to get in touch with you when we open back up
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