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PDFF Posting Rules
Please familiarize yourselves with them. Subject to changes every now and then.

1. No swearing.
2. No flaming.
3. No offensive pictures in every forum, avatar and signature (x-rated, pornographic, lurid, suggestive, satanic).
4. No personal attacks in forums.
5. No serious attacks on a race, religion, country.
6. No mass spamming. Spamming will get you banned immediately.
7. No trolling.
8. Excerpts of articles copied and pasted from other sites must have a link. Pasting of the ENTIRE article is discouraged.
9. Ads and links to advertising sites not allowed.

Additional rule - added 8.13.05:

10. Do NOT double post (reply directly after one of your own posts)! Use the edit button instead!

New rule - added 9.27.06

11. The official language of PDFF is English. As such, all members are required to post threads and replies in English only . One or a maximum of two sentences in Filipino (Tagalog or any Philippine dialect) interspersed in the mainly English thread or reply can be allowed but posting entirely in Filipino is strongly discouraged. All mods are allowed to delete replies posted entirely in Filipino.

New rule - added 3.16.07

12. No malicious PMs to other members. Members who receive malicious PMs are encouraged to report the same to the Admin, Staff and Mods.

Thank you and happy posting.