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Teir List; So I heard there's three metagames
Topic Started: Sep 9 2007, 07:32 AM (2,474 Views)
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Please ignore evolution chains. They mean nothing here. Do not try to use any God pokemon in Ladder matches.
God pokemon: Silcoon, Moltres.

Ubers: Stall Festival, Ultima SE, Kyogre, Soul Dew Latios, Soul Dew Latias, Phione, Shinx, Lairon, Grumpig, Gabite, Mamoswine, Dewgong, Happiny, Purugly, Marshtomp, Porygon2, Wobbuffet, Wynaut, Dugtrio, Cranidos, Hippopotas, Bayleef, Sealeo, Spiritomb, Smeargle, Chimchar, Aipom, Clamperl, Turtwig, Flaaffy, Quagsire, Houndoom, Skiploom, Hoppip, Castform, Hypno, Skitty, Burmy, Jirachi, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Jigglypuff, Phanpy, Koffing, Dratini, Feraligtr, Victreebel.

OU: All Modded pokemon unless otherwise stated. See list of modified pokemon.

Not-yet-modded: Self-explanetory.

Low Power: Kadabra, Smoochum, Delibird, Golem, Sheildon, Duskull, Shellgon, Metapod, Kakuna, Flareon, Munchlax, Pupitar, Haunter, Nodorino, Vibrava, Ralts, Luxio, Chinchou, Swinub, Chansey, Finneon, Mantyke, Snover, Starmie, Meditite, Gligar, Lickilicky, Mudkip, Piplup, Walrein, Ludicolo, Combusken, Aron, Rhyhorn, Muk, Makuhita, Sceptile, Croconaw, Whiscash, Meganium, Golbat, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Monferno, Caterpie, Kricketune, Beuatifly, Venomoth, Venonat, Blastoise, Drapion, Trapinch, Unown, Monferno, Cubone, Mr. Mime, Drifloom, feebas, pachirisu, pichu, Raichu, Zigzagoon, Teddiursa, sandshrew, Ekans, Spearow, Natu, Spinark, Poliwag, Misdreavus, Buneary, Cherubi, Beldum, Stunky, Lileep, Vigoroth, Magby, Elekid, Poochyena, Magnemite, Dodou, Krabby, Sentrent, Omantye, Igglybuff, Electrike, Sharpedo, Bellsprout, Machamp, Clefable.
Edited by Captain, Nov 18 2008, 08:25 PM.
09:39 umbreon_dan is this your weird furry porn again
09:39 Rising_Dusk Yes, it is.

petrie911today I lost the battle with my tax return forms
Rising_Dusk I'm saying you said what I said you said you said was said by you.
I know people out there are wondering...so here goes capefeather:
capefeatherwhat was the point of that video
captaiNnone, which was exactly why I link it
captaiNsame reason I post furry porn, not that, furry porn isn't awesome.
"If Mr. Harper gets more seats than us, he'll try to form government. If I get more seats, it's me who will try to form government,"

[2011-04-13 21:40:51] <u> in MY buttcheeks
[2011-04-13 21:40:51] <reachzero> Pianos are like guns
[2011-04-13 21:40:55] <v> stole my favorite instrument
[2011-04-13 21:40:56] <capefeather> hahaha
[2011-04-13 21:40:56] <reachzero> you're cool if you have one
[2011-04-13 21:41:01] <reachzero> but you don't always have one

Kannon: he was mad because Plus and Captain did the impossible and stalled in LC 

HybridHerp: This is asia baby, copyright, break the law yeah right!! You can buy women here if you got the cash.

Magmortified: Cheese is relative, according to Einstein. 
Magmortified: Or maybe it was time that was relative. But I don't think there's a big difference. 

Shigen: I hate floors. they're like walls, but too lazy too stand 

lJLeeRSX: im a big can of yours

I asked my science teacher what the secret to a good marriage was once. 
Her answer: "Butter. Lots of it." 

Captain: So what do we all think of Blitz?
Lord_Sunday: freaking internet predator

Captain: he who controls the battlefield controls what?  
dex: the evil. 

Light: Scientific evidence proves that master chief is a panda

Captain: "watching cute movies is like sex except without the sex"

"As much as this game sucked this is an awesome game"

"Nothing lik a nice warm cup of death and famine to start out your day..."
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