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As an admin to this Invision board it is vital that I ensure a stable, friendly environment for all our members here at Charlie's Chill.

Please obide by these rules and these forums will be a much better place to be associated with.

The Rules

1. Please respect the aspect that users under the age of 16 may be amonst us.

2. Do not use threatening language against anyone or about anything.

3. Do not double post when not needed (spam)

4. If you have access to Passworded forums, do not give the password out to any other user(s) (even if they claim that they forgot the pass themselves)

5. No form of cheating (i.e....virtural betting scamming)

6. No racial abuse

7. Please respect signature sizes.

8. Members are not to post any sexually oriented images of themselves anywhere on the board.

9. PM, E-mail and IM advertising is not allowed.

If you break the above Rules, in most cases, action must be taken. However, I hope I will never have to enforce any of these actions.


1. If you constantly ignore this respect, you will notice that Staff Member will be editing your post quite frequently to make them sound more suitable.

2. If you break this rule constantly, you could find yourself being suspended from posting anywhere in the forums for a set length of time.

3. If you ignore this rule you may be set on 'Mod Queue'. This means that every time you post a topic/reply it will have to be assessed by a Staff Member before your text is actually pasted. Your double posts may also be deleted or edited.

4. If we discover that you have been handing out passwords, you could find yourself being banned from Passworded forums for good and maybe suspended or banned.

5. Forum Users will be banned from all future Cash Activities if they are found to be cheating.

6. Users could find themselves being banned permanently at immediate effect and without warning.

7. Signature's deemed to long will be resized apropriatly.

8. All inappropriate images will be removed and repeat offenders will be suspended or banned without warning.

9. Those found guilty will be inserted into the Pests group without warning.