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Recipe For Disaster! = Mith Gloves Guide!; Taken From Pure Community!
Topic Started: Jan 29 2007, 04:56 PM (65,581 Views)

Corrupt Pure
[size=14]*Recipe for disaster - Mithril Gloves Guide*[/size]

[size=7]Part 1: Helping the Cook[/size]

Quests: Cooks Assistant Quest

Stats: 10 Cooking

-2 Lemons, Orange, Pineapple, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker -> walk to the gnome glider in al kharid to get to the grand tree and all these supplies can be bought in its shops.
-Eye of Newt -> Taverley herblore store
-Greenman's ale -> Yanille's "Ye Ol Dragon Inn."
-Rotten tomato -> Pick one up from the pillory sites in front of the bank while in yanille, or get from duel arena
Knife and Ashes

Sub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf

Quests: Fishing Contest Quest

-Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Egg, Gloves -> buy from the Culinaromancer's Chest
-Bowl of water -> Get bowl off of the table in the cooks room and use it on the sink.
-4 Asgarnian ales -> 'Rising Sun' pub in Falador

Sub-quest 2: Freeing the Goblins

Quests: Goblin Diplomacy Quest

-Bowl of water -> grab bowl off table in cooks room and use it with sink
-Charcoal and Bread-> use glory ammy tele to karamunja and then go to the -general store near twa bwo trio.
-Gnome spice and Orange slices -> use al kharid Gnome glider and buy supplies from the grand tree
-1 Fishing bait
-Dye other than orange, red, or yellow. -> teleport vorrock and north of the city near the wild is a spirit tree. Use it to teleport to the battle field and you will find purple dye on the ground there.

Sub-quest 3: Freeing Pirate Pete

Stats: 31 Cooking

-3 Bronze Wires -> make using 2 bronze bars and a hammer on an anvil
-Fishbowl -> *Requires 42 crafting* Take off all armour and weapons and go to Entranta island from port sarim with a bucket. Go to the sandbox and use your bucket with it. Grab a glass blower in the house near the sand box. Go to the opposite side of the island and grab some seaweed. Use the seaweed on a range. Use the soda ash you just got and your bucket of sand on a furnace to get Molten Glass. Use the Glass Blower on the molten glass.
-Pestle and mortar -> Taverley herblore store
-Raw cod -> Buy from camelot fish shop
-Bread -> Culinaromancer's Chest
-Needle and Knife

Aub-quest 5: Freeing Evil Dave

Quests: Gertrudes Cat, Demon Slayer, The golem quest, Shadow of the Storm

Stats: 25 Cooking, and 25 theiving

-Kitten/Cat/Wily/Lazy Cat
-12 stews -> Buy from the Seers village pub for 20gp each

Sub-quest 6: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

Quests: Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Stats: Level 41 Cooking, level 20 Firemaking, and 10 Mining

-Axe, Tinderbox -> Lumby General store
-Pickaxe -> dwarf mine
-Any ogre bow, Any ogre/brutal arrows, Ogre bellows -> quest items
-Iron spit -> smith with an iron bar
-Log and Ball of wool.

Stats Needed Overall:

->41 cooking
->30 crafting
->30 ranged
->25 thieving
->20 firemaking
->10 Mining
->5 flettching

[size=8]PRE REQ Quests!:[/size]

Cooks Assistant

Egg, milk and flour

Fishing Contest

Stats: lvl 10 fishing

-5-10 coins and a Spade
-Garlic -> Found in the cupboard on the second floor of Morgans house in Draynor
-Regular fishing rod -> Camelot fish shop

Goblin Deplomacy -

-3 Goblin mails -> Kill Goblins
-Orange and Blue dye -> 3 red berries(below vorrock), 3 woad leaves (falador farmer), 2 onions

Gertudes Cat

-Raw sardine -> Camelot Fish shop
-Doogle leaf -> Behind Gertrudes house
-Bucket of milk, and 100 Coins.

Demon slayer

25 regular bones, 1 coin.

The Golem Quest

Stats: 20 Crafting and 25 Thieving

-Desert robes, Desert boots, Water skin(s) -> bought at entrance to desert
-4 Soft clay, Pestle and mortar, and Vial
-Papyrus -> Stores in Ardougne (Aemads Adventuring Supplies Shop)

Shadow of the Storm

Stats: 30 Crafting

-You have to wear a black outfit of at least three pieces ->For the outfit, you can wear Black dragonhide, Black mystic robes, Dark wizard robes, Zamorack robes, Ghosty robes, or Desert robes dyed black using the mushroom
-Coins (about 2k)
-Desert items
-Silver bar
-Vial, Pestle and Mortar
-Food for the fight, and an Amulet of glory or a Ring of dueling is recommended to teleport to Al Kharid.

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Stats: 5 fletching, 30 cooking and 30 ranged

-Chisel, a hatchet, a knife
-100-150 Feather
-4 to 5 wolf bones (you can get these anywhere and don't have to get them during the quest if you know a place to kill wolves before you start), and weapons/armor to kill a level 64 Wolf (if you need wolf bones)

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