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Dolly Market has moved! You can find the new website and forums at dollymarket.net
If you already have a Dolly Market account, you can re-activate it by using the request new/lost password feature on the new forums. If you have any questions please contact DollyMarket@gmail.com
General rules:

*This probably sounds like a silly rule, BUT READ THE RULES. If you're reading this right now, good job! But seriously, it is pretty obvious if you don't read the rules, so save yourself the trouble and check back here every once in a while to see if there were changes. I'll always make an announcement if there is a rule added/modified to make it that much easier.

*To get access to the BST section you must have at least 15 forum posts OR be able to show an Admin 20+ positive feedback from somewhere else and that you are an active member in another community (Ex. MLP Arena, PullipStyle, Den of Angels, etc.) You must also make a feedback thread on Dolly Market. Do NOT make a feedback thread for someone who hasn't made one yet, it's their own problem if they can't do it themselves.

*Use common sense in your posts. If you don't think something will fly or aren't sure where to post something, the mods are only a PM away. Use them and abuse them, that's what they're there for.

*Avoid bumping threads. Generally, they are considered spam. The only exception is in the case that you are bumping your own thread after you've updated it and it is not currently on the first page.

*Police each other.If you notice someone blatantly disregarding all rules and common sense, point it out to a mod so it can be handled.

*Please keep in mind that the Dolly Market admins and mods cannot take responsibility for any bad deals done on our forum.

Rules for sellers:

*Sell only stuff you actually own. None of that fancy pants "I'm gonna profit of of x site's special sale by shipping directly from them to my buyers! Your ignorance is my bliss! Hah-ha!" If you see a great sale, share the wealth!

*Be sure you actually want to give up something before you decide to sell it or trade it. No copping out halfway through a deal; besides getting you negative feedback, it's just bad form.

*One sales thread per person per forum please. Use the edit button to keep what you are selling up to date.

*Be thorough in your descriptions. Make sure to include all relevant information; put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would you want to know? Make sure you are clear on what is and isn't included, the condition of the item(s), and what you're looking to get out of the deal.

*Stay active. If you currently have offers out, check back often for PMs and responses from interested parties.

Rules for buyers:

*If you are interested in something, let the other person know! If you don't feel comfortable expressing your interest publicly through responding to their thread, you can always PM them.

*Only make an offer if you are serious about following through with the deal. Don't make offers to "test the water" and then pull out at the last minute; it's bad form.


There is a three-strike principle in place. You get two warnings, and then you're temporarily suspended. After your suspension is over, you get two warnings again, and then the suspension term increases. Three "third strikes", and you're banned.

Third strike durations:

1st: 1 week
2nd: 1 month
3rd: Permaban
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